Santa Monica Prepping For Another God of War Game?

Santa Monica Prepping For Another God of War Game?

According to a recent job posting, Santa Monica Studio may be working on developing the initial stages of an upcoming God of War game. The culmination of Kratos’ epic voyage, which spanned several console generations, is the recent games’ investigation of Norse mythology. Both the 2018 reboot and the 2022 sequel, God of War Ragnarok, received awards for their improved gameplay and fast-paced narratives that focused on an elder Kratos’ attempts to lead a peaceful existence with his son Atreus before being sucked into yet another battle with the gods of his newfound realm.

Kratos’s Norse odyssey would come to an end with God of War Ragnarok, Santa Monica Studio promised prior to the game’s November release on the PlayStation 5. Given the game’s powerful and touching conclusion, this has prompted speculation among fans regarding the legendary action series’ future. Uncertainty surrounding the studio’s May announcement of job listings for a brand-new project has left fans wondering if it will be a God of War sequel or a completely original IP.

It is quite possibly the former because Santa Monica Studio’s recently posted job advertisements aim to hire both Senior and Non-Senior Combat Designers, which specifically mention the God of War franchise. This fuels the speculation that a new God of War game is in the works. Candidates applying to this position must be familiar with the enemies, systems, and fighting mechanics from both the 2018 and God of War Ragnarok. The emphasis on series familiarity as a job prerequisite clearly suggests that the future project will share parallels with the studio’s flagship property, even though this does not explicitly confirm the existence of a new God of War game.

Many people have different theories about how the God of War series will proceed after Ragnarok. Some fans hope that a future episode may take Kratos to another celestial realm, such as ancient Egypt. Others urge the creators to turn the story’s attention to Atreus, who had already begun his own quest by the time Ragnarok ended. In contrast, a new protagonist might take the story on a very different path than its prior incarnations.

If Santa Monica Studio is actively creating a new God of War game, there are several directions for it to go in. The studio’s ongoing effort to find new employees with experience in the combat systems of the previous two God of War games provides an intriguing signal about its future goals.

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