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Bubble Shooter Game Review on MPL App

Have you been perusing the MPL app and come across the Bubble Shooter game? It is a game that has been around for years and continues to enjoy the popularity of being an addictive game title. Here’s what you need to know about the game. 

MPL Bubble Shooter has captivated the minds and hearts of several gamers across the USA. It is one of the most engaging puzzle games that ensures endless hours of fun. Along with genuine entertainment, the game offers gamers the opportunity to earn money. 

The game’s premise is straightforward. There are colorful bubbles on the screen that players have to pop. You need to aim and shoot at clusters of bubbles, and when you match three or more bubbles, they will burst and fall. You will score points. The cannon that you will use to shoot the bubbles is at the bottom of the screen, and your objective is to prevent the bubbles from coming to the screen’s bottom. If they do, it’s game over for you. Furthermore, if you pop more than three bubbles, you will get power-ups that you can use to score higher and earn cash rewards. 

Packed with unique colors and challenges, the Bubble Shooter game is everything you would expect from a puzzle game. Each game lasts for about ninety to one hundred and twenty seconds. You need to burst the bubbles and score higher than your opponent within the time. If you cannot wait to enter the world of colorful bubbles and start popping them, download Bubble Shooter game on your mobile device and get started. 

The Features of the MPL Bubble Shooter game 

In the Bubble Shooter game, the screen is filled with bubbles where the clusters are arranged randomly. The groups belong to a particular color, but other bubbles of different colors hang over them. While the bubbles are found in the upper part of the game board, there’s a little cannon located at the bottom center of the board. 

The game’s goal is to eliminate all the lines and groups of bubbles by aiming, hitting, and matching three or more bubbles. You must remember to hit bubbles of the same color as the ball in your cannon. There are times when players cannot shoot the bubbles directly, and then they have to resort to bouncing shots off the walls, so the balls reach the direct cluster of bubbles. 

The game might seem deceivingly simple because all you have to do is target and shoot. However, you might not always get an accurate shot, or the clusters of bubbles might be far behind, and there’s no way you can reach them. In such situations, you need to strategize your game and ensure not to place the colored bubbles from the cannon anywhere on the screen, so the game becomes more challenging. 

Different Game Modes: Practice And Tournaments

In the Bubble Shooter game, gamers can select the game mode according to their choice. There are two popular game modes, such as:

  • The practice game mode: In the practice games, you can play the game for free, allowing you to familiarize yourself with the game’s rules. You can practice all the different shots required in the game, such as the bank shot. The practice games are designed like contests and tournaments where you can compete with other opponents in real-time, but there are no cash rewards if you win the game. 
  • Tournaments: Tournaments and contests are battles where you compete with multiple opponents to win the grand prize. You have to pay a small fee to enter the tournament, and then you need to try to score the highest. When your name is up on the leaderboard, you can hope to take the bounty home. 

Are the withdrawals instant?


Yes, the withdrawals are instant when you play the MPL Bubble Shooter game. You can make the transactions using various payment options, including Apple Pay, PayPal, debit or credit cards, and bank transfers. The transactions on this platform are entirely secure, and you don’t have anything to worry about. 

If you ever get stuck somewhere while playing the game or need help, the MPL app’s customer executives are available round the clock. You can use their in-chat support to get instant answers or email your problem. 

Can anybody play MPL Bubble Shooter and win money?

Unfortunately, earning money via online games is regulated by the state. Some US states forbid gamers from playing such online games where cash is involved. If you are a resident of such a state, you can play MPL’s practice games for free and enjoy the fun of shooting bubbles. But you won’t win any cash rewards. 

How to start playing MPL Bubble Shooter?

  • Download the game on your device. Create an account, or log in using your Apple, Google, or Facebook account. 
  • Search for the Bubble Shooter game and select it. 
  • Start shooting bubbles and unleashing a lot of colorful fun. 


In summation, the MPL Bubble Shooter game is a fun-filled, addictive game that promises to keep players engaged for hours. The game offers opportunities for earning money while enjoying the game if players participate in tournaments and contests. The game can also be played for pure entertainment, and you can enjoy free 1V1 practice games. So, download and start shooting bubbles. It’s great fun watching them pop! 

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