12 Best GamePigeon Alternatives - Can You Play GamePigeon on Android

12 Best GamePigeon Alternatives – Can You Play GamePigeon on Android

Do you enjoy playing games on your Android mobile device, and are you interested in trying new games on your Android smartphone or tablet? Fortunately, you are in luck! The gaming platform known as Game Pigeon has been quite popular among iOS users, making it one of the most widely used gaming platforms. GamePigeon was first built solely for iOS, and it provides a wide variety of entertaining and addicting multiplayer games that can be played with your friends. However, what about those who use Android?

iMessage is an instant messaging app that is only available on iOS devices and not Android; it is only available to users of Macs, iOS, and iPads. The library of multiplayer games on GamePigeon can only be played over iMessage, which is currently only available on iOS devices.

There have been a lot of Android users who have been curious about the possibility of having iMessage on Android to play this well-liked game on their devices. Still, as of right now, GamePigeon is only available within Apple’s ecosystem.

Before we get into that, it is essential to have a solid understanding of the interoperability of GamePigeon with Android-based devices. Since GamePigeon is not currently available on the Google Play Store, installing it is a little bit more involved than it would normally be. In addition, the developers of the popular game software have not yet produced an Android version of the program.

Is it possible to access GamePigeon on Android?

Is Game Pigeon on Android? Since its arrival alongside iOS 10, the highly regarded gaming application GamePigeon, connected with Apple’s iMessage, has captured users and satisfied those who are passionate about Apple products. Users of Mac, iOS, and iPadOS are the only ones who can access GamePigeon, despite the fact that there is a significant desire for iMessage to be available on Android computers.

We regret to inform you that GamePigeon is currently not available for Android devices because the application was developed solely for the ecosystem of Apple products. Currently, there isn’t an official version of GamePigeon available for use on Android-based devices. Mac, iPhone, and iPad users are the only ones who can access the application because its developers have constrained it to operate inside the parameters of Apple’s platform.

As a result of this constraint, Android users cannot gain direct access to the exciting suite of games that GamePigeon provides through iMessage. The service is still only available on Apple’s products, even though there are persistent requests for an Android version.

GamePigeon Alternatives for Android Devices

If you are using an Android device and are curious about whether or not Pigeon Game is accessible for your smartphone, the answer is that it is not available. There are, however, a number of other gaming applications that you may try out, and they provide gameplay and features comparable to GamePigeon. Following are the top 12 GamePigeon alternatives:

  1. Plato
  2. HAGO
  3. Facebook
  4. Bunch
  5. TopTop-Online Mak-ha
  6. Rento
  7. Yubo
  8. BattleText
  9. Tiya
  10. Partying
  11. Sociable
  12. Poko

1. Plato 


Plato – Games & Group Chats platform is a private chat room that allows gamers to communicate with one another on a regular basis. Plato is used by millions of individuals all around the world to have fun and meet new people. The chat app offers more than thirty different group games, and almost a million people use it. The application includes more than thirty different multiplayer games, including Table Soccer, Pool, Werewolf, Ocho, Bankroll, Mini Golf, and many more.

The remainder of the games consist of puzzles as well as simple games in which the players can draw together, participate in puzzle solving, and have a good time. The user is not required to provide an email address or cell phone number in order to use the social network effectively. We love that one-on-one conversations are not saved on the application servers, which makes the app more safe and enjoyable.

2. HAGO 


HAGO, which stands for “Hangout Virtually: Game, Chat, Live,” is a social communication platform developed for Android by Hago Games. It facilitates communication among players. The application allows the user to amuse themselves by engaging in one-on-one chatting, group chat games, or group video games. More than one hundred games are available for free play on Hago. Many different kinds of games are available for the user’s entertainment, including MMO, Strategy, Trivia, Puzzle, Quiz, and more that provide solo or multiplayer gameplay options.

Using either public or private chat rooms, the social app allows the user to discover across the globe. Construct information from teams, invite people to join you for online hangouts, and play a number of games. The user has the ability to participate in both voice and video chats with other users. A quick game match feature is also included in the profile options of the program, which helps the user in making new online friendships.

3. Facebook


It is unlikely that anyone would be surprised by seeing Facebook on this list. One of the most widely used social media platforms now available is Facebook. Under the same name, it operates many other social media platforms. However, why is it placed on this list?

The reason for this is straightforward: Facebook offers a messenger application that can be downloaded on your mobile device and is compatible with all operating systems.

Messenger is also able to run games that are accessible through Facebook. It is now possible to have talks with your friends on the social network while simultaneously defeating them in the game. This opens up a lot of possibilities.

Furthermore, it is always a good time when you can defeat your friends and then have the opportunity to brag about it in front of them. Both of these things are made available to you via Facebook, and in today’s world, it is pretty unlikely that there is a single individual who does not have a Facebook account.

Therefore, you would not be required to undertake the task of persuading anyone to download and install the application. When they check their mobile phone, they will most probably find the messenger app already installed in their phones.

4. Bunch 


The program Bunch allows you and your pals to engage in gaming while you are on a video conversation. If you want to hang out with your friends while playing any game on your phone, you can enjoy endless hours of group gaming with your friends on Bunch. 

Bunch is one of a kind because of its impressive features. In addition to that, Bunch includes a large number of games that are pretty interesting to play. Flappy Birds, Mars Dash, and Trivia are just a few of the entertaining and engaging games that are included in this app. 

You can immediately begin playing these games for free with your pals. We love that they are constantly introducing new games to the application. Bunch has received a rating of 4.3 in the Apple App Store and 4.2 on the Google Play Store.

5. TopTop-Online Mak-ha

TopTop-Online Mak-ha

The TopTop-Online Mak-ha is a social networking site that allows gamers to communicate with one another and maintain online connections. Players can join a random room within the app to meet people they have never met or are familiar with. In a private area, the user can participate in various social games, including Ludo, Uno, Dominoes, and many others.

There are also public chat rooms available, which are populated by individuals from all around the countries, mainly from the Arab world. The players are able to make voice or text chats in the rooms while they are playing games.

As a result of these easy to use game rooms, TopTop-Online Mak-ha has become the friendship foundation of more than fifty thousand Arabs. Simply establish a room and use voice chats to communicate with one another, regardless of whether you are using it for a group of friends or family members.

6. Rento 


Rento – Dice Board Game Online is a video game that was produced by LAN GAMES for both Android and iOS. It is a Board game that supports Single-player and Multiplayer gameplay. Throughout the game, the player is required to participate in a dice adventure in which both strategy and luck play significant roles. Individual and multiplayer experiences, each with unique gameplay, are available in this game.

While playing the game, the player has the ability to construct houses, exchange lands, and earn achievements based on the completion of challenges. There is nothing complicated about the game; all the player has to do is spin a wheel of fortune and wait for the game to be over. 

More than two players and up to six players can compete against one another in the multiplayer mode, each employing a unique strategy. The player can compete against other players from across the world in a game known as “versus mode I.”

7. Yubo 


Yubo is a social networking application offered in France that is aimed at young adults and teenagers. It provides users with the opportunity to interact with other people and play games together. With Yubo you can form lasting Friendships while live streaming and enjoying online gaming with users from across the globe. 

You can enjoy a live video chat with as many as ten friends, and you can even invite new Yubo users to participate in your live video group chats. The chat function is also accessible during live video streaming chats. With the engaging features of Yubo, you are able to keep in touch with existing friends and make new ones. 

In addition, the functionality known as “Swipe” enables you to locate folks from all around the world who share your interests. Many other groups cover a wide range of topics, such as movies, songs, and anime, where you can connect with people with the same interests as you but in different ways.

“YouTube Stream,” which allows you to watch videos directly from YouTube, and “Lenses,” which will enable you to capture images with various filters, are two of the most recent innovations the app has introduced. Furthermore, Yubo provides you with benefits if you invite friends on other social media applications, such as Snapchat.

8. BattleText


BattleText is a friends’ chat gaming app produced by Random Logic Games. It is a Simulation video gaming app that a single player or several players can play. The player has the option to improve his memory as well as vocabulary throughout the games by completing paragraphs by entering the correct words in various paragraphs. BattleText offers a both exciting and information gaming playform. By practicing typing more swiftly, the player can learn to text quicker than his pals and improve his typing speed.

The player has the opportunity to compete in the game’s world championship and engage in live head-to-head competitions with other players from all over the world. BattleText challenges the player to think of longer words that combine a more significant number of characters and to type those words more quickly than their opponent. At first glance, the game appears relatively straightforward; however, it has helped thousands of gamers in improving their skills and vocabulary.

9. Tiya 


If GamePigeon not working on android, you can virtually hang out with friends or strangers who share similar interests through the Tiya app, an audio social networking platform. You can build chat groups, both private and public, on any subject, including music, movies, and professional sports.

When you have Tiya, sharing happy experiences with your pals is simple. You can establish rooms where you may watch videos from TikTok, YouTube, and Netflix together and discuss the topic of those videos simultaneously.

In conclusion, Tiya comprises thousands of communities and groups covering a wide range of topics, each of which is populated by fascinating individuals from all over the world. If you cannot locate one that tickles your fancy, you may easily make one and invite other people to join you.

10. Partying 


You can play games, talk with your favorite group, and send them text messages on Partying, it is a platform similar to other social media platforms. Aside from the fact that you can meet new people on a regular basis, you can also spend time with friends while having fun on a daily basis.

Because of Partying, virtual parties are now more easily accessible and enjoyable for long-distance friends. You only need one click to get started with your virtual parties, and you may gain endorsements in live voice chatting, playing social games, plus a wide variety of other activities that are full of fun.

You can join groups in order to meet others who have interests similar to yours, such as anime, relationships, music, food, as well as movies. The Partying platform offers a variety of exciting multiplayer games, including Ludo and Carrom, amongst others.

11. Sociable 


The social platform Sociable allows users to meet individuals close to them or from a great distance away, as well as text, chat, send images and videos, or video call them. Invitations to play games that are offered within the app are a great way to break the ice with your new Sociable friends.

Wordy, BattleShip, and Backgammon are some popular Sociable games you can enjoy with friends or other users who share similar interests. We appreciate that the game list regularly gets updated with new games on a consistent basis. When you are sociable, you can follow others to keep yourself informed about them. Additionally, you are able to share videos and photographs with the people that follow you.

The Sociable platform is easy to use and highly engaging. Additionally, you are able to follow your Sociable friends and send them multimedia content, in addition to being able to communicate and play entertaining games.

12. Poko


Poko is the final solid application we could find there that functions very well as a replacement for the iMessage game application. We found it pretty much on all operating systems. Poko is a social gaming platform that also provides you with a wide variety of enjoyable games to choose from. Additionally, it gives you the option to engage in conversation with the other players you are playing with, and you can even provide them with a voice chat.

In the same way as the other applications on our list, this one also allows you to interact with random people and play a game with them. You are going to end up making a number of new online acquaintances, and you will be able to conduct audio chats with them.

However, if you aren’t keen on meeting new people online, you can also invite your friends to join you on the app and play a game with them. This option is always available to you when you defeat them in a game, which we all like doing when competing against a buddy. You earn the right to brag about your accomplishments.

Method of Getting GamePigeon on Android

How to play iMessage games on Android? Getting Game Pigeon Android may be accomplished in several different methods, so let’s get started. 

There are workarounds that can be used to install GamePigeon for Android devices, even though it might not be accessible directly for certain devices. Take the following steps:

  • Open the App Store on your iPhone or iPad, type GamePigeon in the search bar and hit enter.
  • To download and set up the application on your iOS device, you must tap the “Get” button.
  • Launch the application once it has been installed, and then choose the game you wish to play.
  • You may copy the link to the game to your clipboard by tapping on the sharing button and selecting the “Copy” option.
  • Launch a web browser on your Android device, and then paste the link into the browser’s address bar.
  • By clicking on the link, you will be sent to the GamePigeon website, where you can play the game on an Android phone or tab.

It is important to keep in mind that not all Android smartphones are equipped for playing particular games. Furthermore, it is possible that the Android version of GamePigeon does not possess the same capabilities and features as the iOS version. This workaround, on the other hand, makes it possible for Android users to make use of some of the most beloved multiplayer and card games that are offered by GamePigeon.

If you experience any difficulties when installing or using GamePigeon on your Android smartphone, you can consult online forums or get in touch with Game Pigeon not working support for guidance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are GamePigeon alternative applications free to download?

The majority of these applications are available for free download. The apps may, however, need in-app purchases for specific games or features in the apps.

Are these GamePigeon alternative applications safe?

In general, it is safe to use GamePigeon alternative applications. Keep in mind that you should not reveal any personal information to others while you are gaming, and be sure to download the apps from approved app stores.

Is it possible to play these games without an internet connection?

Internet access is required to use these applications’ multiplayer capabilities. On the other hand, some single-player games function independently.

Are other iMessage games offered on these GamePigeon alternatives?

Indeed, there is an array of iMessage games that you can play! Words With Friends, Four in a Row, and Cup Pong are a few examples of other popular options. Via the App Store, which is accessible through iMessage, you can simply search and then download these games.

Which GamePigeon games are comparable to Filler?

If you enjoy playing games like Dots and Boxes,Tic-Tac-Toe, or Connect Four, you may also enjoy playing Filler on GamePigeon. All of these games are straightforward and require strategy, just like Filler.

Can only Apple devices access GamePigeon?

We regret to inform you that GamePigeon is only available on Apple devices. It is only possible to download and use the application on iOS devices, specifically the iPhone and the iPad. Hike Sticker Chat and iMessage Games for Android are two examples of programs comparable to this one and available for Android users.

How to play 8 ball Game Pigeon?

How to play 8 ball on iPhone? To play 8 Ball on iMessage, you and your friend must have an Apple device with iMessage enabled. To start playing 8 Ball, download and install the GamePigeon app in Messages. Aim with your finger, then tap and drag to bring the cue stick back before releasing it to make your shot.

How to play Gomoku on GamePigeon?

The GamePigeon is an iMessage extension app that contains more than ten games, including Gomoku. Installing the GamePigeon app on your iMessage device will enable you to play Gomoku, a Japanese board game. Apple Gomoku is a game that is played on an apple-shaped board.

The goal of the Gomoku game is the same as that of traditional Gomoku: to be the first player to get five of your Gomoku pieces in a row, horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

What are the best word games on GamePigeon?

Game Pigeon offers a variety of activities, including the three best word games: Anagrams, Word Bites, and Word Hunt Game Pigeon.


To summarize, Android users interested in experiencing GamePigeon can do so by utilizing other gaming applications. When it comes to Android smartphones, GamePigeon might not be currently accessible; nevertheless, there are a lot of other solutions that can provide a comparable gaming experience. 

Android smartphone users can try accessing GamePigeon on their Android devices by following the set-up guide provided in this blog post. Users of Android devices should be aware that the availability of GamePigeon is subject to various limitations and restrictions, which may vary from device to device. 

Nevertheless, Android users still have access to a large variety of exciting games if they explore alternate options and follow the installation guide precisely. Did you find a promising alternative to GamePigeon with our help? Do you have a GamePigeon alternative that we missed in this post? Please let us know.

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