Tyler James Williams & Brothers Best Movies & TV Shows

Tyler James Williams & Brothers Best Movies & TV Shows

Tyler James Williams and his brothers, Tylen Jacob and Tyrel Jackson, are an acting family who have found their way through TV shows and movies that have proven to be a massive hit. The William brothers were born and bred in Yonkers, New York and began their acting career at a very early age.

The oldest is Tyler, followed by Tyrel and then Tylen, and they began their career by acting in different family sitcoms. However, Tyler’s breakthrough role came when he starred in Everybody Hates Chris, whereas Tyrel became successful in Lab Rats, and Tylen played the main role in Nickelodeon’s Instant Mom. 

Each brother is equally talented, but the oldest of them all, Tyler, has received a lot of acclamation, especially for his role in Abbott Elementary. Come along as we learn the names of the William brothers’ best movies and TV shows!

The Best TV Shows and Movies by the William Brothers

1. Abbott Elementary (2021- Present)

Abbott Elementary (2021- Present)

Tyler James plays Gregory Addie 

This show is a mockumentary sitcom about the berating teachers of the titulary elementary school. The show is full of teachers and administrators who add non-stop hilarity. Tyler James plays the role of a substitute teacher who then becomes a permanent one. Tyler James earned two Emmy nominations for Best Supporting Actor and even won a Golden Globe in the same category for his role. 

2. Everybody Hates Chris (2005-2009)

Everybody Hates Chris (2005-2009)

Tyler James Williams plays Chris 

The television series Everybody Hates Chris, based on comedian Chris Rock’s early years, helped Tyler James Williams become popular. The show is about a nerdy African American child named Chris who makes his way through Brooklyn life with his strict but loving family. The show was a huge success, getting three nominations for the Emmy Awards, great reviews, and an incredible 96% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Every episode features humour and valuable life lessons as Chris takes on new responsibilities. Tyler’s lead performance showcased his skill and marked the beginning of an exciting future.

3. Party Down (2023)

Party Down (2023)

Tyrel Jackson Williams plays Sackson

Premiered on Starz in 2009, Party Down lasted for two seasons and then was cancelled even though it was a hit amongst audiences and critics. 13 years later, fans are rewarded by a new season in 2023 with a return of all the characters and an addition Sackson, who is a caterer and a content creator. Party Down shows the life of aspiring actors, writers, and creators working together at Party Down, a catering company, waiting for their big break. Sackson is one of the young members of the crew, played by Tyrel Jackson, who plays the Gen-Z and is a viral-obsessed and overconfident one. 

4. The Walking Dead (2014-2015)

The Walking Dead (2014-2015)

Tyler James Williams Plays Noah 

In the show The Walking Dead, Rick Grimes and his survivors come across different people during their journey of survival. While some people are great evil, others are good-hearted, like Noah, played by Tyler James. He first appears in Season 5, Episode 4; Noah is one of the people in Grady Memorial Hospital who is very kind to Beth Green, and they run away together. Noah is helpful, caring, and gentle even through the challenging times they have faced. Noah always finds courage, but the saddest moment in the season is when he dies in episode 14. 

5. The United States Vs. Billie Holiday (2021)

The United States Vs. Billie Holiday (2021)

Tyler James Williams plays Lester Prez Young. 

The movie is mashed on the real-life jazz singer Billie Holiday, showcasing his true journey and the struggles to perform her song The Strange Fruit. Displeased by the political message in the song, the FBI frames her for the possession of drugs and insists that the song cannot be sung. The movie was rewarded with Day an Academy Award nomination for Best Actress and a Golden Globe win for Best Actress in a Motion Picture Drama. Tyler James plays the role of Lester Prez Young, who is a saxophonist and a friend of Billie Holiday. He plays a cool, hip, and mellow role in the movie

6. Lab Rats (2012-2016)

Lab Rats (2012-2016)

Tyrel Jackson Williams plays Leo Dooley

Tyrel Jackson Williams gained success through his role as Leo Dooley in Lab Rats. This show is a disney XD comedy sci-fi sitcom revolving around the life of a teenager and his single mother. But things change when she marries a billionaire inventor, and Leo discovers he has bionic siblings. This TV show takes inspiration from various superhero movies that began to overtake the culture. Combine that with a family-friendly story, and you get Lab Rats. Tyrel Jackson plays the role of a fish-out-of-water teenager who reacts to different situations he finds himself in, making him as interesting as his superpower siblings. 

7. Go On (2012-2013)

Go On (2012-2013)

Tyler James Williams plays Owen Lewis

Go On revolves around a support group where multiple people gather to discuss their losses. Late Matthew Perry plays the role of Richard King, a sports radio host who loses his wife and eventually ends up joining the group to deal with sadness. Tyler James plays the role of Owen Lewis, who is also a member of the support group dealing with the grief of his brother, who is sick and in a coma. Despite a sad premise, Go On is a sitcom with multiple moving moments, laughs and clever remarks. The show is quite similar to Community. The cast is spectacular, especially Perry! Tyler James is a deadpan and smart guy who reacts with bemusement to some of the silly events that occur in the support group. 

8. Instant Mom (2013-2015)

Instant Mom (2013-2015)

Tylen Williams as Jacon Phillips

Instant Mom is a sitcom launched by Nickelodeon that was made to portray the block of NickMom.The show targets a more mature audience, targeting young mothers, similar to how Nick at Nite sitcoms target adults. Instant Mom revolves around a food blogger and a party girl, Stephanie Turner-Phillips, who becomes a stepmom of three loud kids and has to learn to balance her life and parenthood. Tylen Jacob plays the role of James Phillips, a middle sibling and the prankster of the lot. Instant Mom is a Nickelodeon sitcom portraying a young James who is funny and charming and navigates his life alongside his siblings. 

Bottom Line

Now you know all the spectacular roles played by the three brothers as they moved the audiences with their outstanding charisma and roles. Watching their best TV shows and movies will give you an idea of how amazing each of the brothers is. So gather your favourite snacks and press Play as you go through all Tyler James Williams movies, TV shows, and the ones by his brothers! Happ streaming

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