Dead By Daylight and Rainbow Six Siege - A Crossover No One Saw Coming

Dead By Daylight and Rainbow Six Siege – A Crossover No One Saw Coming

Dead by Daylight is an asymmetrical multiplayer survival horror game that was first released in 2016. The objective is for a group of four Survivors to work together to avoid the fifth player, who is the Killer. At present, Behaviour Interactive has added 34 Killers and 39 playable Survivors to the game’s roster through downloadable material (DLC). Players can encounter crossover characters from a variety of titles, including Halloween, Stranger Things, Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Left 4 Dead, and The Ring, in addition to the game’s main cast.

A short trailer for the newest Rainbow Six content was released by Dead by Daylight. According to Behaviour Interactive’s November 2023 timeline, there will be no new Survivors or Killers in the Rainbow Six Siege Collection. Rather, it offers three already-existing characters new skins, each of which is modeled after an Operator from Ubisoft’s well-known multiplayer first-person shooter game. Although the crossover was first mentioned in the November 2023 plan, this new content is only partially shown in the recently released teaser.

Adam Francis, a Jamaican teacher, can choose to wear Waimi’s Suit in Dead By Daylight, whereas Felix Richter, a German architect, is shown wearing the Blitz Uniform. The Dead by Daylight versions seem notably worn, and both skins are classified as Very Rare rarities. In particular, Richter seems like he’s been through a lot of mud after sporting Blitz’s pads and helmet. Renato Lyra of Dead by Daylight, on the other hand, is unaffected by dirt as he proudly displays his legendary Tubarão skin.

Crossovers have always been welcomed by Dead by Daylight, and the partnership with Rainbow Six Siege adds an unexpected element to the mix. Previous crossovers have appeared in video games, films, comic books, and web series, among other media. There were some exceptions to the rule, but most of these partnerships stayed in the horror genre. One example of this is the May 2022 Attack on Titan crossover, which deviates from usual horror themes even though it contains aspects of horror.

Dead by Daylight debuted the Nicholas Cage Chapter Pack in July 2023. This was a special addition to the game that let players play as survivors and included the renowned actor even though it wasn’t a crossover. This divergence from customary horror teamwork demonstrates the game’s adaptability in examining a variety of themes and people.

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