Best Office 365 Backup Solution from NAKIVO

Best Office 365 Backup Solution from NAKIVO

Protecting Microsoft 365 data is crucial for organizations that use Microsoft services to organize team communications, collaboration and documentation exchange. A reliable all-in-one solution with multiple Office 365 backup options and features is what IT executives might want to find. In this post, we review one of the best Office 365 backup solutions: NAKIVO Backup & Replication. 

Office 365 Backup Solution from NAKIVO: General Overview

Organizations worldwide aim to protect their Microsoft 365 data from online threats, such as ransomware, other malware or planned cyberattacks. The most reliable way to keep control upon an organization’s data is to always have a relevant backup. When speaking of Microsoft 365 data, one may perceive standard Microsoft tools such as retention settings and versioning as backups. However, although standard tools can mitigate human error consequences to a certain extent, neither file versions nor data copies retained within Microsoft 365 spaces are backups. 

A backup is a data copy that does not rely on the production infrastructure. In other words, you need to have a backup available for data recovery when the original data and environment are down or unavailable. Ensuring reliable data control in emergency cases means storing backups outside Microsoft’s SaaS environment. 

With the backup solution from NAKIVO, which enables automated on-premise backup for Microsoft 365, you can keep your data safe and recoverable beyond Microsoft’s infrastructure. NAKIVO offers more than just a Microsoft 365 email backup tool. With this solution, you can also back up:

  1. Exchange Online
  2. Sharepoint Online
  3. OneDrive for Business
  4. Microsoft Teams

A versatile solution from NAKIVO is easy to install and configure: you can start the first backup workflow in just 2 minutes after installation. The solution is lightweight, requiring only a 2-core CPU and 4 GB of RAM to run smoothly. The NAKIVO’s backup solution can be installed on Windows and Linux computers as well as on NAS devices. You can use a single deployment of the solution to protect thousands of Microsoft 365 users.

Nakivo Office 365 Backup Solution Key Features

Nakivo Office 365 Backup Solution Key Features

NAKIVO Backup for Microsoft 365 is one of the best Office 365 backup solutions that enables you to create a data backup and then send it to a safe on-premise repository. The following features enable NAKIVO solution’s efficiency and usability:

  1. Fast Incremental Backups: The NAKIVO solution creates an initial full Microsoft 365 data backup once. Then, the solution rewrites only the data blocks that had changed since the previous backup. Thus, the backups run faster and require less hard disk space. Moreover, the solution relies on Microsoft’s delta query for Teams and Exchange Online backup, helping to shorten backup windows even further and reduce storage space consumption.
  2. Flexible Granular Recovery: You don’t need to recover the entire backup to access, for example, a particular document or email. Use granular recovery to recover an item from the backup quickly. You can send recovered files to the original Microsoft 365 account or to a different location. 
  3. Scheduling and Managing Backups: The solution enables you to schedule and manage automated backup workflows flexibly according to the organization’s needs and data policies. You can access the web-based interface of the solution from any location to create new backup workflows or manage existing ones. A convenient Calendar dashboard provides a bird’s-eye view of your backups, thus helping you avoid resource overlaps.
  4. Advanced Search: use the built-in search tool of the solution to quickly and easily locate the wanted files or folders in backups. Then, you can recover those files within minutes to settle e-discovery requests and fulfill regulatory compliance requirements.

The additional features worth highlighting make the NAKIVO’s solution suitable for an organization of any scale, be it an SMB or an enterprise.

Enhanced Backup Security

To increase the security of your data, you can restrict access to backup repositories with role-based access control (RBAC). Assign roles for employees to keep the principle of least privilege: provide access only to the data that users need to successfully fulfill job responsibilities. You can also enable two-factor authentication (2FA) to add a security layer when logging in to the NAKIVO solution. With this feature, an additional Google Authenticator code will be required to log in to the solution besides the standard login credentials.

Delegated Data Protection

With NAKIVO, a large organization can delegate backup and recovery activities to particular employees, units or departments. The solution has a multi-tenant setup option, enabling the creation of isolated environments (tenants). Additional software deployment is not necessary. 

Thus, you can simplify  data protection management inside an organization while maintaining the centralized admin control and backup infrastructure transparency. At the same time, offloading routine data protection tasks can help keep backups relevant and cut recovery timings. 

Data Retention Flexibility

With the NAKIVO’s solution, you can have up to 4,000 recovery points per backup. Rotate those recovery points daily, weekly or yearly to keep the backup data throughout the periods required by your organization’s retention policy. This allows you to havel flexible control over your Microsoft 365 backups and storage space. You can also configure timely automatic data deletion to meet compliance requirements.

Best Office 365 Backup Solution Pricing: Affordable

Kick Starting With Nakivo

NAKIVO offers Office 365 backup functions through a flexible per-user subscription model. Order as many subscriptions as you need and avoid overpaying. The minimum number of users per order is 10, but you can purchase additional licenses when your organization grows. With $0.80 per user for a 3-year subscription, the solution has a significant advantage over competitors.


A relevant backup is the most reliable tool to avoid loss of data in case of emergencies. Microsoft 365 backups shouldn’t rely on Microsoft’s infrastructure. NAKIVO Backup for Microsoft 365 is a fast and affordable solution that enables you to: 

  • Back up Office 365 documents and folders
  • Back up Exchange Online
  • Back up SharePoint Online
  • Back up OneDrive for Business
  • Send SaaS backups to Windows, Linux or NAS repositories
  • Find and recover individual files in minutes
  • Protect backups from unauthorized access

You can configure Office 365 backup options, schedules, security settings and retention policies from a single dashboard. Backup workflows can run automatically by schedule or on demand. Multi-tenant setup enables delegating data protection activities to an organization’s departments. Along with other features, the flexible per-user licensing model makes the NAKIVO solution suitable for any SMB or enterprise organization. 

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