Brazil Also Considers USB-C as a Universal Charger

Brazil Also Considers USB-C as a Universal Charger

Following the EU, many countries around the world are debating on adopting the one charger for all rule and have put forth the idea to the general public to gauge their response. The most recent country to do so is Brazil.

Anatel, Brazil’s telecoms regulator has launched a public consultation on a proposal he has made to make all smartphones have USB-C chargers so that people can charge all their portable devices with just one charger.

USB-C has become a default charging standard for Android phones, and since Android is the most used, it makes sense that Apple would have to make the switch to sell in Europe and other countries. It has been rumored for quite some time that Apple is testing USB-C on iPhones. Therefore, they may not be hit as hard as one might imagine. Furthermore, since their tablets and laptops already use USB-C, it is only their phones that they will have to make changes to.

In documents that followed the public consultation, Anatel made a case for USB and listed the advantages of having a universal USB-C charger. He stated that having a universal USB-C charger would help reduce e-waste, which was growing larger and larger each year due to the different kinds of chargers that one needed to charge their various devices.

Furthermore, he claimed that it would also be extremely convenient for the customers as they could charge all of their devices with a single charger. The only disadvantage of this ruling is that enforcing such regulations would discourage companies from developing better-charging technology as it would mean deviating from the universal standard. 

Upon the second disadvantage, the EU politicians believed that amendments could be made to the law later on if newer technology proved more efficient than the current USB-C. Therefore, companies should continue developing better charging technologies as they may become the new standard in a few years. 

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