How to Reset Your Apple TV Remote — 2 Ways to Fix our Siri Remote

How to Reset Your Apple TV Remote — 2 Ways to Fix our Siri Remote

Learning how to fix your Apple TV remote so you can re-pair it is essential. The remote itself opens a world of entertainment for you. You can use it to access multiple applications, followed by various streaming platforms, and tune in to watch your favorite tv shows and movies. But sometimes, it might need some fixing and may cause issues you must address so you don’t miss out on anything. 

So if you’d like to learn how to reset Apple TV remote, our guide will be helpful. We’ll provide you with step-by-step solutions that will resolve any hiccups and ensure you can navigate smoothly through your Apple TV remote and easily pair so you can resume doing whatever you want to. Let’s dive into the world of technology and find out how problems are solved!

2 Ways to Fix Your Siri Remote

The two easiest ways to fix your Siri remote so you can pair it to your Apple TV are the following:

1. Charging the Remote and Unplugging Apple TV Box 

This might sound simplest, but charging your remote will help. There are times when the battery goes down, and that’s the only reason why the remote isn’t working correctly. Meanwhile, your remote is charging, unplug the TV box for a few seconds and reconnect it. After the device is charged, ensure there’s nothing between the remote and the Apple TV box. Anything in between could hinder the actions when pressing the remote buttons. 

2. Pair and Restart Your Apple TV’s Remote

If the first solution does not help you, then you can follow the steps we have stated below:

  1. Start by pressing and holding the button with a TV on it, simultaneously with the down volume button for a few seconds. (5-6 seconds)
  2. When you release both the buttons, you will then see the Apple TV restart option appear. 
  3. After it restarts, a notification will appear, which will tell you that your connection has been lost on your TV screens. But when your remote reboots, it will reconnect because it’s automatic. 
  4. If it does not connect automatically, enable the manual linking by pushing the upwards volume button and the back button for a few seconds. 
  5. This action will activate the pairing mode on your screens, and then you will be instructed to place your TV remote on the digital box. 
  6. A  few seconds later, when the TV has been repaired using the remote, you can then resume your actions. 


  1. How do I reset my Siri Apple TV remote?

Start by pressing your remote TV button and the down volume button together. The minute you release them, a message appears which says Connection Lost. Wait for a while before the remote starts. After the remote restarts, it will pair with your Apple TV automatically. 

  1. How do I reset my Apple TV 2 remote?

Hold onto the TV center button simultaneously with the volume down button. This will instantly reset the Apple TV remote, and it will restart. You can then use it to change channels and perform necessary actions. 

  1. How do I get Siri to work on my Apple TV remote?

Hold the Siri button on your remote, then say everything you want. After you have spoken, release the button instantly. Those with a HomePod can also say Hey Siri and then say whatever they want to but end the request by saying on the TV that this will quickly play all you want. 

Bottom Line

Now that you have read this article, you must know how conveniently and instantly you can reset your Apple TV remote. The process requires a few processes, and then you are able to switch through different channels, multiple Apple TV applications, and streaming platforms. You can watch the content that Apple TV offers and even use it for listening to songs and entertainment. 

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