Percussive Powerhouses - Reviewing the Best Drum Plugins of 2023

Percussive Powerhouses – Reviewing the Best Drum Plugins of 2023

Are you a music producer who has spent countless hours in search of the perfect kick drum? Well, we have got you covered as we are going to take a look at some of the best virtual drummer vst plugins that have landed this year.

We will take a look at what makes a great drum plugin and review some of the best offerings on the market currently. So let’s dive straight in.

Behind the Beat: Criteria for Choosing the Best Drum Plugin

In the creative universe of music production, choosing the best drum vst can be an overwhelming task. To assist you, we’ve outlined the crucial criteria you need to consider while selecting the best drum plugin.

Sound, Interface, and Compatibility: What Makes a Drum Plugin Great

​​At the core of any great drum plugin is the sound, if the sonic quality isn’t top-notch, the plugin will fall short. The plugin must offer a broad spectrum of high-quality samples, capturing everything from wicked snares to awesome kick drums, effectively catering to every music genre.

The interface is what you will be interacting with on each of these plugins, so it’s essential that it is intuitive and user-friendly. This will allow for an uninterrupted, seamless creation process.

Finally, consider compatibility. Your chosen plugin should integrate effortlessly with your DAW, Before you make your purchase, ensure to check the plugin’s system requirements and compatibility.

Customization and Realism: Overlooked Features of Drum Plugins 

Customization is a critical factor when selecting the best virtual drum software. The ability to fine-tune a kick drum sound or alter individual elements will give you the ability to sculpt the sound to suit your track.

Another factor to consider is realism. An excellent drum plugin can convincingly replicate a real drum kit’s intricate sound and feel. Some of 2023’s standout plugins offer advanced features such as round-robin sampling and dynamic response, accurately capturing the subtle nuances of a live performance.

Understanding the above will help you decide which drum plugins to check out. Now, let’s dive deeper and explore the best drum plugins of 2023.

The Drummer’s Digital Toolkit: Reviews of Top Drum Plugins

The Drummer's Digital Toolkit: Reviews of Top Drum Plugins

The past few years we’ve seen some truly exceptional drum plugins, each one with its own pros and cons. One you will have no doubt heard of is KICK 2.

Developed by Sonic Academy, Kick 2 has won the hearts (and many awards) of countless A-list producers (think Madeon / Diplo / Deadmau5 & more) with its blend of usability, customization, and sound quality. The plugin offers a wide range of controls over the shape, pitch, and tone of your kick drum, enabling producers to create the perfect beat for any genre. In addition, the interface is super user-friendly and intuitive. 

Hitting the Right Note: Top 5 Drum Plugins for Different Genres

For different genres you will perhaps need a different plugin. So here is our top recommendations for the best drum plugins for different genres in 2023:

  • Hip-Hop: XLN Audio’s Addictive Drums 2 offers a wealth of quality samples and drum kit presets, tailor-made for creating that awesome hip-hop beat.
  • Rock: Toontrack’s Superior Drummer 3 captures the raw power of rock with its extensive library of live recorded drum kits, delivering punchy and powerful sounds.
  • EDM: Sonic Academy’s Kick 2 is the go-to plugin for EDM producers, offering unparalleled control over the kick drum’s sound, making it perfect for crafting dance floor-ready kicks
  • Jazz: FXpansion’s BFD Jazz & Funk Collection delivers authentic, dynamic drum sounds that are ideal for jazz.
  • Orchestral: EastWest Quantum Leap’s Stormdrum 3 boasts a massive library of cinematic percussion, making it an ideal choice for your orchestral compositions.

Choosing the right drum plugin can significantly enhance your sound, whether you’re producing a laid-back jazz track or an energetic EDM banger. Explore these options and find your perfect percussive partner!


Remember that the best virtual drum software depends on your personal needs, style, and workflow. Whether you’re seeking the punchy beats of the Kick 2, the rock-centric Superior Drummer 3, or another stellar plugin, the best software drums are those that empower you to express your creative vision. We hope to have shed a bit of light on the best drummer VST plugins available. Don’t forget to explore, experiment, and let your music speak volumes. Let’s keep the drum roll going!

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