Convert RCA to USB Adapter Cables

How to Convert RCA to USB Adapter Cables

RCA cables or connectors being known to everyone are a collection of 3 cables to carry analog audio & video signals. These were named so after Radio Corporation of America, which was the pioneer to introduce these RCA designs in the early 90’s. In the present era, people rarely use RCA cable because, with the evolution of time, computer devices have also revolutionized. 

These RCA cables’ primary function is to connect peripheral devices like the VCRs, DVD players, etc., to computers, TV screens, or any other output device. But the use of these RCA cables is confined to limited no. Of devices. While USB cables can be used with any kind of peripheral device. People preferred to use USB cables instead of RCA for many factors such as speed, performance, working efficiency, port feasibility, etc.

USB cables being used more frequently are replacing the use of RCA cables. The latest editions of computer devices even don’t have any RCA sockets. USB cables also carry the audio & video signals, same as RCA cables, but these carry signals in a digital form, unlike RCA if you require a USB adapter cable but don’t have any USB cable, no worries! You can make it on your own too.

One may also think the why it is required to convert pre-existing RCA cable into USB adapter cable. The quick answer is that; you may need to attach a DVD player or any other equipment like that with your Computer, but the Computer you are using may not have any RCA socket, then you need to attach a USB adapter to enable RCA cables to work efficiently. USB cables perform the transmission of digital signals, or you can say a USB cable carries USB data.

A USB cable adapter act as a gateway between the conversion of analog signals to digital signals. Because the whole process involves this conversion, one end of the USB adapter connected with RCA cables receives the analog signal from RCA. The USB adapter converts it to digital signals on the other end of it, which is connected directly to the computer device via a USB port. Then in Computer, these digital signals are interpreted as digital data.

So, if you have any old RCA cables, you can reuse these by converting them into a USB adapter cable. The RCA to USB converting process required deep technical knowledge. If you are the one searching for “how to make RCA to USB cable,” then here you can go through the following procedure to convert an RCA to USB cable. But it should be noted that to practice the stated procedure, you must also be familiar with the basic working of electronics. This is not a thing that everyone can do.

How to make RCA to USB cable

Creating an RCA to USB is more complicated than it may appear, so we don’t advise that you try your hand at making an adapter or a converter cable, simply because USB is more nuanced than you assume because there is more than meets the eye. 

The RCA works on analog signals, which have to be converted to digital before it is sent through the USB. You will require a complex digital integrated circuit to convert the signals to work with both the RCA and USB. Constructing such an IC using discrete components is not a feasible DIY project, so leave it to the professionals.

The easiest way to make your device compatible with RCA cables to use a USB adapter. You can simply buy an RCA to USB converter with the functionality of both RCA & USB cables. You would need a USB adapter with 3 sockets on one side, in which you can plug in RCA connectors individually, and at the other end, it will have a USB connecter that can be attributed to a USB-supported device. The other end of RCA cables can be linked with audio hardware.

The other choice is to use a prebuilt RCA to USB cable instead of attaching a USB adapter interface between RCA cables and a computer device. This is the most feasible way and the cheaper one to implement. But the cost is dependent on length limitation. 

Suppose if you need a cable of shorter length, then you can definitely go for this option. But, in case if you require a cable of longer length, then it will cost much to implement this method. To meet the need for a longer cable, it is far better to make your own RCA to USB by using a USB adapter, as we have explained earlier.

How to Convert RCA to USB Adapter Cables – Video Guide


So, here we can conclude from the above-stated info that a simple conversion can reuse the RCA cables. If you are one having spare RCA cables, you can easily convert them to USB cable to carry & transmit digital data. You would have 2 choices to adopt in this regard: either you can buy a prebuilt RCA to USB cable or create your own USB cable.

The process of making your own USB adapter cable is quite technical, but you can achieve the desired result by similarly following the procedure as explained. Both choices are feasible in their own way, as the conversion cost depends on the length of cable required to meet your requirement. You can opt for the effective one.

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