Can You Use Apple Pencil On An iPhone? Compatibility, Explained

Can You Use Apple Pencil On An iPhone? Compatibility, Explained

You know how Apple Pencil is the perfect additional tool for iPad users to enhance the user experience. Did you know you can connect your iPhone to an Apple pencil to make the most of both the gadgets? However, remember that not all Apple Pencil models are compatible with iPhones. So before connecting, it is essential to find out if the devices have any compatibility. 

So come with us as you learn all about Apple Pencil and how to connect Apple Pencil to an iPhone in a few steps. Make sure to follow each step correctly to ensure a smooth connection of devices. 

How to Connect Apple Pencil to an iPhone

Here’s a rundown of all the steps you must remember to connect your iPhone to an Apple Pencil. 

1. Check Device Compatibility

All Apple pencils aren’t compatible with an iPhone, so before trying to connect an Apple pencil to an iPhone, check the compatibility level. Right now, you can connect the first and second-generation pencils to iPhones. 

2. Upgrade Your iPhone to the Latest iOS.

For you to use the Apple Pencil with your iPhone, it’s important to check if your iOS is upgraded to the latest version. This ensures the smooth connection and functionality of the Apple Pencil and the iPhone. If your software hasn’t been updated, here are a few steps you can follow:

  • Open the Settings application.
  • Now tap on General.
  • Then click on Software Update and then tap on Automatic Updates. 
  • You will then see the Download iOS Updates. 
  • You will see the latest update you can install and download on your iPhone. 

3. Keep Your Bluetooth Open

The Bluetooth feature on your iPhone ensures a smooth pairing process with Airpods and Apple pencils. Now, you can open the Bluetooth through the Settings application and even the Control Centre by swiping from the top-right. 

  • With the Settings application, scroll below, and you will find the Bluetooth option. 
  • Now tap on Bluetooth, and swipe the toggle toward the right side. 
  • A list of devices that you have paired with previously will show up; scroll down to find new devices. 
  • Now connect to a newly found device. 

4. Keep Your Apple Pencil Close

For your iPhone to pair with your Apple Pencil, you need to keep both devices close. This helps in the detection of the device and ensures a smooth process. You can then pair it quickly. 

5. Find Your Apple Pencil Within the List

Find Your Apple Pencil Within the List

After you have swiped the toggle right, a list of all the available devices opens up. Keep a clear on the Devices section; the Apple Pencil will appear the second it is detected. Since iPhones aren’t compatible with Apple Pencils right now, the device might not show up. However, if the device compatibility changes in the near future, then the device will appear. 

6. Pair it With Your Apple Pencil

After you have discovered the device, tap on it, and the connection process will begin. After it has successfully paired with your device, a small confirmation will appear on your screen. Tap on OK and move further. 

7. Start Using Apple Pencil

Now that you have successfully paired your Apple Pencil with the iPhone, you can start using it. Use it to perform actions, design different apps, and even write notes. 


  1. Does the iPhone have a stylus?

Apple hasn’t included the stylus with the iPhone. The revolutionary device provides the best touch experience, but you cannot poke it with a stylus. 

  1. How do you draw on an iPhone with a pen?

You can open the Notes application and look at the bottom of the screen in a new note. There will be five options to choose from; choose the first option from the right, which will open up different markers, colors, rulers, and even erasers. 

Bottom Line

With the help of the step-by-step guide, you can quickly connect your Apple Pencil to an iPhone. But before you begin, check if the device is compatible with the generation of the Apple Pencil. Also, check if the iOS is the newly installed version to avoid any trouble. After successfully pairing it, you can then use the Apple Pencil and all the features it supports.

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