SIM Not Provisioned MM2

How To Fix “SIM Not Provisioned MM2” Error

If you are reading this post, then that means for sure you have come across with “Sim not provisioned mm#2” error, and out of frustration, you are searching for a way to get over this problem. Cheers! You have approached the right place to get out of this “Sim not provisioned mm2” problem readily;

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SIM not provisioned mm#2 is a common error any mobile phone user may experience in a few particular cases. For example, it might be possible that you have bought a new phone and SIM card also, but the SIM card is not working on your phone, and you get an error message stating, “Sim not provisioned mm2”.

Its point to be noted that the error has nothing to do with the mobile phone you are using; the error is independent of the device. Even though this particular error may occur in both new & old SIM cards, but it is more common in new ones.

What does “SIM not provisioned” mean?

It is basically a technical error of telecommunication as it solely indicates the connection problem between the network or the carrier company & SIM card. Usually, when your SIM card is unable to establish a connection with your respective service provider network, it shows this error message “Sim not provisioned mm2” on the screen.

You may come across this kind of problem in variant forms; for instance, instead of sim not provisioned, you may see SIM not provisioned for voice, phone not allowed for voice, etc. In such states, all the network services will be unavailable; you won’t be able to make any call or send any SMS even; the only service you can use is making an emergency call.

In general, “SIM not provisioned for the voice” is displayed when connected with both data network data & WIFI simultaneously. However, the users with dual SIM-supported handsets may also encounter variations in the error message, such as it may popup like “SIM1 not provisioned” & “SIM2 not provisioned” for SIM1 & SIM2, respectively.

What does “SIM not provisioned mm#2” stand for?

If your phone displays “SIM not provisioned mm#2” on Android, it simply signifies that there is a problem on the carrier’s end. Because your SIM card is not activated or the network cannot be established, your cell phone account is not detected.

Why is it that my phone says SIM is not provisioned?

When you place your SIM card into your phone, it may display the error “SIM not provisioned for voice.” This problem typically happens when you utilize an old or broken SIM card in your new phone. It can happen even if the card is not active.

What causes “Sim not provisioned mm#2”?

Many mobile users might be interested in knowing the actual cause of this error so that they can avoid those factors in the future that can lead to this “SIM not provisioned” error. So, a brief overview of error-triggering aspects has been given below to highlight the common causes.

  • Inactivity of SIM card
  • A problem in SIM activation server
  • Network congestion
  • Network mode compatibility issue
  • SIM is locked
  • Temporarily suspension of SIM
  • Wrong insertion of SIM
  • Faulty SIM or SIM slot

The problem might also occur in a situation when you are out of the coverage area of respective network service providers and haven’t activated the roaming earlier.

Fixes to “SIM not provisioned mm#2” error

It requires running a thorough diagnostics to get over the occurred issue, for this you may need to take your phone to the nearest mobile shop also. But it is not a thing you can’t do on your own; Resolving this kind of issue is not a big deal.

As mentioned before, the problem may arise in both old & new sims, so if your SIM card is newly registered and you encounter this error, there may be 2 possible reasons behind it. Either you haven’t waited for the specified time to get activated automatically, or the activation server is experiencing a faulty state.

If the second option is the actual cause, then you can manually activate your SIM card by one of the following means.

  • Call on the automated no.
  • Send SMS
  • Sign in to the online activation portal 

Contrarily if the SIM you are using is the old one, then the following fixes can resolve your problem readily.

Restart your Mobile device 

It is likely possible that general network congestion is causing the error “SIM not provisioned mm2,” and you are unable to connect to the network. A swift & pretty common tactic of restating the device can resolve this problem instantly in such as case.

Simply restart your mobile phone; the error won’t last anymore.

Alter network mode

Some devices support LTE services while others may not. It might be possible that the default network mode is wrongly set on your device model, and its incompatibility is causing the “SIM not provisioned mm#2” error. To deal with such a situation, you may need to adjust the network mode compatibility by changing it from GSM mode or 2G to LTE/3G/2G(auto connect) mode.

To do so:

  • Access your phone’s settings.
  • Select the “connections” settings.
  • Click on Mobile network and set the network mode as stated above.

Unlock the SIM

If you have changed your phone and your sim is not working on the new phone, then it might be possible that you have locked the sim by setting a PIN code in the old phone, and you may encounter an issue “SIM not valid,” consequently. So now it won’t work in the new phone until it gets unlocked. It can only be unlocked via an old phone.

For this:

  • Insert the SIM card in the old phone and access its security settings.
  • Disable the “Lock SIM card” option.
  • Then insert it back into the new phone and check whether the issue has been resolved or not.

Top-up your SIM card

Sometimes the SIM cards may get suspended temporarily by network service providers if these have not been credited for a long and ultimately result in a “SIM not provisioned mm#2” error. However, if you are experiencing a similar condition, you can quickly get over this by simply topping up the phone balance, even with a little amount. In other words, recharge your network account on your respective SIM card to reactivate it.

Reinsert SIM accurately 

Different models of phones require variant-sized SIMS to be inserted accurately because the SIM holders also vary with the model of mobile phones. Therefore, there is a possibility that you might have placed your SIM card wrongly in the SIM slot; that’s why you are facing this particular error.

So, once try to reinsert your SIM accurately, maybe this can resolve the issue. If your handset is of an older model, you may need to remove its battery to reinsert SIM. To do so:

  • Remove the back panel of your phone and take out the battery.
  • Now reinsert your SIM card accurately in the Sim slot and put back the battery.

If you have a flagship handset, you won’t have to go through the battery removal hassles. Instead, just find a hole on your phone side and get a gadget to pull out the SIM tray. Then reposition your SIM card in its proper orientation and put the SIM tray back in place.

Note: sometimes, the moisture & dust on the SIM can also cause this kind of error, so make sure to clean out the SIM card properly before reinserting it.

Repairing of SIM slot 

In few cases, this “SIM not provisioned mm#2” error may arise because of a faulty SIM slot also; the respective SIM slot or holder might be broken or not capable enough to hold the SIM firmly in place. Even the SIM tray in a flagship phone may malfunction, too, leading to the “SIM not provisioned” error message. This faulty SIM holder needs to be replaced with a new one, or repairing can also work, but you may need to approach the nearest mobile repairing shop to repair or replace it.

Report complain of phone lost


This is quite an efficient tactic that works for most users. If you encounter this error “SIM not provisioned mm2” on your phone, then what you can do is submit a report against your phone. To do so:

  • Just go to the customer care portal of respective network service providers and log in to your account.
  • Submit a complaint that you have lost your mobile phone or it has been stolen.
  • They will analyze the complaint and will suspend your SIM card temporarily.
  • Then after few moments, log in again let them know that you have to get your phone back by reporting it as “Found.”
  • Restart your mobile.

(Consequently, they will activate your SIM card again)

Replace your SIM card

Few rare cases can also occur, like the SIM card you are using, which can be in a faulty state too; it might be broken or scratched, which makes it undetectable by phone system. In such a difficult situation, the only option you may go for is to replace your SIM card with a new cell phone plan, and this can be possible by contacting the service provider of the respective network.

Contact Service providers

Even Though enough fixes have been stated, but if none of these works in your case due to some critical reason, then the last option you can rely on is contacting any representative of network service providers. State your problem to the network customer care center; the team will analyze the problem in-depth and serve you with the exact solution to instantly eliminate the issue.

Keynote: one of the quickest and easiest ways to check whether the problem is with our SIM card or in mobile phone is that confirm it by inserting your SIM card in another mobile phone. If your SIM works on the other phone, that means the problem was actually within your phone, not in the SIM card.


SIM(Subscriber identity module) card plays a vital role in communication. It works as an interface between the user and telecom network service providers and stores all of the essential information of the users such as contacts, identity, communication record, etc.

Often mobile phone users encounter a common error that states, “SIM not provisioned mm2,” which means your SIM card is not working on your phone. As you know, you can do nothing with an inactive SIM; you can’t make any call nor even a message.

There is no specific single reason behind this, as reports say variant cases can cause this error. Given this concern, we tried to cover all possible causes of the issue also. After a detailed analysis & in-depth study of relative reports, we extracted the few most efficient & working fixes to this problem and put down all those sequentially in this article.

In most cases, the problem lies within the sim itself so, the instant thing you can do is: reinsert your SIM card after clearing it out and then restart your device. In critical situations, you may even need to contact the network service providers also.

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