iPhone 4K wallpapers - 7 places to find the best iPhone wallpapers

iPhone 4K wallpapers – 7 places to find the best iPhone wallpapers

Evolve and change the aesthetics of your iPhone by bringing a change through iOS wallpapers. You can amp up your phone’s lock screen and home screen through HD pictures and 4K and 8K wallpapers. These wallpapers can be aesthetic pictures of the sky, scenic sunsets and sunrises, rainy day images, and so much more. 

Fortunately, finding decent 4K wallpapers for your iPhone is relatively easy, especially because there are multiple applications and websites that you can browse through. We have listed 7 of the best platforms you can look through the next time you want to find your iPhone wallpaper. Get cool iPhone backgrounds and scenic ones very easily to make your screens look pleasing!

Get Your Wallpaper Fix Now With These 7 Platforms

Get Your Wallpaper Fix Now With These 7 Platforms

The following are 4K backgrounds that you can access anytime you want to change your wallpapers:

1. Zedge

Zedge is a widely known application for providing a variety of multimedia to phone users. It has everything you’re looking for in different categories, from ringtones to wallpapers and live and fun backgrounds. The app and website offer free and premium wallpapers for you to choose from. Get your fix anytime from the website or by downloading the app on your iPhone. 

2. Pixabay

Pixabay has a variety of bright 4K images, from dark images to moody wallpapers. There is something to match everyone’s aesthetic. So whether you’re on the lookout for abstract art, the night sky, sandy beaches, or boardwalks, you’ll find everything on Pixabay. You can download the app through your App Store or check the website. 

3. Pexels 

Pexels is another platform with various wallpapers for iPhone that you can choose from. You can find aesthetically pleasing wallpapers with cotton candy skies, waves of the sea, underwater, cute animals, and so much more. Download the application through the App Store by writing Pexels or go to the website whenever you want a change in the wallpaper

4. Unsplash

Unsplash offers high-resolution images you can use as your iPhone wallpaper the next time you want to change. To get better results, it’s best to access the category by searching iPhone wallpapers or iPhone wallpapers 4K. Most of the images on this platform are either 8K or 4K. While Unsplash has many options to choose from, to get access to the best ones, you will need an Unsplash+ subscription. Browse the website or download the application through the App Store. 

5. Vellum Wallpapers

Get your wallpaper through the Vellum app, which allows you to download beautiful backgrounds for free. The app is packed with wallpapers, ensuring you never run out whenever you need one. You can also create unique effects by blurring backgrounds and adding one over the other. Your lock screens and home screens are about to look amazing! 

6. Live Wallpapers for Me 

Live Wallpapers for Me allows you to access moving wallpapers for your iPhones. Instead of having a static , go for a live one showcasing different waves crashing the sand, a moving cat, and even different colored smoke moving on your screen. 

7. R/iPhone Wallpapers

If you’re someone who’s looking for cool and creative iPhone wallpapers, then R/iPhone Wallpapers is the perfect website for you. It contains wallpapers made by people with a funky style, nature wallpapers, vivid articles, characters from your favorite movies and shows, and so on. 

Bottom Line

Quickly download a 4K wallpaper for your iPhone and change your lock screen, home screen, or even both! You no longer have to worry about blurry, unfocused images when you can quickly get HD images through the mentioned websites and downloading the app. 

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