VRChat - 15 Worlds Every Player Should Visit

VRChat – 15 Worlds Every Player Should Visit

In a short period of time, VR Chat World has taken over, providing some of the most famous VR games of all time. If you’re someone who has access to virtual reality, then the listed games below will be the perfect and much-needed distraction. These virtual world games can be customized differently and have so much potential. 

Begin playing, make changes to your avatar, and take advantage of the VR Chat World that comes out of the map-making group! Look at all of the VR Chat Worlds we provided for you below; they are 15 worlds with different things to offer. 

15 Worlds VR Chat Players Must Visit

The following are the most recommended VR chat worlds that you should visit as a player:

1. The Devouring 

The Devouring 

Begin with the Devouring, which is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. This VR Chat world isn’t a place to chill or enjoy. But this is where you come across some of the horrors of VR and even go on an adventurous journey as a co-op. You can play the game with up to 4 players, and the campaign lasts 6 hours. It begins with a road trip that goes wrong, and the players need to figure out how to proceed with the events. It’s one of the recent settings and an enjoyable VR horror world for the players. 

2. Freeze Tag Worlds 

Freeze Tag Worlds 15 Worlds

Freeze Tag and Zombie Tag are both birds of a feather. Freeze Tag World is where you need to protect people before they freeze. So ensure you have a populated world because this is a multi-player game. 

3. The Black Cat

The Black Cat

For those looking for a fully immersive VR game, then The Black Cat is a VR Chat World they will enjoy. This Oculus Quest has two stages for performances, numerous private areas, a restaurant, two bars, and multiple washrooms that come with mirrors. 

The Black Cat is one of the favored VR Chat Worlds for gamers, and you might even recognize it when you enter because there are countless YouTube videos on it. It has an aesthetically pleasing vibe and is a base for content creators to connect with multiple fans. 

4. Deathrum Worlds 

Deathrum Worlds 

Deathrum takes you back to Garry’s Mod and the sourcing motor, especially the initial stages. The game is about a single player who dies and then places multiple traps along the way that other players must pass to reach the finish line. If, in case, a player is stuck near a pit, then they end up losing. It’s pretty similar to a VR Chat and another standard mode of gaming, with multiple maps that get crazier as you start playing. 

5. The Japan Shrine

The Japan Shrine

This meditating corner in the VR Chat World has a peaceful and welcoming environment. The Japan Shrine has cherry blossom trees swaying under the blue sky. There are multiple rooms where you can relax; the setting is most likely inspired by Japanese architecture and is quite similar to their traditional houses. The original VR world was removed in the initial stage, but this edition does a similar job. 

6. The Great Pug

The Great Pug

The Great Pug is a VR chat world for streamers, and we have all seen the bits and pieces of it. You will find multiple content creators in videos trying to chill or partake in the fun-filled RPs. The Great Pug is a classic bar with food, drinks, tables, and many fun things to do. You can also showcase your talent, especially if you are a juggler.

7. Big AI’s Avatar Corridors

Big AI’s Avatar Corridors

This isn’t a map that brings you joy; it’s an entirely different experience. We bring you the Big AI’s costume museum, allowing you to try different get-ups to get the display home. The game involves custom players, where you can view, try, and even download the models. It’s perfect for players searching for a fresh look for themselves. 

8. Where Sphere Touch

Where Sphere Touch

Where Sphere Touch isn’t a game for the faint-hearted, as the game takes players on a hallucinatory experience in the VR world; as a player, you can stay here and waste numerous hours on just about anything. Get sucked into the mad world with complicated designs and sweet nothings. Initially, players loved the universe so much that the creator launched the Where Spheres Touch II, which transforms the multi-colored experience, making it even more interesting than the former edition. 

9. Zombie Tag World

Zombie Tag World

Zombie Tag is quite similar to the real-world game; a single player starts as it, and everyone transforms into it as they catch the players. The game goes on until everyone has become a zombie, and then it. The VR Chat World has optimized the gaming experience with multiple maps for players to enjoy the Zombie Tag games. When starting the game, go through the server and track down the one with numerous people so you can have a good time playing one of the best virtual world games. 

10. Sled Hill

Sled Hill

Sled Hill is a fun addition to the VR Chat World, which allows users to crash the VR Chat. With user-friendly buttons and a camera, players can pull a different story with every sled. When the game was launched, there was just one slope for sledding. The only way to catch one was when it appeared in the World Tab, where you can look for a sled through the big hills while not getting frozen outside.  

11. The Void Club

The Void Club

The Void Club is one of the most bustling nightclubs in the game, with so much activity. For 24 hours every day, music and avatars are dancing and bouncing. Players can visit multiple VIP areas and beautiful sci-fi views outside the club that you can check out. 

It’s an interesting VR Chat World, allowing you to have fun and enjoy your time. 

12. The Midnight Rooftop

The Midnight Rooftop

If you’ve played Sky Camp in the past, then the Midnight Rooftop is entirely different. It comes with a depiction of the night sky from the top floor. The map is designed while keeping the most minor details in mind and a distant view of the city to add to the vibe.  Like many other maps, Midnight Rooftop is a VR Chat that is created for players to connect and socialize. It has different sitting areas; you can play mini-games and have a great time. The map is small, so bring people you know of or join a server that doesn’t have a lot of people. 

13. Room of Summer Solitude 

Room of Summer Solitude

The Summer Solitude is much better than all rooms combined. It’s one of the most optimized bedrooms in the virtual world games and quite similar to the Oculus Quest played on PCs. The bed is impressive, and the view over Hong Kong is as real as possible in a VR Chat World. 

14. Firelink Shrine

Firelink Shrine

The Firelink Shrine is an accurate recreation of the location from the Dark Souls VR World. It serves as an anchor, allowing players to partake in different adventures as they go. With a more extensive map than any of the VR Worlds, it has secrets for fans belonging to the franchise. 

15. Putt Putt Quest

Putt Putt Quest

If you haven’t played golf in real life, it’s time you give it a shot in the VR World. Putt Putt Quest is one of the best VR Worlds, which is just a fully-fledged golf course. It’s majorly designed after the Putt Putt Golf Courses, with fantasy staples. Multiple Castles, windmills, and more. It’s available on the Meta Quest Systems and PC VR sets but has yet to launch in the Play Station version. 

Bottom Line

With so many VR Worlds to explore, what are you waiting for? Dive deep into all the 15 virtual world games listed above and discover different ways to enjoy them. There is so much to do, from clubs to golf courses, haunted houses, and pubs. Socialize and make friends so you have more people to play and explore these virtual world games with. 

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