Mario vs. Donkey Kong - Trailer Reveals New Features

Mario vs. Donkey Kong – Trailer Reveals New Features

A new trailer for Mario vs. Donkey Kong was just revealed. It detailed a variety of new features and worlds that the Nintendo Switch remake will receive. One of the main revelations included the game’s level count. The announcement of the original Mario vs. Donkey Kong GBA game remake was a surprise to many fans. 

The remake boasts a lot of new features that entice fans of the older game and also those who have never played the original. The new features added to help players get a hang of this game’s unique gameplay include a brand new local co-op mode. In this mode, two players can play the game at once. One can control Mario, while the other will have control over Toad. 

The trailer for Mario vs. Donkey Kong also confirms that the game will have a total of 130 levels to play. In the classic game spread, these levels spanned across six different world themes and had only two boss stage-only levels against DK himself. The remake’s increase in levels comes from the expansion of world themes as two brand-new ones are introduced. These include an icy cave that is called Slippery Summit and Merry Mini-Land, which is a circus fairground. 

The players can also unlock the expert levels that are designed to challenge the player’s skills once they have proved themselves worthy and have obtained a certain number of perfect rating stars. There are 16 unlockable expert levels in total. 

Other features that players can expect include a casual mode which was mentioned in the trailer and on Nintendo’s official store page. In the casual mode, the players won’t lose a life if they get hit by an obstacle. Instead, they will find themselves back at a checkpoint and they can try again using a bubble. The players can get hit five times before they lose a life. If players want to play the game as it was intended, they can choose the classic mode. 

Other than these two modes, when the player wins the main game, they will unlock a new Time Attack mode. In this, they will need to beat each level of the game as fast as they can. This remake includes plenty of new content, local co-op options, upgraded visuals, new music and much more. Therefore, fans can look forward to it’s release in February. 

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