Everything Everywhere All At Once's Real Meaning Explained

Everything Everywhere All At Once’s Real Meaning Explained

Everything Everywhere All At Once is a movie layered with different dimensions. There’s a lot of meaning attached to different scenes and characters. In this article, we dive into the depths of this movie to uncover and explain to you the meaning of all that is confusing and important in the movie. Take a look with us as we study the plot, the director’s perspective and understand the meaning behind the bagel. 

The movie might be confusing, but it’s for all the right reasons!

Everything Everywhere All At Once Synopsis

The movie begins with the Wanf family beginning a fun-filled Karaoke night that takes a very different turn. The family ends up disappearing after the session. This was played in a fast-forward manner, so it goes back to where it all started. The movie then begins with their everyday life, showcasing the chaos that occurs every day. It portrays the busy life of Waymond and Evelyn, who are busy with their auditing documents.

Meanwhile, they’re also planning a birthday party for Evelyn’s father. 

Tension brews between the couple as Waymond is secretly planning to get a divorce. Problems arise even further when Joy brings along her friend Becky. There’s a lot of heated discussion about Joy’s tattoos and telling Gong Gong about her girlfriend, Becky. 

So much chaos and tension change Waymond as he is possessed and talks about different problems worldwide. That’s how things change for the family!


  • Michelle Yeoh
  • Ke Huy Quan
  • Stephanie Hsu
  • Tallie Medel
  • James Hong
  • Jamie Lee Curtis
  • Jenny Slate

The Deeper Meaning Explained

The Deeper Meaning Explained

Although it isn’t stated explicitly, Everything Everywhere All At Once implies that the significance of life derives from realizing that all events and objects have equal value because there is no inherent purpose. Jobu doesn’t want to cause problems and bring harm to Evelyn, but she’s hoping to gain insight and find meaning s she can navigate the multiverse. 

The movie takes a more profound turn and explores depression and cynicism without providing users with the answer to endless issues in the universe. The movie provides a deeper meaning that portrays how the people in our life give it real meaning, and everyone needs to be present entirely in every moment. 

Everything Everywhere All At Once Cinematic Message

Beyond its absurdity, Everything Everywhere All At Once shows that a complex narrative with great visuals can be produced on a small budget. The film’s box office and award successes remove any concerns about its unusual strategy. The film’s focus was on tales, and the timing of its release alongside Doctor Strange 2 emphasized the importance of small budgets over large ones.

 This movie makes a powerful statement on the importance of narrative in today’s culture, going above and beyond Hollywood conventions both artistically and commercially. This movie makes a powerful statement on the power of storytelling that can transcend Hollywood standards and impact audiences visually and commercially.

Surprisingly, despite costing $25 million to produce, Everything Everywhere All At Once brought in roughly $100 million at the box office. This major success demonstrates that expensive big-budget films aren’t always necessary. Even though this low-budget movie featured celebrities like Michelle Yeoh, it was nonetheless successful. The notion that Hollywood’s success is limited to pricey films is debunked by this film. The movie has significantly influenced the film industry in many positive ways. 

From The Director’s Perspective

From The Director’s Perspective

Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert, the filmmakers of Everything Everywhere All At Once, discussed the film’s success. In a prior interview, they discussed the theory guiding the multiverse notion and how they developed the film’s concept and story. Scheinert didn’t like the idea of the multiverse when Kwan first brought it up since it made him feel that existence had no purpose. Kwan’s compromise in response sums up what most viewers take away from the film’s theme. Kwan expressed to Scheinert during an interview his concern that the multiverse has no purpose. 

The filmmakers aimed to create a nihilistic film that respects this sentiment. Before realising that the multiverse mirrors how life seems right now, they exchanged ideas. Understanding one’s anxieties through the multiverse could be beneficial. When audiences view films, they are intended to pose questions and provide answers.

The Message of Kindness 

The emotional impact of Everything Everywhere All At Once stands out among the unusual interdimensional experiences. Evelyn and Joy become cynical as a result of the existence of numerous facts, believing that anything is possible and that nothing of value exists. However, Waymond keeps a positive outlook. In the film’s concluding scene, he discusses his philosophy with Evelyn and explains that choosing optimism is not naive but a smart survival move. 

This adaption is based on a statement made by director Daniel Kwan in 2018 that emphasizes that empathy is a morally responsible and practically necessary approach rather than acceptance.

Focus On The Bagel

Focus On The Bagel

Jobu Tupaki’s Everything Bagel, which contains the essence of all historical occurrences throughout all universes, serves as the film’s centerpiece. This bagel represents hopelessness and can be seen everywhere on tax returns, washing machine doors, and followers’ foreheads. It stands for nihilism. Waymond humorously adds googly eyes to objects as a balance out, sending a message of hope in the middle of chaos. Evelyn initially brushes this off but later places an eye on her forehead and references spiritual awakening. 

Everything, Everywhere 

The movie Everything Everywhere All at Once has a deep meaning. According to director Daniel Kwan, the ‘what if?’ idea is crucial. The multiverse offers a place to analyze life changes, especially for immigrants who remember their mistakes. At the Oscars, Kwan honored his mother for her support by dedicating the movie to her. In the movie, Evelyn explores various “what if” scenarios in her life, which results in an optimistic conclusion in which she finds fulfillment with her family. 



Evelyn says the Pixar film Ratatouille incorrectly at first as Racacoonie. Her friend Chad is like a puppet being commanded by a raccoon in one alternate reality. According to this, Evelyn is aware of other universes.  Additionally, Ratatouille is a metaphor for Evelyn’s vulnerability to influence from her other sides. Her minor error thus relates to the film’s more prominent themes.

Bottom Line

From Michelle Yeoh to Harry Shum Jr., the movie is filled with some of the best actors, making it multidimensional and a massive hit. So if you have streamed the movie, we recommend you go through our article to understand the hidden agenda behind all the layers in the plot. 

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