6 Hidden macOS Tips to Customize Your MacBook

6 Hidden macOS Tips to Customize Your MacBook

MacOS offers users a modern experience with a blend of simplicity. It might seem like you can’t do a lot to change the appearance other than some essential changes. But there’s a lot that you have been missing out on. So, if you’re someone who wants to customize an old laptop or make changes to their newest Macbook, we have several tried-and-tested ways of doing it. 

Let’s dive in and find out all the necessary details!

6 Ways You Can Customise Your MacBook

Here are some ways you can customize Macbook:

Design Your Wallpaper

MacOS allows people to customize their wallpapers as the time of the day changes. Restricting the default bundles can sometimes be boring; try creating your wallpaper. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Start by visiting the Canva website or downloading the Dynaper application. 
  2. Dynaper allows you to export your pictures and then choose the time each of them gets changed. 
  3. When you’re done, you can simply click on Export HEIC. This will find the exported file’s location on your MacBook or Mac; click on it and then tap the Set Desktop Picture option. 
  4. People using Canva can visit the website and search for different templates. If you want to personalize and add your pictures, copy-pasting is the best way to do that. Add your pictures or aesthetic images through different sites such as Pinterest. 
  5. You can then download the created pictures on your Mac and change your wallpaper. 

Set a Login Avatar

Set a Login Avatar

Don’t you want to see the same selfie welcoming you when you boot your Mac? Fortunately, with MacOS, you can now set a Memoji and an animated emoji as your avatar. They also respond to the activities you carry out on your lock screen. When you haven’t opened your laptop for a long, the avatar or the memoji falls asleep. If you end up typing your password wrong, it shakes its head out of disappointment. Here’s how you can add it:

  1. In the System and Preferences, open the Users and Groups and your login image. 
  2. Now click on Edit, and then from the memoji tab, you can choose an animated avatar for your Mac lock screen. 
  3. You can click the Plus sign and create one that looks like you. 
  4. Now tap Save, and then lock your Mac to see the avatar on the screen. 

Reposition of the Control Centre

Did you know that you can customize the control center of your Mac? Well, you can! Choose which widgets appear on the menu and which remain hidden in the dropdown menu. Here’s how you can make changes:

  1. Open System Preferences and then choose the Dock and Menu Bar. 
  2. Now, under the control center list on the left side, select the widget you wish to personalize. 
  3. Tick or untick those you want to show in the menu bar to add or remove the widget. As a plus point, some widgets are available only when active and disappear automatically when they aren’t. 
  4. For further changes, open the Sound in the Control Centre and choose when active in the drop-down menu. 
  5. This gives users access to the menu bar when their computer plays the audio. 

Change Your Mouse Pointer

Changing your mouse pointer is very simple and easy! You can do this by following the steps below:

  1. Open your System Preferences application on your Mac and then open the accessibility settings. 
  2. From the accessibility settings page, tap the display option on the left side menu. 
  3. Now, switch to the pointer tab at the top of the display screen. 
  4. You can now make changes accordingly, such as size changes and changing the color of the mouse pointer. 
  5. You can see the changes in your system now!

From Transparency to Translucency

After the recent upgrade, Apple has made a few elements clear to match the backdrop of your MacBook’s desktop. But if you don’t want the updated look, you can quickly bring it back. Here’s how you can make the changes:

  1. Start by opening System Preferences and then open Accessibility. 
  2. Now choose Display from the left side and check the reduce transparency box. 
  3. Moreover, you can quickly increase contrast options for sharp borders and a bold and retro theme. 

Revamp Your Safari Pages

The latest update on Safari allows you to add a few customization tools and a home page editor. You can customize the Safari home page using the following steps:

  1. Open your Safari app, and on the home page, tap on the Settings button, which is available at the bottom right corner. 
  2. Choose the background from your Apple collection or upload your own through the plus button. 
  3. Now, tick and untick the boxes available to make changes to your home page per your preferences. 

Bottom Line

So, are you ready to make changes to your MacBook? Revamp your lock screen, design your new wallpaper, change the mouse pointer, and customize your safari page. Make your new laptops feel homey or give a touch of yourself to your old laptops. Use our tips and all the steps we have lined up for you. They are quick and easy!

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