14 Great Anime Featuring Strong Female Protagonists

14 Great Anime Featuring Strong Female Protagonists

When someone mentions anime, the characters Goku, Naruto, and others like them are typically the first ones that come to mind. Male anime characters, who tend to be depicted as having incredible power and physicality, garner an insane amount of love and admiration from anime fans. Anime girl characters in anime are almost never given significant screen time and are almost always overshadowed by male characters.

On the other hand, there are a number of fantastic and strong anime girls who have a significant role in anime. Fans of anime have the potential to be wowed and amazed by the incredible presence and characteristics of these female characters. 

For the purpose of compiling this list, we are focusing on anime that include not just one or two but numerous strong and empowered female characters who are not only well-written but also have an effect on the overall story. Some of these feature women in the lead role, while in others, the secondary characters are just as interesting as the primary cast members. 

Let’s go straight into the top 14 anime series featuring strong female anime characters without further ado.

1. Akame ga Kill!

Akame ga Kill!

Akame Ga Kill is a fantasy action anime produced by White Fox Studio. It has a variety of compelling female characters and is set in a fantasy setting. These fearsome female characters have a degree of power that is comparable to that of some of the most famous and influential male figures in history. These fantastic ladies leave a trail of vanquished enemies in their wake because they have the ability to easily vanquish their foes and prevail over even the most formidable opponents.

The Night Raid was a section of the Revolutionary Army that was responsible for carrying out assassinations in secret. The nation is in utter disarray at this point. If a nation does not have a strong, charitable leader, then the nation is doomed to sink into poverty, conflict, and despair.

Even though every member of the Night Raid is a trained assassin, they are all aware that killing is wrong and that they will face punishment if they continue to destroy anybody in the way of the revolution ruthlessly.

Tatsumi, a lad from a rural village who was on a quest to rescue his destitute homeland and was swayed over by Night Raid’s ideas and their commitment, is the newest member of this mighty band of assassins. Tatsumi is a naive boy who has been won over not only by the Night Raid’s goals but also by their resolve.

2. Elfen Lied

Elfen Lied

We now come to Elfen Lied, another of the animes where the main character is op, it is the best anime series with an extremely powerful female protagonist. A psychological horror anime in which the main character is one of the most crazy anime girl characters ever depicted in a cartoon.

The plot of the program centers on two kids who become friends with a seemingly innocent anime maid named “Lucy.” However, Lucy is a unique person known as a “Diclonius.”

She was a subject in a government experiment conducted in the name of science. As a direct consequence of this, she was born with an unseen pair of telekinetic hands and a pair of short horns.

Nevertheless, when Lucy’s predicament finally permits her to flee from her captors, she does so in a violent and bloody manner as she makes her getaway. She sustained wounds during her escape and has no idea she is a mutant serial killer with multiple personalities. She also has no idea that she has a split personality.

3. Black Lagoon

Black Lagoon

Black Lagoon, produced by Madhouse Studios, is regarded as one of the best anime series featuring strong and capable female protagonists. The anime series covers a wide range of topics, some of which are the Mafia, the Dark World, and Friendship. The main character in this captivating dark-action anime goes through a transition from being a businessman to a captive during the story. His primary objective was to attend a business conference, but he ended up being kidnapped by the brutal mercenary outfit known as Black Lagoon.

After a long time of waiting, it appears that no one is going to save him, so he makes the decision to become a member of the criminal organization instead. This anime features a large number of strong female protagonists, and it is undeniably one that a lot of people have enjoyed in the past and will continue to appreciate in the future. The recesses of human virtue and morality are the subject of the Black Lagoon anime series.

4. Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Puella Magi Madoka Magica

The popular anime series Puella Magi Madoka Magica tells the story of a group of super-powered beautiful anime girl characters and their adventures as they deal with a variety of strange and disturbing situations. The beginning of the story can be somewhat perplexing; nevertheless, it gradually becomes clear that this is a story about hope, despair, as well as the significance of friendship.

This well-known magical story, which features a strong female protagonist and takes place in a world of magic with both good and wicked witches, tells of an exciting journey across that world. One young lady is given the opportunity to fulfill her desire as compensation for a promise to fight against these evil aliens.

5. Medaka Box

Medaka Box

Next, we’ve got Medaka Box, a great anime with a strong female protagonist that no one should mess with.

As the new president of the Student Council, Medaka Kurokami puts into action her proposal to create a suggestion box in which students can add their problems that need to be fixed by writing them down and placing them in the box.

Initially, she anticipated having to deal with relatively minor issues, such as finding lost puppies and offering guidance. On the other hand, everything she and her most trusted companion, Zenkichi, discover are the first signs of a secret that has been kept buried.

When Medaka and her friends got themselves in the thick of a potentially dangerous game, they gained new insight into their capabilities and skills as a result of the experience. As a result, everything completely spirals out of control!

6. Claymore


The supernatural anime series Claymore is produced by Madhouse and stars a large cast of demonic anime ladies with exceptional abilities. These characters are referred to as Claymores. The events of the main plot begin when a shapeshifting monster with a craving for human flesh called a “youma” appears in Raki’s Hamlet. At the same time, a solitary woman with silver eyes wanders into town carrying only a sword on her back. She was created as a “Claymore,” a being that is half-human and half-you, with the sole intention of wiping out these horrors, and she has succeeded in doing so.

Raki’s life is spared by a Claymore girl after the rest of his family is murdered; nevertheless, this results in him being exiled from his village. Raki discovers Claymore, also known as Clare, when she has nowhere else left to go and decides to travel with her because she has nowhere else to go.

As the two adventurers make their way from one village to the next, defeating Youma along their journey, new details regarding Clare’s group, along with the other fighters she has recruited, come up. They are getting nearer to the Youma that Clare has been looking for vengeance against ever since she decided to turn into a Claymore. They are getting closer as they purify each village, and each demon is slaughtered.

7. Blood C

Blood C

Blood C is a supernatural horror anime centered on a high school badass anime girl named Saya who has a peaceful life during the day but transforms into a monster that hunts and kills demons at night. She wields a ceremonial sword that was passed down to her from her revered father, and she uses it to dispatch any monster that threatens the village’s tranquility or attempts to destroy it.

But not long after that, Saya’s grasp on reality is put to the test when she learns from the monsters that there had been an unfulfilled promise in the deal that they had. Then, out of the blue, a strange dog materializes in front of her and inquires who she had promised to guard the hamlet. The dog is interested in what would occur if she violated her pledge. Saya is unable to exert any control over what she sees, so she looks for answers with desperation. But it seems like nothing in the town makes any sense at all.

8. Witch Craft Works

Witch Craft Works

The J.C. staff production Witch Craft Works is an action-packed fantasy anime about a stunning and formidable young woman with magical abilities. The story’s main character is Honoka Takamiya, who lives a typical and conventional life. He is content with this. The fact that he attended the same school as Ayaka Kagari, who was considered to be the school’s “Princess,” was his primary challenge in life.

Since Honoka has to sit next to her during class and travels the same bus as she does in the morning, the attention that she receives from both female and male students can make life challenging.

Worse yet, if he so much as makes a passing comment to her, members of her fan club will chase him behind the building and beat him up. When he looked up, he saw a school building coming down on top of him one day when he was putting out the trash. At the eleventh hour, he is rescued by the same pretty anime girl, Ayaka, with whom he has never even engaged in a comprehensive conversation.

She finally engages in conversation with him, during which she reveals that she has been guarding him in secret for some time but that she is no longer needed to do so now that somebody is attacking him directly. It has come to light that Ayaka is a fire witch, and it has also come to light that there are more witches in the world who wish to kidnap Honoka and exploit the power that he holds within him for their ends.

9. Yona of The Dawn

Yona of The Dawn

Yona of The Dawn remains one of the most beloved romance action animated series of all time owing to its original plot and the development of Princess Yona into an incredibly strong girl. Princess Yona was formerly an innocent girl, but by the end of the series, she is transformed into a badass, strong lady.

She used to have a quiet life, and the only things that troubled her were whether or not the color of her hair would go with the rest of her attire or if she would be able to marry the boy she had a crush on when she was younger, Soo-won.

Despite this, her father forbade them to get married, and she was never able to figure out why. The next thing anyone knows, Soo-Won has come into the room and stabbed the king with his sword.

Yona once had affection for Soo-Won, but after he killed the king and stole her kingdom, she became heartbroken and decided to start a new life as a fugitive. However, Haku, one of the king’s most trusted knights, accompanies her on her journey. Yona will go from being a privileged little girl to an unstoppable female character as a way to gain her revenge, and she will do this with the assistance of her guardian along with various other companions she encounters along the road.

10. Darling in the Franxx

Darling in the Franxxx

The next anime series on our list is Darling in the Franxxx, which is one of the best shows to feature super-powered women. This one is a robot action romance anime that takes place in a futuristic world where huge creatures have driven humankind to the brink of extinction. The humans, who are now living in ruins, make the decision to organize a strike force with the objective of saving the earth by destroying the monsters.

This force is composed of pilots that were created within the Plantation, which is often referred to as the “birdcage.” The primary adversaries that they face are known as “Kyouryuu,” while their weapons are Franxx robots that were specifically built to fight against these animals. Flying a Franxx requires a lot of skill and concentration. The primary character of the story is a child prodigy by the name of Hiro. However, he is unable to become a pilot, and it is unclear why he should even exist at this point. If you don’t fly a Franxx, you might as well stop living altogether.

Zero Two, a female with a strange past, materializes in front of him. She will utterly transform his life. Hiro is given the opportunity to co-pilot the Franxxx by Zero Two, and the two of them are successful in their battle against the Klaxosaur as a result. Then Hiro has been provided with the opportunity to make amends for his previous mistakes; however, at what price?

11. Rosario + Vampire

Rosario + Vampire

The main character of this enjoyable ecchi action school anime is a powerful vampire buff anime girl. The setting is a school. Youkai Academy is a school in Japan that caters to the education of both humans and monsters, making it one of the finest and most diversified institutions in the country. The fact that this school is anything other than ideal is the subject of an epic story currently being told there.

However, one law at Youkai Academy states that any humans found on school grounds are to be killed instantly. Those extraordinary pupils attend classes in their normal human form and take classes such as literature, foreign languages, gym, and mathematics. Despite this, the school has a zero-tolerance policy toward humans.

Tsukune Aono is a teen who is unable to attend school because of the difficulties he is having with his academic performance. Youkai Academy was the last school his parents considered sending him to, so they enrolled him there. Tsukune was accosted by a young lady named Moka as soon as she entered the building. She gives off the impression of being pleasant and sociable, but he is oblivious to the fact that a dangerous vampire lurks beneath her charming exterior.

12. Slayers


The next on our list of the best adventure fantasy anime with a powerful female lead character is Slayers, which is an excellent series that follows the exploits of the famous sorceress Lina Inverse and her “protector” Gourry Gabriev as they tour the land in quest of everything that can gain the treasure. Slayers is one of the finest adventure fantasy anime with a strong female main character.

The story of the show takes place in the Dungeons & Dragons universe. It contains elements that are already well known, like quests, magical objects, and anime girls with extraordinary abilities. For gamers, the narrative will have the feel of a game, which will make it simple for them to engage with it. Even if you’re not a lover of games like these, you’ll still find the plot interesting and captivating and enjoy the intense drama in each episode.

13. The Promised Neverland

The Promised Neverland

The Promised Neverland is a much-loved anime series that focuses on a strong and intelligent anime child girl protagonist, and it is a mystery and suspense anime. The action takes place in Grace Field House, a home for orphans in which youngsters live together in a setting modeled as a family. They are like siblings; they look out for each other and play together. These children are cared for by their mother, Isabella, who is always there for them. The children are allowed to spend their time as they choose, which typically consists of playing outside, so long as they do not travel too far away from the orphanage. This is despite the fact that they are forced to take examinations every day.

When a child is adopted and then transferred to live with a new family, the plot will take an unexpected turn when it is revealed that the youngster has never been seen or heard from again. The three older siblings begin to get their first inklings of unease regarding the circumstances surrounding their placement at the orphanage. 

They are prepared to learn the twisted character of their cherished Mama as well as everything that lies in store for the children who live at Grace Field, including the unknown course of their lives. You will instantly fall in love with the series’ main character, Emma, who is not only one of the most powerful and intelligent anime characters of all time but also one of the most beautiful.

14. Bofuri


Silver Link is responsible for the production of the ever-famous Bofuri. It’s got a little bit of everything: adventure, action, and fantasy. After paying a visit to her buddy, Kaede Honjou, the protagonist of this anime movie, unwillingly decides to test out New World Online, a very popular virtual reality massively multiplayer online game played by thousands of individuals across Japan.

Within the game, she goes by Maple and embarks on her Isekai trip. Maple is a total novice when it comes to this genre of competition, and she really hopes that she won’t get wounded. Her player character has a strong defensive but lacks emphasis in any other area, making her unable to move rapidly or deal significant damage. The fact that she has a strong defense doesn’t backfire on her because she also has some potent talents.

Maple’s power level skyrockets, and in a short amount of time, she establishes herself as one of the game’s most accomplished players and even makes rapid advancements. In addition to this, she is beginning to build a name for herself as a highly acclaimed player who is among the finest on the entire server.

During the course of her voyage, Kaede makes steady progress toward her goals. The more she finds out, the more she is able to discover, and the more she will like playing the game. Along the journey, she makes new friends who assist her in completing various jobs. If not, it’s possible that Kaede will get some strange new abilities as well.

Bonus Anime: The Future Diary 

Yukiteru Amano, a lonesome high school student who spends his days writing a journal on his cellphone while speaking with his two seemingly fictitious companions, Deus Ex Machina, the lord of space and time, and Murmur, who is the lord’s servant, is the protagonist of the horror action anime titled Future journal. Future Diary follows the story of Yukiteru Amano.

Yukiteru is forced into a brutal battle royale with 11 other people who carry equally powerful future diaries after Deus reveals himself to be an actual entity and gives him a “Random Diary.” This Diary exhibits very descriptive entries that depict the future and push Yukiteru into an intense battle.

Because the person who is left remaining will become the next master of time and space, Yukiteru needs to track down and eliminate the other 11 people if he wants to stay alive. He grudgingly joins Yuno Gasai, his obsessive stalker (who also has such a diary), so she takes it upon herself to protect him from harm. But there’s more to this girl than meets the eye because she could possibly have other intentions for her unrequited love. If you are seeking a decent anime that features strong female characters, then Future Diary might be one of the best options.

Closing Words

These 14 iconic anime feature some of the most powerful anime female characters name seen anywhere in the genre of anime. As a result of this shift in the norm, powerful female characters in anime have emerged, capable of outperforming their male counterparts while winning the affection of anime fans across the globe. If you like anime with powerful female characters and enjoy watching it, you will surely enjoy binge-watching all the shows shared above.

All of the anime on this list are entertaining, so if you haven’t watched any of them, you should do so right away. In addition to that, remember to keep Reviewsed in your bookmarked for more anime related content and rankings.

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