Matilda - The Musical Cast & Character Guide

Matilda – The Musical Cast & Character Guide

Growing up, we all have seen the horrendous cake-eating scene in Matilda, Miss Honey’s sweetness, Matilda’s mysterious side, and the bullying aspect of Miss Trunchbull. While most of us have seen the 90’s version, we now have an upgrade in the cast and a change of characters. 

Matilda The Musical was released in 2022 and was quite the hype, significantly because so many faces have changed. Discover the evolution of the story, the change each character brings to the story, and whether it lives up to the first movie or not. Find out all about the cast and the characters in the film. Keep scrolling!

Roald Dahl’s Matilda: The Musical Cast and Character

Take a look at the cast and the characters in the Matilda movie; the plot twist is that they are all different now. Learn who the new faces are to the old names. 

Matilda Wormwood, Played By Alisha Weir

Matilda Wormwood, Played By Alisha Weir

Matilda, played by Alisha Weir, is a young girl who has lived under the supervision of parents who haven’t given her the time of the day since birth. But what they don’t know is that Matilda is a genius. She stands up for herself and her fellow beings at Crunchem Hall Primary School soon after discovering her abilities. She makes all the efforts to get rid of the abuse surrounding her. The character is played by Alisha Weir, a perfect candidate who has played in the movie Don’t Leave Home and as Laura in the drama series Darklands. 

Miss Trunchbull, Played by Emma Thompson

Miss Trunchbull, Played by Emma Thompson

Miss Trunchbull, also known as the evil headmistress of the Crunchem Hall Primary School, is famous for her strict and cruel disciplinary methods, which eventually put the lives of her students at risk. So, every kid and staff member fears her and avoids doing anything in front of her that could trigger her anger. Emma Thompson is quite famous for her roles in movies such as Much Ado About Nothing, Harry Potter as Sybill Trelawney, Sense and Sensibility, Cruella, and Karen in Love Actually. 

Miss Honey, Played by Lashana Lynch (a favorite)

Miss Honey, Played by Lashana Lynch (a favorite)

Miss Jeniffer Honey is played by Lashana Lynch, who is Matilda’s teacher. However, she is a teaching team member at Crunchem Hall and is quite the opposite of Miss Trunchbull. Her kind ways make her a safe space for the students, especially Matilda, who quickly ends up bonding with her. On the other hand, Miss Honey is sweet but has had her fair share of traumatic experiences. She keeps a secret that haunts her every waking minute. Lynch has played different roles in Doctor Strange and Captain Marvel, Nomi in No Time To Die, and Izogie in The Woman King. 

Mr. Wormwood Played By Stephen Graham

Mr. Wormwood Played By Stephen Graham

Mr Wormwood played by Stephen Graham, is Matilda’s father who runs a shady business. He spends most of his time watching TV and running his business and isn’t fazed by Matilda’s presence. Graham is best known for his roles in Venom: Let There Be Change, This Is England, Public Enemies, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, and Rocketman. 

Mrs Wormwood, Played By Andrea Riseborough

Mrs Wormwood, Played By Andrea Riseborough

Mrs Wormwood is quite similar to her husband and has no interest in her kid. She is interested in spending her husband’s money and mindlessly scrolling on social media. Meanwhile, her daughter, Matilda, has powers that both her parents are unaware of. Although Mrs Wormwood is Matilda’s mom, they are indeed poles apart. Andrea is famous for her role in movies like Birdman, Nocturnal Animals, Amsterdam, and in the drama series Blood Line and Black Mirror’s Crocodile. 

Matilda The Musical’s Supporting Cast & Characters

Some of the supporting cast includes the following characters:

  • Mrs Phelps, Played by Sindhu Vee

She is a librarian and the owner of the mobile library, where Matilda finds out she loves books. Sindhu Vee has played a role in Sex Education as Ollie’s mother and in Starstruck. 

  • Lavender, Played By Rei Yamauchi Fulker 

Lavender was Matilda’s best friend from Crunchem Hall Primary School, and this movie is her first acting credit. 

  • Amanda Thripp, Played By Winter Jarrett Glasspool

Amna Thripp is Matilda’s classmate; she is the girl who has pigtails that trigger Miss Trunchbull, hence the scary scene. This is Winter’s first acting role. 

  • Bruce Bogtrotter, Played By Charlie Hodson-Prior

Remember the infamous cake? Well, Bruce is the kid who made the mistake of eating the chocolate cake. You know what happens next! Matilda The Musical was also his debut in acting. 

  • Hortensia, Played By Meesha Garbett

She is also a Crunchem Hall Primary School student who becomes friends with Lavender and Marilda. She has played the Young Hattie in Fast and Furious: Hobbs and Shaw and played minor roles in Cats and Jingle Jangle. 

Bottom Line

If you haven’t seen the latest movie, then a quick scroll must have given you an idea of who the new faces are. The movie has made a few changes, and with the addition of new actors, you can relive the Matilda movie again. Discover the twists and turns in the film and what happens! A guide to the cast and characters helps you know who is part of the movie, and this way if you like someone, you can always look at them using the name you learned beforehand. 

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