How to Factory Reset a Macbook - Start from scratch on your MacBook Air or MacBook

How to Factory Reset a Macbook – Start from scratch on your MacBook Air or MacBook

There are so many reasons you’d want to reset your Macbook, one of them being upgrading from an old device to a new one. So before the selling procedure begins, the first step is resetting your Macbook to factory settings.

This is an essential step because it allows you to protect your data and is a precautionary measure to safeguard your private information. It’s also an initial step that must be taken to prep your Mac for a new owner. Or, in some cases, for yourself, too! 

So the question is how to factory reset a Macbook and what the necessary steps are that must be taken to ensure a seamless process. We have listed all the information you need to reset your devices, so keep scrolling until the end and then begin resetting your Macbooks!

Steps to Take Before Factory Resetting Your Macbook

Steps to Take Before Factory Resetting Your Macbook

As someone who’s about to reset their Macbook, it’s important you follow a few measures to avoid the loss of your personal information and data. So here are a few steps that you need to take prior to resetting your Macbook:

Back Up Your Data

One of the most important steps is backing up all the data on your Macbook. Before resetting or deleting, we recommend you go through each file on the Macbook, such as photos, important videos, documents, and even music, to check what you want to keep. Transfer the backed-up data to your files or save it on iCloud by backing everything up. If you have a package or a decided plan for extra storage, then it’ll be perfect and smoothly store your data. 

Sign Out From All Accounts

Before resetting or giving away your laptops, it’s important to sign out of all the accounts. While most accounts are signed out after resetting, it’s still essential to cross-check if there’s any password or login information saved on the hard drive of your Macbook to avoid losing your personal data. 

Disable Find My Feature

Find My is one of the most essential features provided by Apple, which allows you to use GPS technology to track any of your Apple devices nearby. If it is enabled on your Mac,  it’s crucial you disable it before you reset your devices. Here’s how you can disable the Find My feature:

  1. Open the System Preferences on your  Macbook devices. 
  2. Now click on your Apple ID and then choose the iCloud. 
  3. Now tap on the box to uncheck; this is next to the Find My Mac feature. 
  4. And you’re done disabling it!

Create Installation File

If you plan to shift from your old Mac to the latest version, you can boot up a USB and add a duplicate of your macOS installation file. This allows you to get your new Mac working quickly. The best way to do this is by saving it on a USB drive. 

Learn How to Reset Mac Through Our Step-By-Step Guide

Learn How to Reset Mac Through Our Step-By-Step Guide

There are multiple reasons as to why you’d want to factory reset a Macbook. So here’s a quick way to get rid of all the data on your Macs now:

Erase All Content and Settings

Resetting a Macbook is quite simple, and the Erase All Content and Settings will assist you in proceeding. 

  1. All you need to do is open the Apple Menu by selecting the small apple sign that you will see on the left corner of your screen. 
  2. Search for the General button in the Macbook sidebar, then scroll until you see the Reset or Transfer button.
  3.  After tapping the button, a message will appear with a button that says Erase All Content and Settings; tap on it. 

Use Credentials and Finalise Your Choice

After choosing the erasing option, you will proceed further by logging in to your account.

  1. Add your login credentials and then tap OK. 
  2. A prompt appears asking you to back up your Macbook. This allows users to back up to an external storage device or proceed without backing up. 
  3. Click on Continue to proceed further, which will remove your media, data, and even your settings. 
  4. A prompt appears asking you to log out of your device; this is a good choice, especially if you want to sell your MacBook

Erase and Restart

For those who are willing to sell it and finally ready for the Reset can follow the instructions below:

  1. Click on Erase All Content and Settings, which will be the final prompt. 
  2. Your Mac will then restart, and your screens will go black. 
  3. This means your device will forget Wifi passwords and Bluetooth devices, which you need to pair with later if you plan to keep them. 


  1. How do I reset my Mac to factory settings at startup?

To reset your Mac, select the Apple menu and restart; while doing this, hold Command and R. A recovery window appears; tap the Disk Utility option, and then continue. In the Disk Utility menu, choose the volume you’d like to remove from your sidebar and then click on the Erase in the toolbar that appears. 

  1. What buttons do I press to factory Reset my Macbook?

Open your Mac and then instantly press and hold the following four keys simultaneously. The Option, Command, P, and R keys for 20 seconds. After releasing it, your Macbook will restart. You can now adjust any settings that were reset. 

  1. How do I factory reset an older Macbook?

Factory resetting an old Mac is easy if you remember your login credentials. Using the information, you can sign out of your accounts and then Erase All Content and Settings on your Mac to proceed with the resetting process. Your Mac will restart and then get rid of all the data. 

Bottom Line

Use the information we have provided to reset your Macbooks successfully. Make sure to follow the necessary steps prior to resetting to ensure a smooth and steady procedure. Your data is personal and vital, so it’s always a good idea to back it up or save it on a USB drive before giving away your Macbooks. After resetting, go through the device once, and it’s ready to sell! 

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