How to File a DUI Accident Claim

How to File a DUI Accident Claim

Drunk driving is common in Las Vegas and many other parts of the globe. It poses multiple risks to the driver, passengers and other road users. Sadly, it still happens, which is why DUI cases attract hefty fines and penalties. If you have incurred injuries due to the negligence of a drunk driver, you can file a claim to seek compensation for the damages. However, you need help from a skilled attorney to follow the right procedure.

 Here are tips for filing a DUI accident claim:

1. Consult an attorney

 DUI cases are complex, and you have a lower likelihood of succeeding in the case without professional help. Hiring an attorney is the best decision that you can make, engage one with adequate experience handling DUI accident cases. The professional will inform you of your rights, examine your eligibility and guide you in every step.

2. Don’t hesitate to seek medical help

Don’t hesitate to seek medical help

 Superficial injuries can be costly if you don’t seek prompt medical attention. Therefore, get examined by a doctor immediately and get proper records from the doctor’s office. The team from the Ladah Law Firm advises clients to keep all medical statements and receipts since they will need the during negotiation. 

3. Maintain proper documentation 

 DUI cases involve lots of paperwork, and proper documentation is a hack that many accident victims don’t get right. Record the vehicle’s number plate and the insurance company number at the scene of the accident. Also, take the driver’s contacts and name if possible. Share this with your attorney and include all documents from the doctor. Your lawyer will find it easy to fight for your rights with all the essential documents.

4. File a claim immediately 

File a claim immediately

 Every state has a statute of limitations; this limits the time you can take to file a DUI compensation claim following an accident. If you fail to do this within the stipulated time frame, you risk losing your compensation rights no matter type of injury.

 Therefore, discuss this with your attorney, who will guide you to file the claim as soon as possible. Again, it’s hard to get evidence when you take long to file a claim. For instance, the witnesses may change contacts and residence, making it hard to handle your case. 

Is it worth it to hire an attorney?

 A DUI lawyer plays a critical role in any DUI accident case. Even when you suffer serious injuries, you may not get the proper compensation without legal guidance. An attorney understands your rights and will fight for you from a legal point of view. They also know the different types of injuries and the kind of compensation deserved. Therefore, your attorney will negotiate the best settlement to suit your damages. 

Final thoughts

 An attorney plays a critical role in DUI accident cases. The professional will handle most of the work, giving you ample recovery time. Also, they will negotiate the best offer possible, and you’ll likely get the most suitable settlement to cater to your medical bills and loss of income. Hire an experienced DUI attorney with vast experience handling such cases.

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