Bitcoin Vs. Investment Banks & Hedge Funds

What is the Safest Medium for Purchasing Bitcoin?

Bitcoin, an investment vehicle and a currency, is currently in high demand. You can visit to start Bitcoin trading. Bitcoin might be the safest and most profitable asset class, meaning people can invest in bitcoin without putting themselves into a risky situation. 

 Bitcoin is also one of the easiest methods for investing in something with a high potential for profitability. It can be purchased online, but there are three ways to acquire bitcoins by other means: buying it directly with cash at an ATM, good goods or services in exchange for bitcoins, or setting up your bitcoin node where the coins are mined and then exchanged.

As trading options become more complicated than ever, maybe it’s time to look at what’s best when purchasing bitcoin. Of course, buying bitcoin is also possible from other numerous ways, such as through a cryptocurrency exchange, bitcoin ATM, and dedicated bitcoin wallets. But the security protocols and convenience of every method are different.

Different methods to buy bitcoin! 


Bitcoin ATMs are located throughout metropolitan areas in convenient locations such as 7/11 and some supermarkets. -But, you need to know that not all ATMs are insured, which means if your money is stolen or lost from the ATM, it is not guaranteed by the bank. In addition, some ATMs charge a fee ranging from $3 to $10 per transaction.

Cryptocurrency Exchange

  One of the significant benefits of an exchange is that you can purchase bitcoin with your bank account/credit card, making the transaction all-inclusive. However, one disadvantage to using a cryptocurrency exchange is if it gets hacked or compromised, your bitcoin will be gone. Hackers often target cryptocurrency exchanges due to a large amount of digital currency being stored on the site at any time.

Bitcoin Wallet

Bitcoin wallets are available on the internet for free. These wallets offer two-factor authentication and keys to access your bitcoins and are completely secure. Since you are holding bitcoin, you are now responsible for ensuring the safety of your wallet from any possible attack and theft.

 Hardware wallets like Ledger Nano S and Trezor provide an excellent level of security for your bitcoins by storing them offline on a small USB flash drive, the computer’s hard drive, or even a paper backup in case of loss or theft. In addition, hardware wallets provide an added layer of security to your digital currency because they do not connect with online servers. Therefore, they cannot be hacked or stolen.

Why is cryptocurrency exchange the safest method to purchase bitcoin?

Why is cryptocurrency exchange the safest method to purchase bitcoin?

A cryptocurrency exchange is the most secure method of purchasing bitcoin. The two most popular cryptocurrencies are the well-known Bitcoin and Ethereum, the second most popular cryptocurrency in circulation. 

When purchasing bitcoins from cryptocurrency exchange platforms, users can start with smaller amounts of bitcoin than bitcoins purchased directly from other individuals because exchanges buy bitcoins in bulk from traders. In addition, credit card or bank account information is needed to purchase at an online exchange center, and many users prefer this method for security purposes.

Types of Cryptocurrency Exchanges:

There are two significant kinds of cryptocurrency exchange platforms. Decentralized exchanges and centralized exchanges. A decentralized cryptocurrency exchange is a platform in which users deal with each other without any fees or restrictions, and trades are made directly between users. 

Centralized cryptocurrency exchanges are controlled by a central authority, such as an administrator or company. Centralized exchanges have been proven to be more secure than decentralized ones. Some well-known exchanges are: Coinbase, Kraken and Bitfinex.

It accepts payment by a bank card or cash deposits at local banks in certain countries. In addition, Coinbase offers a platform to buy bitcoin through a credit card or PayPal account after verification and registration on their website or via a mobile app.


Two secure methods allow you to purchase BTC incur a bitcoin exchange and a dedicated cryptocurrency wallet. However, cryptocurrency exchanges offer advanced options to the customers when purchasing bitcoin. For example, in a dedicated bitcoin wallet, a customer can only select one or two payment methods, and you can’t convert a cryptocurrency into bitcoin. In contrast, on the cryptocurrency exchange, the variety of payment options you get is massive; all the more, you can convert any cryptocurrency to bitcoin.  

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