Emerging Technologies in SEO 2022

Emerging Technologies in SEO 2022

The SEO environment has drastically evolved in a short period. Since new technologies are continuously being developed, algorithms are continually changing. Google and other search engines are constantly trying to capture your curiosity and full attention.

How is SEO evolving in 2022? 

What are the technologies you need to know about and start implementing them? 

While the algorithms used by Google to determine the positioning of search results are increasingly animated by Machine Learning models, even those who aspire to conquer the first Big G engine pages can no longer ignore the role of Artificial Intelligence in the dynamics that govern the indexing and ranking of content. Technology changes, and so do the methods for SEO (Search Engine Optimization), meaning individuals and professionals in the filed, such as Figment Agency right here, have to take notes and adapt their strategies.

So, what are the most popular SEO trends in 2022 and the following years? Let’s try to develop some theories based on the industry players’ most trustworthy projections.

Automatic On-Page Improvement

Process automation is limited to positioning strategies, particularly when finding material that would be helpful when creating content from an SEO standpoint. In fact, during the production phase, the human contribution will be focused primarily on selecting keywords; the information associated with the keywords will be dynamically produced, ready for editing aimed at their inclusion in the final versions of the texts. The solutions based on automatic on-page optimization are precisely intended to help and, in some cases, replace the authors.

GPT-3 (Generative Pre-trained Transformer #3)

Are the machines able to create material that is both user- and search engine-friendly?

Thanks to features for automatic content generation, GPT-3 is a technology designed to give a satisfactory response to this query. The GPT-3 platforms owe their functionality to the development of Deep Learning, which processes vast quantities of data to train Machine Learning models designed to mimic people and the most popular techniques for text composition.

Robots may create rough drafts of even complex content and then revise and finish them over time using a basic index or a list of bullet points that is provided as a track.

NLG (Natural Language Generation)

NLG (Natural Language Generation)

NLG is a potential solution for any situation where you must quickly write brief material, such as headlines, summaries, and meta descriptions. All writings that frequently need to be written fast and in big quantities (consider e-commerce or brand websites), frequently too quickly for the most prolific authors.

The goal of NLG is to lighten the writing activity from all components that do not directly relate to the creative phase. It is also a great tool for generating ideas based on which to produce more articulated content.

A / B Testing

The tools available to SEO will soon include test phases that will become more dynamic and swift, allowing to more rapidly identify the versions of the content more suitable for positioning. The operations involving the writing and research will be automated.

A/B testing, originally designed to compare the usability of two or more iterations of the same piece, will develop as a reader, and search engine distinctions will become less pronounced in an environment where user-friendliness and SEO-friendliness are increasingly interchangeable.

NLP (Natural Language Processing)

Google has made an ever-increasing effort over the past few years to decipher the intentions and goals of the users who formulate the inquiries.

So, how can you determine what a user is trying to find without creating any ambiguity? With the help of a natural processing language that takes into account both the context and meaning of words.

Will this strategy, which is mainly focused on automation, reduce the importance of keywords? Not necessary, but NPL goes beyond the limitations of the standard auto-completion features.

Overall, SEO is undergoing change and development. To remain competitive, we must follow all the latest technologies and implement them immediately.  It is time for your company to consider incorporating some (or all) of these ideas into your current marketing plan.

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