Toy Story 5 - Confirmation & Everything We Know

Toy Story 5 – Confirmation & Everything We Know

The ’90s and 2000s, kids were aware of how famous and new the concept of talking toys was. Most of us have grown up watching the Toy Story franchise. As exciting as it is, the previous movie, Toy Story 4, indeed ended things on a sad note as Woody decides to part ways with Buzz and the other toys owned by Andy as he chooses to continue living with Little Bo Peep as a free toy. At some point, we all knew that Woody wouldn’t be able to be anyone except Andy’s toy, and it’s justified that he decided to move away. 

So what will the new sequel convey? Will Woody return, will Buzz Lightyear need his help, or will the toys have an exciting adventure you wouldn’t want to miss out on? Come along as you learn the details of the movie and what’s coming! 

Toy Story 5 Confirmed

Disney’s CEO Bob Iger confirmed the news of releasing Toy Story 5 in the studio’s quarterly earnings meeting on 8 February 2023. The release date hasn’t been confirmed yet; while 2024 seems very early, 2026 seems like a possibility. But that seems like a long time; with Disney’s record, they don’t announce things so far in advance. That leaves us with the end of 2025, which might be a possibility. November 2025 will mark 30 years since the release of Toy Story, Part One. What better way to release the latest version of the story as a celebration? However, don’t keep your hopes up because you never know what will happen!

Toy Story 5 Cast: Who’s Returning and Who Isn’t?

Toy Story 5 Cast: Who’s Returning and Who Isn’t?

Most Toy Story fans were shocked to hear that Tim Allen, the voice behind Buzz Lightyear, won’t be returning to voice the character in the movie Lightyear. So, to avoid a PR disaster, Tim Allen took things to Twitter to confirm that he would be coming in Toy Story 5 to say Infinity and Beyond. He mentions how excited he is to reunite with Woody, indicating that Tom Hanks will also be returning. 

Since one of the two stars has confirmed their return, we can probably expect Andy’s/Bonnie’s other toys to come back. The toys include:

  • Jessie, Rex, and Bullseye – Wallace Shawn
  • Slinky Dog – Blake Clark
  • Hamm – John Ratzenberger 
  • Mr Pricklepants – Timothy Dalton 
  • Trixie – Kristen Schaal
  • Buttercup – Jeff Garlin 
  • Dolly – Bonnie Hunt 
  • Forky – Tony Hale 

Sadly, our very own Mr. and Mrs Potato Head won’t be returning as Estelle Harris and Don Rickles have both passed away. Other owner-less toys that joined Bo Peep and Woody include:

  • Giggle McDimples – Ally Maki 
  • Bunny – Jordan Peele 
  • Ducky – Keegan Michael Key
  • Duke Kaboom – Keanu Reeves 

Toy Story 5 Plot Possibilities

Although Toy Story 5 seems like it’s being made just for financial reasons, you never know with Pixar. They can cook up a fantastic yet sentimental story to justify the sequel. A possible storyline for the movie could be a follow-up of Buzz and the other toys owned by Bonnie as they go on a new adventure, and Woody could appear where Buzz takes his advice and works with him to make things more exciting or to escape some evil toy or to transfer from one place to another. The movie’s first half could be about Woody and his lost toys navigating their lives as free toys and the story of Buzz and Bonnie’s other toys. 

However, there’s another possibility: the return of Lotso or Sid, a mad toy discoverer who reveals to the world the secret of how toys are alive and can talk. He can hold these toys in his underground lab and prove how each of them usually converses and moves about freely, too. 

Recap: The Story Of Toy Story From 1999-2019

Recap: The Story Of Toy Story From 1999-2019

The story is about Andy, played by John Morris, who has a massive toy collection that he really loves, and they love him too. Starting with Woody, a popular toy during Andy’s childhood, things did change when Buzz Lightyear came to the toy shops. Woody became very jealous of Buzz, who thinks of himself as a real space ranger. But things get tricky when both end up with Sid, played by Erik Von Detten. While living in the room of the demented child, Woody and Buzz need to let go of their differences and find their way back home to Andy. 

Meanwhile, in Toy Story 2, Woody suffers from an injury and cannot play with Andy. Moreover, he also gets stolen by the owner of Al’s Toy Barn. But it turns out Woody is a rare toy and quite valuable and part of a set comprising Jessie the Cowgirl, Stinky Pete the Prospector, and Bullseye the noble steed. Buzz and some of Andy’s other toys all set out on a search hunt for Woody so they can bring him back home. But when they’re doing it, Stinky Pete attempts to stop them, but they are still successful. Together, they bring Woody and welcome Bullseye and Jessie to their toy family. 

Set a decade later is Toy Story 3, where Andy turns eighteen years old and is set to go to college. After turning older, like every kid, Andy stopped playing with his toys and gave them away. Some of them accidentally get donated to the daycare nearby. Andy’s toys have never gotten out, but this time, they end up meeting an unfriendly bear named Lotto. However, the Sunnyside Daycare isn’t as sunny and happy as it seems. Lotso is a controller and forces the toys to do as he says. Woody, Buzz Lightyear, and the toy gang make an effort to run from Lotso and the daycare and end up having a bittersweet ending as they are given to a new worthy kid, Bonnie. 

Then come’s Toy Story 4, as the toys go on a road trip with Bonnie and her family. Luckily, Woody reunites with Little Bo Peep, who has been living as a free toy, and explores the world outside a kid’s room. Woody now has to make a decision for himself: does he want to be available for a kid until they leave him, or does he want to spend the rest of his life with the toy he fell in love with? Woody chooses the latter and wants to live a free life, making him say goodbye to the rest of his toy friends. 

A Blend of Strategy with Nostalgia

Disney needs franchises to assist it in rebuilding their image, and PIXAR is the best way to kickstart this strategy. Hence, the new CEO, Bob Iger, laid down the plan for 2023 and the vision for earnings for the stock market. The movie was announced, showing that Disney has high hopes for the PIXAR projects. Since the discussion was primarily about numbers, there wasn’t much discussion on creatives. 

PIXAR has gone through problems of its own, where there have been ups and downs with the release of low-rated movies and some classics that did perform very well. However, PIXAR suffered because of the lack of support from their studio. So, multiple films were released and streamed without forming a market perspective. The PIXAR strategy is to involve brands, returning to old ones and involving new ones. Projects like Toy Story 5 and Inside Out 2 will serve the purpose of working with safer and already-known movies. A spectacular story might be spinning, but its release could be part of the long-term plan. 

Bottom Line

If you have been a fan of the Toy Story franchise, it’s time you rejoice for the upcoming sequel on the way. We have provided you with a confirmation of release and the possibility of the plot being similar to the one we told you about. As fans, all of us cannot wait to see the adventures of Bonnie’s toys and how they will pave their way through without the presence of Woody. 

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