The Best Way to Tell If Someone is Spying on Your Android Phone

The Best Way to Tell If Someone is Spying on Your Android Phone

We all use our devices on a daily basis because they are tools that provide the access to the internet and enable us to keep in touch with our closest ones. All in all, smartphones are not only small and portable things but also an indispensable part of our life.

The tasks that they perform every day are countless starting from waking up us in the mornings to taking pictures or recording videos to catch our most vivid moments. Apart from learning how to use them, every Android owner should know the ways to keep himself safe.

 Nowadays more and more people encounter with disastrous consequences of cyber espionage. Hackers that want to invade someone’s private space and explore something forbidden resort to different methods. The most common of them is to infect the device with malicious spyware, which makes it possible to track the location, capture the keystrokes, record phone conversations, stealing passwords and bank account details of the Android owner. Moreover, it has become so widespread that even ordinary people without hacking experience often want to discover here how to spy on an android phone without touching it.

So, there can be various reasons why cyber espionage as a form of cyberattack has become so popular in the modern world. For example, caring parents want to protect their children from the danger on the Internet, or suspicious spouses want to catch their partners cheating. All in all, in any case, nobody would like to become the victim of cyber spying and lose control over their mobile device.

Therefore, the issue of cybersecurity has become a topical issue nowadays, for all people that take their safety seriously. Concerned owners of android smartphones that would like to know how to detect suspicious activity on their devices, will find the following information very important and useful.

9 Tell-tale signs someone is spying on your phone:

9 Tell-tale signs someone is spying on your phone

When spyware sneaks into your phone, it doesn’t always cause malfunctions, therefore people can even fail to notice that something is wrong. But it is crucially important to have an eye on detail and detect these warnings:

  1. Unusually increased data usage. As a rule, spying applications consume a lot of data on your smartphone to send the collected information to a third party. When hackers receive your private information, they send may send it to the server and then blackmail you.
  1. Fast battery draining. The battery usage is equivalent to the time you spend using the smartphone. The sudden change in battery life may happen if some unknown applications eat up a lot of your phone’s energy resources. So, if you notice that there is a need to charge your phone more often than usual, raise the alarm. But first, exclude an old battery as a reason that may cause its fast draining.
  1. Overheating phone. The same principle as in the first two points is applicable to understanding why your phone is overheated, although you don’t use it much. Malicious spyware requires a lot of resources to perform all assigned missions. The spying application will always be running in the background, which causes overheating. You can go to the settings to check what programs use a lot of data on your phone.
  1. Unknown apps. Although the activity of spyware can be hardly noticeable, it is possible to spot some unfamiliar applications in the list. It is advisable to go through the installed app on your phone, to detect some unknown icons and prevent data leakage before it is too late.
  1.  Strange noise during phone conversations. Listening to phone calls is the main target of hackers that want to intercept your important information. In this case, malicious spyware will not go unnoticed, because you will hear weird sounds when talking to someone on the phone.
  1. Slow performance. If your smartphone started to be sluggish without an obvious reason, it can be a warning sign of spyware. It takes up a lot o a lot of resources, so the phone performance gets worse.
  1. Random reboots. People that control your phone remotely with the help of the spying app get access to it and can manage its performance.
  1. Weird activities in standby mode. If you hear weird noises or see a flashing light, it is necessary to take all the necessary measures to remove malicious spyware from your smartphone.
  1. Long shut down. When you tap the button to shut down the phone, the operating system will react immediately. But if your phone is infected with a spy app, you will notice a considerable lag. It happens because spyware was designed to always stay active and transmit the data to a third party.

The bottom line

So, spyware on your phone is a really unexpected and unforeseen situation that can happen to everyone. Every smartphone user should know not only about the ways to remorse spy apps but also prevent them. Safety and security are basic human rights, that should not be violated under no circumstances. The information in this article about the most common warning signs of malicious spyware on your phone will help to detect suspicious activity and get rid of possible risks.

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