Battlefield Retains its Players Even After Its Free Weekend

Battlefield Retains its Players Even After Its Free Weekend

Battlefield 2042 is thriving with a new Steam record for concurrent gamers following a fantastic free weekend. The number of players increased dramatically as a result of EA’s decision to make Battlefield 2042 available on all platforms for free and introduce large discounts. 

Impressively, it even exceeded the highest concurrent user count reached at the game’s launch in November 2021, showing a greater player presence over the free weekend. Those who were afraid to play the game were able to do so thanks to this tactic. Battlefield 2042 has successfully maintained a sizable player base, reaching another record high for concurrent users.

domiinikkg, a Reddit member, submitted a post in which it was revealed that Battlefield 2042 peaked at 105,697 Steam players. However, according to SteamDB, the current top user count is now 107,376. This record has since been broken once more. It’s important to note that EA is still giving Battlefield 2042 on Steam a sizable discount and that the promotion is still active through October 26. Battlefield 2042 appears to still be attracting players based on their continued interest, making the prospect of seeing even higher peak player counts in the future exciting.

The continuous success of Battlefield 2042 in reaching new peak user counts is an astounding feat, especially in view of the difficulties it encountered upon its introduction that resulted in major controversy. Before its debut, the game was highly anticipated, but players ran into a number of problems, which resulted in bad reviews and a Metacritic score of just 2.1.

EA has painstakingly rectified these problems with patches, and Season 6 is now accessible with a variety of fresh content, including weapons, devices, maps, and many quality-of-life enhancements including improved controller aim help and vehicle handling. Battlefield 2042 is currently prospering on Steam, reflecting its ongoing popularity and expanding player base, signifying a significant improvement from its shaky beginning.

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