How To Play Pac-Man In Google Search & Unlock Ms Pac-Man Easter Egg?

How To Play Pac-Man In Google Search & Unlock Ms Pac-Man Easter Egg?

The game Pac-Man has been around since the 80s, and the title still has fans all over the globe who enjoy the game. Even though there have been so many additions and advancements in the game, the Google search edition isn’t the newest feature, but it was added in 2010 as a 30th-anniversary celebration. The game’s active, and the Pac-Man Google feature works similarly. 

So if you’re still missing out and want to experience the feature on your own, here’s how to properly find the Pac-Man Google search and then enable the Ms Pac-Man mode! 

How to Get Access to Pac-Man Google Feature

The process of searching and then playing the game via Google is relatively easy; it all comes down to searching for it and then playing it. But different ways provide you with access to the game.

  1. Clicking the play/start button in the game will redirect you to a pop window and then launch the game
  2. Launch the game by going to Google, searching for Pac-man, and forgo clicking the search button; just tap the I feel happy option. This will either launch Pac-Man full screen or in the same browser. 
  3. You can use this method on smartphones, especially if you have the Google Chrome application. But you must check the site option for desktops in the settings menu. 

About Ms Pac-Man

About Ms Pac-Man

A sequel to Pac-Man, this game is about mazes and arcades. The players must earn each point by running away or hiding from ghosts and eating pellets. The game allows you to earn points in multiple ways, such as through the energiser, and if they eat it, it turns the ghosts blue, allowing players to earn added points. The bonus fruits can be consumed to increase the value of points twice in every round. As you cross different rounds, the level of speed increases and rounds increase as well. The best part is these energisers ensure the duration of the ghosts is lesser and then eventually stop it. 

Easter Eggs

Did you know Pac-Man Google has an exciting and hidden feature in the game, but it all comes down to finding the Easter egg? You can play the game with your partner or friend by switching to the two-player version of it. To get access to this feature, follow the steps below:

  1. Type Pac-Man Google in your Google search box, and then tap on the I’m feeling lucky option. 
  2. You will then be redirected to the initial Google list available for the Pax-Man game. 
  3. Now instead of clicking on the start button, you’ll see another button that looks like you’re inserting a penny. Click on it!
  4. The game will begin as a single player, but if you tap the button again, it will change to a two-player game. 
  5. Player one can use the directional keys to move the Pac-Man, whereas Player 2 can control Ms Pac-Man using the D, A, S, and W keys. 

Go ahead and enjoy the game with your friend and family members and rekindle the Pac-Man days together!


  1. How do you get Ms Pac-Man on Google Pac-Man?

Pac-Man is a classic arcade game from the 80s and has another follow-up that came out on its 30 anniversary. To get Ms Pac-Man on Google, you must go to your browser’s lower left side of the Maps, right next to Earth. You will see a picture of Ms Pac-Man with a subtitle, Insert Coin; this will rearrange the map and create a level from the game. 

  1. How do you play as Ms Pac-Man on Google?

To play the game Ms Pac-Man on Google, just Google Pacman and then use the I’m feeling lucky option and tap on it. Then click on the retro button, which looks like it’s inserting a coin in to begin the Ms Pac-Man game. 

  1. How do you play Pac-Man on Ms Pac-Man?

To play Pac-Man on Ms Pac-Man, search for the actual Easter Egg. You can get another friend on board by double-clicking the retro button twice. 

Bottom Line

We have listed all of the possibilities through which you can play the Pac-Man Google and get access to Ms Pac-Man. The game is exciting and will surely bring back your childhood days, and it takes you to the world of arcade games. You can also double-click the Insert Coin option to bring your friend along; together, you boost points and cross levels smoothly!

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