Local SEO - Optimizing Your Website for Local Search

Local SEO – Optimizing Your Website for Local Search

Local SEO is search engine optimization like Google for local searches. So, how is it different from regular SEO? The goal is actually the same as SEO or search engine optimization in general, namely achieving first rank in search engines.

However, the goal of local SEO is more specifically to get a local audience. Learning about the Local SEO can be useful if you promote your local businesses better.

So, when thinking about starting a local business, don’t think that your presence in cyberspace is not important. Now, search engines like Google can recognize people’s search intentions. Whether it is a general or local search.

The search volume for things like “nearest ATM”, “nearest restaurant”, or other equivalents of the word “nearest” is quite high. So in this article, we will tell you more about what is the Local SEO along with a few tips you can do to better optimize it.

Understanding The Local SEO

Understanding The Local SEO

Local SEO is practically the same as the usual SEO optimization you know. The goal remains the same here, which is to make the business more highlighted in the search results. One difference here is the scope.

As the name tells you, Local SEO mainly focuses on your local area. When someone searches your business in the local area, there’s a chance that it will appear on their search results. 

By being included in Google’s listings, anyone in the local area may easily find your business when they type the “nearest-something” that’s relevant to your business. For example, if you’re establishing a restaurant, it will appear when someone is searching for the nearest restaurant. 

Another thing you can do to look more appealing to the algorithm is to make a website with good visuals and responsiveness. And now you may easily achieve it using a website builder. The cheap websites builder platforms empower users to create more personal business websites. So the next time you need to create, these website builders are there to help you out. They also make the process easy as well, so you won’t meet any hard obstacles.

The Google Local Pack

When searching for specific locations using the keyword “nearest”, Google will give you recommendations of places that will likely be suitable to your needs. This is what we call a Local Pack or Map Pack. 

This will show you a list of businesses in the local area and will give them organic traffic through the search result appearance.

Knowing How It Works

Knowing How It Works

The way local SEO works is that you focus on telling Google that your business is in a certain area and that you want to be found by customers in that area. The easiest way to optimize local SEO is to have a complete and precise address in an area or city.

You can create a local landing page and help people find your store with a store locator plugin or widget on your website. Another easy way to implement local SEO is to comply with Google’s Webmaster guidelines and create a great user experience on your website.

Of course, if you want to also focus on getting some traffic from local search, optimizing the user experience does matter. But is the website a requirement to be listed on the Map Pack?

No, you can appear in Map Pack even without having a website. This is because Map Pack results are largely informed by Google Business Profile listings.

Google also has a separate set of guidelines for local SEO. This guide is important for maximizing your business visibility in the Local Pack or Map Pack.

However, getting the best rankings on local searches requires more than just optimizing your website. As long as the audience is not blocking a website, you’re good to go. Try to get local links that are relevant to the industry you are involved in.

For example, local social media strategies, being cited by other sites, and even word of mouth contribute to local SEO.

Best Tips to Improve Local SEO

If you want to improve the Local SEO of your business, there are some things you can do, such as:

  • Making a Google Business Profile – It can help you to be included in business listings. Anyone in your area can search your business, and you can enjoy the traffic coming in.
  • Keep It Mobile Friendly – Many people visit a website through their smartphones, so make sure to keep yours mobile-friendly to increase the user experience.
  • Get The Reviews – Offer quality services to get better reviews from customers. The more good reviews you receive, the better for your business’ sustainability.

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