A Big Building Expansion is Coming to Palworld

A Big Building Expansion is Coming to Palworld

Palworld’s creators have recently hinted at a big expansion to the game’s building mechanism. Although Palworld currently has a robust building system that encourages players to create incredibly imaginative bases, this next update should give the community even more possibilities.

Palworld has become one of 2024’s most surprising triumphs. Less than two months later, the game had over 25 million players. Of those, 15 million have bought it on Steam and another 10 million have accessed it on Xbox, mostly via Game Pass. Palworld’s developers have mostly concentrated on bug patches since the early access release, but it looks like things are about to change.

The creator of Palworld, Pocketpair, has hinted at an upcoming update that will improve the building system in the game. A video displaying four outstanding Palworld bases was also released on the company’s Twitter account, along with a statement made via the official Pocketpair Discord. Although Palworld fans will certainly be excited by this revelation, players ought to lower their expectations because Bucky, Palworld’s community manager, has confirmed that the construction system overhaul will not be included in the upcoming update. 

This announcement comes soon after a recent Palworld update that tried to make base management easier. One of the main issues that players had with Palworld was that it was hard to control the duties that Pals in the base did since they would often go against what the users intended. The Monitoring Stand, which allows players to actively monitor and control their Pals’ actions as well as limit specific behaviors, is a recent upgrade that tackles this problem.

After running into problems after early access launched, Pocketpair is now seeing development that goes beyond bug patches and general stability improvements on Palworld. Soon after the game’s release, the Palworld roadmap was made available, outlining plans for future development that included PvP components like a Pal Arena, new islands, Raid Bosses, and other endgame content. Bug fixes and performance enhancements were Pocketpair’s first priorities, however, these upgrades haven’t been applied yet. However, according to the impending building update, Pocketpair is starting to deliver on the promises made in the plan.

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