How to Boost My Mobile Phone Signal?

How to Boost My Mobile Phone Signal?

Do you often move out of town or otherwise find yourself in situations where your cell phone’s signal goes dead during important calls or correspondence? Or is your case a case of traveling with weak or unstable Wi-Fi? Modern markets provide a wide range of tech and innovative solutions, so you won’t have a hard time finding the best mobile phone signal booster to meet your daily needs. Below, we will give you some useful tips and tricks on how to improve your mobile signal and increase your Wi-Fi range, in case you don’t have a mobile phone signal booster at the moment.

Of course, many of you know how to do it! You’re looking forward to a call from your boss, or maybe he’s waiting for your monthly email report, when suddenly the signal goes out and the Wi-Fi keeps dropping. What to do? The Uctel team has some tips and tricks on how to boost your mobile signal.

8 tips to boost your mobile phone signal

8 tips to boost your mobile phone signal

1. Update

It may sound like a trivial thing, but regular updates boost your smartphone’s potential to the max by optimizing memory usage, ultimately increasing its performance.

2. Close unused apps

The performance of any phone is greatly affected by the number of apps running, even if only in the background. If you’re honest about losing everything you don’t need, you’ll improve overall performance, which is also linked to the quality of mobile and Wi-Fi reception.

3. Take a few steps

It might seem weird, but some buildings might have weaker signals. You can try looking out of a window, going up to a higher floor, or stepping outside. If you are in a big open area, it’s a good idea to go up a hill or get out of a thick forest.

4. Watch out for signal blocks in the vicinity

It is possible that you are not aware, but some objects near you have the potential to disrupt your signal. In your workplace or house, this can refer to metal cabinets, fridges, and even big interior decorations. Outside, you can see a lot of trees, bushes, and thick plants all around. Move farther away from them, and the signal will usually become stronger.

5. Change your network settings

If you buy the best mobile phone signal booster, the inconvenience may not arise from the connection itself, but rather from the unfavorable location with limited access to the 4G LTE network. So, we suggest changing to a 2G network in certain areas for a short time. This might be the best choice for a good signal. You might not have fast internet, but your phone calls will still sound great, and you can switch to 4G LTE whenever you want.

6. Activate airplane mode

If the previous steps have failed, or you suddenly don’t have a signal in places where it was previously common, switch your phone to airplane mode. This is a proven method that will interrupt both cellular signals and cellular data transmission. On iPhones, you’ll find it under Flight Mode in the settings section, and on Android phones, it’s in the Control Center under the Airplane box. Just turn it on, leave it active for at least 30 seconds, and then turn it off. After that, everything should return to normal.

7. Sometimes a reboot helps

If the problem persists, try restarting your phone. Smartphones are essentially small computers, and like them, sometimes a simple reboot is all it takes to fix the concern.

8. If it’s not your carrier’s fault, reset your network settings

If the previous steps didn’t help, check to see if it’s an error on your carrier’s side, it could be a malfunction of the nearest transmitter, for example. Otherwise, you have no choice but to reset the network settings. This procedure is suitable for more advanced users, but it is the most effective tool to boost the signal on your mobile.

Try a Dual Sim phone

Try a Dual Sim phone

Not everywhere has 100% signal coverage, and it’s not always possible to switch operators. The best solution in this situation is to get a dual SIM phone. In most cases, you’ll use your main SIM, but in places without a signal, you can have your calls forwarded to a second SIM from another operator.

Bet on the Internet calling

“I need to make a call urgently, but there is still no signal”. If you’ve got good Wi-Fi within range, you’ve got a winner. Wi-Fi Calling lets you not only make calls but also send SMS and MMS over Wi-Fi.

So what if the Wi-Fi is bad too?

Who wants to waste their data these days when you can still connect to the internet for free via Wi-Fi in more places? But sometimes your mobile phone can’t pick up a good signal. What are the possible causes, and is there any way to combat this? It certainly can, and below are some recommendations for good and reliable Wi-Fi.

Some tips on how to boost your mobile Wi-Fi signal

  1. Check your router. A weak Wi-Fi signal is often caused by your router being in the wrong location. Find out more about this in the next section of this article. Network congestion is also a common cause when multiple members of your household are playing games or streaming movies or music at the same time.
  2. Charge your phone enough. To have an excellent and reliable network connection, you also need a sufficient battery charge. If you’re using your phone to the max, it’s no wonder Wi-Fi quality fades as time goes on. You can slow down the battery drain by closing all apps and updating software honestly, as mentioned in the previous section. Also, lower the screen brightness and protect your phone from direct sunlight or high temperatures.
  3. Your phone’s cover can also block the Wi-Fi signal. Some phone cases, especially heavy-duty ones, can block Wi-Fi signal penetration. Try taking your phone out of the case and waiting for a while. This should have an effect consistent with the best mobile phone signal booster for home. If it does, consider a different case. However, take into account the reviews of other users who may point out the same drawback.

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