How To Create a Stand-Out Tech Resume?

How To Create a Stand-Out Tech Resume?

The Tech industry is on a constant rise in terms of new job openings and the growth of salaries, which makes it one of the most attractive industries today. At the same time, such a high interest makes it more difficult for job applicants to stand out. Writing a good personal resume is the best chance to separate yourself from the crowd, however, not all of us are gifted writers. There are software solutions that scan through candidate resumes before they get to human inspection, and even then, the hiring team has only a few seconds to determine if a CV is good enough for the next round of selection.

If you’re hoping for a well-paid job at a tech company you were always hoping to work for, you need to create an impeccable and compelling resume. In this article, we are going to share a few ideas on how you can make your CV stand out from other candidates.

Choose the proper template

Looks can be deceiving but they influence our decision-making process a lot. Before you even start filling in the information, you have to choose the optimal resume template. There are dozens of online resources with free templates that include tech industry design characteristics. There are a few features that you should look for in a template:

  • The layout should make your CV easy to read and navigate. It should have clear and intelligently created sections that are related to the industry and even the job you’re applying for.
  • Each section should have enough space for you to write your experience, strengths, skills, and other important information in more than just a few words.
  • Your CV must have a basic information section with personal, contact, and education data.

Include your summary

When we apply for a certain position, besides our professional and personal information, employers are commonly interested in why we are applying for that certain job. A personal summary can be a great introduction that would give the reader some context around your application. If you’re not a talented storyteller, you could look for the best resume writing service you can find and have them write your professional story for you. These personal statements are specifically important for those candidates that are switching lanes within the industry.

If you spent most of your career doing backend development and you are applying for a frontend position, it would be beneficial if you write down why you have decided to take that step. Best personal summaries share the story of the skills you obtained while through your career that led you to this moment. 

Start with your experience

If you’re fresh out of college, the first information you have to share is your education history. However, listing the schools and degrees is not enough to convince a good employer that you’re the right fit for their team. Include some school projects you accomplished, the skills you obtained through education, and similar info that bring more substance to your resume.

If you’re a professional with a few years of career behind you, then start by sharing how you contributed to your past employers. Don’t be afraid to share any skills you obtained through work, and brag about your professional accomplishments as well. If you are not certain you can represent your professional history in a captivating and convincing way you can seek out help. In the UK CareersBooster helps people create and improve their professional resumes, even those that need only some tweaking.

Carefully study the job post and the employer

Most if not all tech industry employers utilize artificial intelligence for the initial candidate screening process. This means that you should consider implementing the proper keywords that would capture the attention of the AI and signal that you’re a proper candidate. Moreover, it’s important to study the job requirements and analyze which skills and experience are the most important for the role. This can help you craft a resume that will resonate well with the hiring agent.

Keep in mind that people who read these resumes don’t have too much time to dedicate to every application. Therefore, try to make your statements clear and concise but informative. Furthermore, avoid introducing irrelevant info simply because you wish to fill in the application. It might make it difficult to notice those important parts of the content. 

Finally, introduce yourself to the company, and try to learn more about their history, past projects, plans for the future, and the type of professionals they already have as part of their team. This could help you understand what resonates well with this company and which skills you should introduce to expand your chances of getting the job.


These were a few pieces of advice that should help you fix a stand-out tech resume. Remember that your skills and experience are your most important tools, so don’t be shy to represent them to the employer. Aesthetics play a vital role in the screening process so make sure you opt for a quality template that’s relevant to the tech industry and the position you’re applying for.

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