Blooket Login Made Easy: A Step-by-Step Guide For Teachers And Students

Blooket Login Made Easy – A Step-by-Step Guide For Teachers And Students 

You can think of “Blooket Join” as an exclusive invitation to an awesomely enjoyable online learning space where you can participate in a variety of educationally oriented games and quizzes.

In the modern landscape of education, technology has ushered in a plethora of new opportunities for making learning more engaging and participatory. Because it makes education seem more like a game, teachers and students enjoy visiting Blooket. This is one of the reasons why Blooket is so popular. 

In this tutorial, we will act as your guide and take you step by step through the entire process of Blooket login. In addition, we will provide you with helpful hints and suggestions to ensure that your experience is as smooth as possible. We have you covered regardless of whether you are a first-time user looking to register an account or an experienced user looking for answers to frequently asked login Blooket questions. Let’s get started on this adventure together so we can open the entryways to the enthralling world of educational opportunities offered by Blooket .com, shall we? 

What Is The Purpose Of Blooket?

The gaming platform known as Blooket offers a variety of educationally oriented video games to its users. The procedure of login has been something that teachers have been studying in order to teach their kids by having them participate in educational games.

The majority of the games that can be played on Blooket center on quizzes involving various skillful activities. Blooket games are constructed in such a way as to include a variety of questions on each move. In order to advance through the levels of the games, you must provide correct answers to all the questions.

Because you can Blooket.login through the website, it is possible to use it on any browser as long as you have an internet connection. As a result, you are able to login to Blooket from the following devices:

  • Computers and laptops (Windows, Mac)
  • Tablets (Android, iPads)
  • Smartphones (Android, iPhone)

So, as long as the student possesses one of these devices having internet connectivity, they are able to access Blooket from either the classroom or from their own homes.

There are a variety of games available on Blooket, each of which is intended to liven up the learning process. You have complete freedom as a teacher to select any game and include your own questions and answer sheet alongside it. Because of this, not only will it be fun for the kids, but it will also be simple for the teachers.

How Does Blooket Work?

Blooket is easy to understand despite its sophistication. Teachers have the option of creating their games from scratch or using premade games that cover a wide range of topics. Students participate in the activities, answer questions, and compete with one another to see who can rack up the most points. It’s set up in a way similar to a competition, which amps up the excitement level of the experience.

Advantages Of Using Blooket In The Classroom

Enhanced Engagement: Blooket’s gamified learning technique makes classroom sessions more engaging and pleasant for pupils. Learning is transformed into a pleasurable experience, grabbing students’ attention and pushing them to participate actively.

Interactive Learning: Blooket supports active participation in interactive learning. Students do not simply take information passively; they actively respond to questions, solve issues, and engage with classmates, resulting in a greater comprehension of the content.

Assessment and Feedback: Blooket can be used by educators as an assessment tool to test pupils’ comprehension in real time. This instant feedback allows teachers to modify their teaching tactics, addressing any areas of uncertainty or need.

Competition and Motivation: Blooket provides an aspect of healthy rivalry in the classroom, which motivates students. Whether pupils compete individually or in groups, the desire to perform and win prizes can potentiate learning.

Customization: Educators can design customized Blooket games based on their curriculum and learning objectives. This personalization guarantees that the content is exactly what pupils need to study.

Variety of Learning Styles: Blooket provides a variety of learning formats, including quizzes, flashcards, and more. This variation keeps the learning experience exciting and caters to various learning styles and interests.

Accessibility: Blooket is available on various devices, making it appropriate for both in-class and remote learning contexts. This accessibility ensures that students may use the platform regardless of where they are.

Data-Driven Insights: Blooket’s data-driven insights into student achievement are invaluable. Teachers can use this information to spot trends, track progress, and make educated decisions about their teaching techniques.

Collaboration: Certain Blooket game styles encourage student collaboration. This encourages teamwork, communication skills, and peer-to-peer learning, all essential life skills.

Training for the Real World: Blooket’s collaborative and competitive features simulate real-world scenarios, assisting students in developing critical skills for future success.

Blooket’s combination of gamification, customization, feedback, and adaptability makes it an invaluable teaching resource in today’s classrooms. It not only improves the learning experience but also provides students with important skills and knowledge while keeping them involved and motivated.

Logging Into Blooket: Step-By-Step Walkthrough For Students

You must first become familiar with the process of logging into Blooket if you want to become a member of Blooket and participate in its games as a student. Instead of participating in team-building activities outside the classroom, you might play Blooket instead! This is a straightforward process that doesn’t require a lot of your time. All that is required of you is to continue in the order listed below.

Making Your Student Account

Making Your Student Account

The first thing you need to do is sign up for a student account with Blooket, which will provide you access to the Blooket login page. The following are the steps that need to be taken:

  1. To begin, you should go to the official website for Blooket. 
  2. If you already have a Google account, all you need to do is click the Login with Google button.
  3. You can also set up a Blooket account by selecting the Sign Up button that is located in the top right-hand corner of this page. To make a Blooket account, you will need your email address, as well as your account username and password, in this section. Tick the box next Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.  After you have completed all of these steps, you can click the Sign Up button. 
sign up
  1. You are going to get a verification email after signing up or connecting with your Google account. Check it out to finish the verification process.
  2. After you’ve confirmed your account, you’ll be taken to a new page. To proceed, click Get Started here.
After you've confirmed your account, you'll be taken to a new page. To proceed, click Get Started here.
  1. After you sign up, a pop-up is going to show up, asking you if you are a student or a teacher.
After you sign up, a pop-up is going to show up, asking you if you are a student or a teacher.
  1. Select the Student option, and you’re done.
  2. Take the tour to learn how the platform works.
  3. You may either create new sets by clicking the “Create sets” button or look for existing ones by selecting the “Discover sets” button.

You can additionally click on “getting started” for more information.

After you’ve finished your Blooket sign up, it’s time for you to begin playing the game that your teacher recommended. You can find a variety of games to play on the Blooket Dashboard, as well as check which of your classmates and friends are online. 

How Do You Find Blooket Sets?

  1. Select the Discover Sets option from the dashboard.
  2. A new window with different game options emerges.
A new window with different game options emerges.
  1. You may also search for a certain game by entering it in the “Search for a set” bar.
  2. Select a game and then begin answering the questions.
  3. After you’ve provided your answers, double-check them by tapping on the “show answers” options.

How To Create A Blooket Set?

  1. Select the “create a set” option from the drop-down menu if you wish to make a set.
Select the "create a set" option from the drop-down menu if you wish to make a set
  1. The new window that comes up will look like this:
The new window that comes up will look like this:
  1. You need to upload the cover photos, give the game a title, and fill out the description box with information about the game.
  2. In the next phase, you will be tasked with entering the questions.
  3. You have the option of entering them manually or importing them directly.
  4. To finish, select the Create tab by clicking on it.

Joining A Game On Blooket: Using A Game Code

You will immediately be taken to the dashboard after successfully logging into Blooket using your student details. You may discover a list of the various game types and categories, such as “Classic” and “Fill in the Blanks,” on the dashboard. You have the option of selecting one of these games.

If your instructor assigned you the task of playing some particular game, they should also have given you a Blooket play code. Rather than searching for the games yourself, here is what you have to do now:

  1. Find a box that reads Game ID. To access the game, all you need to do is input the Blooket code that was provided to you in the box.
  2. Click the Join Game button once you can see the game on the screen, and you’ll have access to it.

How To Earn Points To Level Up In Game On Blooket?

If you want to level up in the Blooket game as well as gain more points, then you need to do the following: 

  • Correctly answer all of the questions that are asked.
  • Power-ups make earning points easier by power-ups.
  • Every time you level up, you will have access to a new set of abilities and characters.

Logging Into Blooket: Step-By-Step Walkthrough For Teachers

The procedure of logging into Blooket as a teacher is comparable, albeit with a few additional turns and twists. In order for Blooket to host any educational content in the format of games, you, as a teacher, are required to pay a fee. Following your successful Blooket/login, access the dashboard to take the following actions:

1. Decide Your Questions

To begin, you will need to choose your questions. There is only one correct response to each of these questions. However, you are welcome to offer a choice between several possible answers (particularly for MCQ-style questions). In order to accomplish this, go to the dashboard and select the Blooket Converter tool.

2. Pick A Blooket Game Model

After you have prepared your questions and answers, the next step is to decide the game model you want to use. Your question set can be supported by any one of the many different kinds of games that are available to pick from. If you select one, it will instantly transform your question set and add it to the game.

In addition to that, Blooket frequently offers limited-time events and unique game modes throughout the year. Keep a sharp lookout for those teachers!

3. Host And Join Your Blooket Game

It is recommended that you keep the game running on the screen of your classroom or, if you are teaching online classes, on the screen of your computer. After you have built the question set and decided on the game type, proceed to the next step by selecting the Host Game option from the drop-down menu. This will generate a Blooket Game ID for you, which you will need to hand out to each of your pupils before they can join the game.

4. Check Answers

Your only remaining job as a teacher is to evaluate the accuracy of the responses provided by your pupils. As the students respond to the questions, they will appear for every student automatically.

What Does Blooket Offer to Play?

There is a diverse selection of games available to play on Blooket. The following are some fun game modes:

  • Tower Defense: This is a fun challenge because it combines questions with different strategies.
  • Blooket Board: It’s just like a conventional board game but with questions instead of pieces.
  • Jumble: The key to success in this one is unscrambling the words.
  • Fish Tank: You can earn fish by correctly answering questions.
  • Match Game: A type of memory game in which players try to pair up items.
  • Trivia: Traditional questions used in quizzes evaluate a person’s knowledge of various topics.

Why Is Blooket Suitable For The Classroom?

Why Is Blooket Suitable For The Classroom?

Implementing Blooket in the classroom results in many positive outcomes for both the instructors and the pupils. Teachers find Blooket useful for a number of reasons, including the following:

Engagement: The game Blooket is meant to be played in a way that is both fun and participatory. Students are more likely to pay attention to and enjoy their educational experience when content is presented in a format that mimics a game.

Active Learning: Students are required to actively participate in activities and quizzes as part of their education when using Blooket. They are not simply sitting there and taking in the information; instead, they are participating in the discussion by responding to the questions posed and interacting with the material.

Assessment: Easy assessment is possible through the use of Blooket, which allows teachers to evaluate the students’ knowledge and development. It gives teachers immediate feedback on to what extent their students understand the topic, enabling them to better customize their classes to the needs of their students.

Competition: Blooket injects a healthy dose of healthy competition into the learning environment. Students can compete against one another individually or as part of a team, which encourages a spirit of healthy competition among them and pushes them to do their best.

Personalization: Instructors are able to design their Blooket games and modify existing ones to meet the requirements of their individual curricula and educational goals. Because of the high level of customization, students can have a more individualized educational experience.

Versatility: There are many other game modes available on Blooket, including quizzes, flashcards, and other options. This variation prevents tedium in the classroom by keeping lessons interesting and up-to-date at all times.

Accessibility: Because Blooket can be used on a variety of different devices, it is an adaptable platform that can be used for learning either in-person or remotely. Because of this accessibility, it is guaranteed that students can interact with the platform despite the setting in which they are learning.

Data Insights: Blooket is a tool that educators may use to collect data about the performance of their students. These statistics can assist educators in making judgments about instruction and identify parts of the curriculum in which students may be having difficulty.

Cooperation: Collaboration is fostered in a few of the Blooket game modes by offering players the opportunity to work together. This helps to build class teamwork and communication skills, both of which are useful in educational settings and the real world.

Motivation: The gamified aspect of Blooket has the potential to increase students’ motivation to learn. When learning is presented in a game, students may be more motivated to engage and put in additional effort.

Blooket is a flexible tool that has the potential to make education more engaging, participatory, and fruitful for its participants. Because of its gamification features, customizable settings, and data insights, it has the potential to dramatically improve the experience of being in the classroom for both the instructor and the students.

Improve Student Engagement Through Blooket’s Features

After you have successfully built a game and signed into your Blooket account, it is time to explore the many exciting options that Blooket has to offer in order to fascinate your class. Here are some innovative approaches you can take to inject more fun into the game of Blooket:

Power-Ups: Blooket features a variety of power-ups that students can use to their advantage when answering questions and racking up additional points. You can configure these power-ups to occur randomly during the game or just after the students have responded to a predetermined number of questions correctly.

Avatars: Students have the option to select an avatar to act as a representation of themselves in the game. They may even add a touch of their personality to their games by customizing their avatars by dressing them in different clothes and accessorizing them with other items.

Backgrounds: Selecting a background for the game allows you to “set the stage” for the action. Blooket provides its users a wide selection of exciting backgrounds, ranging from scary haunted houses to exciting space adventures.

Themes for the Classroom: You can adapt your game of Blooket to fit the theme of your classroom. For instance, if you were giving a class on science, you could choose to play a game with a science-related topic in order to make the learning experience more immersive.

Music: Blooket allows you to choose from a wide variety of songs to play in the background of your game. You have the ability to select unique tunes for different game sections, such as question rounds or skill tasks, which contributes to an overall more engaging ambiance.

Bonus Rounds: To add a little excitement to the process, Blooket includes bonus rounds, during which students have the opportunity to earn additional points. For instance, one of the bonus rounds could involve the students competing against one another to click on the right answer. This would bring a sense of excitement to the game.

As you now know, Blooket has a variety of fun features that can help keep your students interested in the material they are learning and motivated to do so. You may provide your students with an engaging and exhilarating educational experience by including these aspects in your Blooket game. This will help with making the learning process more enjoyable.

Using Blooket’s Data For Student Progress Analysis

Using Blooket's Data For Student Progress Analysis

The data analysis provided by Blooket is a helpful tool that educators can utilize to better understand their students’ performance. Blooket allows access to a wealth of material that may be applied to furthering education and improving instructional strategies.

One of the most significant advantages is the ability to monitor the performance of individual students and the entire class in real-time. The teachers are able to track the growth of each student and identify the student’s areas of expertise as well as potential trouble spots. 

With this level of specificity, teachers are able to customize their lessons to meet the unique requirements of each student. This may involve providing a little bit of additional assistance to less experienced students or pushing the boundaries of more experienced students.

The data that Blooket collects can potentially reveal variations and patterns in the performance of pupils over time. By looking at these historical data, educators may discover areas of their curricular and instructional practices with room for development and improvement. If a significant number of students persistently have trouble grasping a particular concept, this may be an indication that an alternative instructional approach or additional resources are required.

In addition, the data analysis provided by Blooket offers a more in-depth appreciation of the participation of students. The level of student involvement, the results of quizzes, and the amount of time spent using the platform may all be monitored by teachers. Using this information, it will be possible to identify the students who could use additional motivation to get involved more actively in the activities that take place in the classroom.

The data provided by Blooket can also be used to analyze the effectiveness of the questions and content provided by the platform. The teachers can enhance future tests and exercises by determining which questions are incredibly challenging or fascinating for their students and using that information to improve the quizzes and activities.

Examining student growth data provided by Blooket is extremely helpful for teachers. It allows educators to adapt their teaching strategies and offer immediate feedback on their students’ progress. Lastly, utilizing these data can make the educational experience more individualized and conducive to the achievement of all students.

How to Invite Friends to Join Blooket?

One of the fantastic features of Blooket is that you may play the game with your friends by inviting them to Blookit join you. You will need to send an invitation to each of your classmates and friends before you can connect with them on Blooket. Follow the steps given below:

  1. Click the Connect Them button on the dashboard.
  2. Choose the invite option from the options.
  3. Your friends will receive an invitation through email.
  4. Wait until your pals accept the invitation.
  5. As soon as the request to include them in the game is accepted, they will participate.

Learning may be an even more enjoyable and thrilling experience when done with friends.

Tips & Tricks for Joining Blooket

The game of Blooket may be a fantastic hoot to play! To guarantee that you and your fellow students have a wonderful time, below are some suggestions that will make your experience on Blooket even more enjoyable:

Reliable Connection to the Internet: In order to play Blooket without interruption, you will need a connection to the Internet that is reliable. If you need assistance, ask your instructor or one of your parents.

Setting Up A Game in Advance: Before starting the game, arrange the Blooket game so that play can begin immediately. Your instructor can assist with this phase to ensure everything goes off without a hitch.

Select the Correct Game Mode: Blooket provides a number of different game modes; therefore, it is essential to choose the one that is most appropriate for your classroom and the subject matter you are teaching. Check that it fits in with your long-term educational plans.

Names and Avatars for Additional Fun: When you create Blooket account, you can increase your fun by giving yourself a witty title and selecting an amusing avatar. You may also modify your avatar so that it looks like you, providing a more personal touch to the experience.

Encourage Participation: Everything in Blooket is at its most fun when all players get involved in the action. It would be best if you persuaded your peers to take part in the activity and offer assistance to one another as they go.

Celebrate Even the Small Wins: It’s important to celebrate the little wins along the way, such as when you correctly answer a question or make progress in the game. Recognizing even these relatively insignificant victories helps keep everyone engaged and thrilled to keep playing.

Breaks are Necessary: Blooket is fun, but you need to pay attention to your body and take breaks when you need them. Tell your teacher if you feel the need for a break. When it’s necessary, they’ll assist you in getting some rest.

You, along with your classmates, will be able to enjoy a successful and entertaining session of Blooket if you and they follow these guidelines. Have a wonderful time while you are playing!

Keep A Look For Blooket Codes

Keep A Look For Blooket Codes

Occasionally, Blooket distributes unique codes that can be redeemed for rewards and bonuses. These codes are available on the Blooket site, as well as on social media and in emails sent out by the company. Keep a lookout for them so that you can enhance the overall quality of your Blooket experience.

Blooket Power-Ups Currently Available

In Blooket games, power-ups are an essential component of the gameplay. The following are examples of blooket power-ups:

  • Shields: These provide defense against attacks from other players.
  • Additional Lives: Extra lives are a helpful tool that keeps you in the game.
  • Bombs: You can hinder the efforts of other players to respond accurately to questions by using the Bomb.

How Much Does Blooket Cost?

Do you like playing Blooket and find yourself curious about the additional features and the prices associated with them? Dive in with some gusto!

The monthly fee for Blooket Plus is $2.99, and the annual fee is $35.88. There is also the option of using Blooket Plus Flex, which costs $4.99 a month. This option allows you to pay on a monthly basis and cancel at any time.

What exactly do you get with the Blooket Plus or the Plus Flex plan? You get access to enhanced game reports, early event access, unique features, student bonus tokens, the chance to copy & duplicate difficult choices, and priority support. That’s an awe-inspiring array of great features, wouldn’t you say so?

However, if the simple edition of Blooket is sufficient for your needs, that’s quite OK as well! You can still participate in all the entertaining games and acquire new knowledge alongside your fellow students. You just need to make sure that you’ve got your Blooket Login credentials on hand, and you’ll be all set!

In summary, the Blooket Plus and the Blooket Flex may have a low price tag, but they come packed with some really useful functions. The most essential thing is that you have a fantastic time playing and learning with Blooket, regardless of whether you choose to upgrade to a paid edition or continue with the free version.

Fixing Common Blooket Errors

Fixing Common Blooket Errors

Sometimes, using Blooket, you could run into frequent problems that basic troubleshooting steps can fix. The following is a tutorial that will help you overcome these common issues:

Forgotten Password: It is not a problem if you cannot log in because you have forgotten your password. You may easily reset your password by using the Blooket app. Simply follow the on-screen instructions after clicking the “Forgot Password” button on the login page, and you will be sent a new password reset procedure by email.

Locked Account: Your Blooket account may be locked for your own safety if you make many unsuccessful attempts to log in. You can choose to wait and then make another attempt to unlock it. You also have the option of contacting Blooket support in order to receive assistance.

Browser Compatibility Issues: If you are having problems with Blooket, you might try switching to a different web browser to determine if the Blooket issue still occurs. In general, most recent web browsers are compatible with Blooket rather well. It’s possible that clearing the cache and cookies in your browser will alleviate many of the problems you’re having with the site’s operation.

Glitches in Game: To resolve the issues, you’ll need to refresh the game page. Sometimes, simply refreshing the page will cure these issues. If the problem continues, get in touch with the support team for Blooket and provide as much information as you can.

Connection Issues: A sluggish internet connection can make it challenging to use Blooket. When using the platform, you need to ensure that you have a stable internet connection. Make the switch to Wi-Fi on your smartphone or tablet so that you can experience increased reliability.

Account Recovery: The support team can assist if you can’t find your Blooket account. If you can provide evidence of your identity, then you will be able to recover access to your account.

Compatibility Mode: If you are utilizing an older browser, you may need to switch on compatibility mode in order for Blooket to operate as intended. Check the settings of your browser to see if this option is available.

Keep in mind that the support team for Blooket is there to assist you with any questions or problems. If you have attempted to solve the issue but have been unable, you should contact them for more specific assistance. They are typically kind and eager to offer assistance to guests in navigating the platform.


When was Blooket first created?

Keith Wakeman and Jace Treat were the ones who initiated the production of Blooket in the year 2020. Since then, many instructors and students have found that they enjoy using it.

Does using Blooket cost anything?

There are no fees associated with using Blooket. You won’t be charged a dime to establish an account or to use the extensive library of games and other services. However, there is a possibility that there are premium features or upgrades that require additional payment; therefore, it is essential to check the platform regarding any premium services.

Is it possible to use my mobile device to play Blooket games?

The answer is yes; Blooket may be used on mobile devices. Through the mobile browser on your mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet, you have access to the platform and can play games.

Is it possible to make my own games on Blooket?

Yes, users have the ability to develop their games with Blooket. You are provided with a game design tool by the platform, which enables you to modify game forms, add questions, and customize the game’s components. You can make your games public for others to play or keep them private for your own use.

Is it possible to use Blooket for teaching purposes?

Blooket was developed with an educational purpose. It provides a large array of games that cover a number of topics and grade levels, making it an excellent tool for educators and students. Students can be engaged in a way that is both engaging and enjoyable through the usage of Blooket’s games, which help boost learning, review ideas, and more.

What steps must I take to join a Booklet live game?

You will require a Blooket game code that is supplied by the game host in order to participate in a live Blooket game. You will be able to take part in the live game alongside the other players if you simply enter the game code into the “Join” option located on your Blooket dashboard.

Is it possible to monitor both my progress and my performance on Blooket?

You can view specific information about your games, such as your scores, game history, as well as achievements, in the Reports part of your Blooket dashboard. Blooket does offer a reporting option that is referred to as “Stats.” Because of this, you will be able to monitor your learning journey, as well as track your progress and find areas for development.

Is Blooket appropriate for children of all ages?

Blooket caters to a wide range of ages, including children in elementary, middle, & high school, with its selection of games. The website presents users with a diverse selection of gaming alternatives, enabling them to locate games that are appropriate for their particular age group and current academic standing.

Why Should Students Use Blooket in School?

Using Blooket in school is beneficial since it makes education more enjoyable and assists teachers in evaluating students’ progress. It’s almost like having a superpower when it comes to studying!

Is Blooket a Helpful Learning Tool for School Children?

During our trial run, we taught a few pupils using the free edition of Blooket login, and we can confidently state that the games are enjoyable

Even if you do not have a lot of experience with technology, you should have no trouble installing and utilizing this tool in your classroom. In addition, the cost you incur to raise the level of interest and engagement among your pupils while you are teaching is not excessively high. Therefore, if you’re a teacher, you should consider giving this cutting-edge learning tool a shot!

How to Track Scoreboard and Stats Progress on Blooket?

Follow these steps to see your scoreboard and stats:

  • Choose the “My Stats” option from the menu when you pick the games tab on the dashboard.
  • You will be able to view your game history as well as your scores.

What Are The Key Advantages Of Blooket?

The students and the teachers can both benefit significantly from using Blooket. This is why:

For Teachers:

  • Learning Made More Enjoyable: This helps to make the learning experience more positive.
  • Personalization: Teachers are able to create their own games.
  • Assessment: This is important because it provides feedback to teachers on the progress of their students.
  • Motivation: Students are motivated to do better because of healthy competition.
  • Ease Of Use: Even teachers who aren’t particularly savvy when it comes to technology should have no trouble using this platform because it’s so straightforward.

For Students:

  • Learning Made More Fun: Learning is similar to playing games in many ways.
  • Competition: It’s always fun to see how you stack up against other people in a competition.
  • Immediate Feedback: You are given immediate feedback, in which you are informed of your performance.
  • Play Anywhere: You are able to play on a variety of devices wherever you are, including at home and school.
  • Teamwork: You can invite your friends to play as teamwork is required in some of the games that you play.

Closing Words 

In conclusion, Blooket is an incredible method for gaining knowledge while having a good time. If you are a student who is ready to study in a cool way or a teacher who is interested in making their classes more engaging, Blooket has something unique for you. 

To get the most out of your learning experience, please be sure to follow the instructions in this guide and explore the various games and features available. If you have any Blooket-related questions, please ask the team Reviewsed. Enjoy learning while playing games. 

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