Exam MD-100

Exam MD-100: Windows 10

For over two decades, Microsoft has been the most dominating platform for both home and office users. You can’t find a person who is using computers for some time and has not used Microsoft Windows or Microsoft Office in their life. From a household to a global enterprise, Microsoft is there as an OS or an Office productivity suite. With Windows holding a 73.21% share of the global desktop OS market and more than 200 million active Office 365 subscribers, it is truly a global platform.

Microsoft has lately been focusing on the cloud platform more than the fixed installations. The first major transition in this regard was from Microsoft Office to Office 365. Later on this year, Microsoft changed Office 365 platform into Microsoft 365 by making it more cloud-friendly. With this last transition, Microsoft has created a superset of Microsoft Windows 10, Microsoft Office 365, and EMS (Enterprise Mobility + Security).

Microsoft 365 has multiple service offerings to cater to the individual requirements of a different user ranging from a single user to a big corporate. The best thing about the cloud environment is the pay-as-you-go model, which saves you from unnecessary expenditure on the products you don’t need. At the most basic, Microsoft 365 – M365 for short – is a collection of products that are also available separately. In this case, the bundle is made up of three important parts: A user-based Windows 10 license, a user-based Office 365 license, and management software appropriate for the targeted audience, whether that’s an enterprise IT worker or a one-person, part-time administrator in a small firm.

Microsoft 365 Platform is designed with a variety of users in mind. From a student to an enterprise-level user, everyone can have a customized offering to suit their requirements. If you look around you in a working environment, you will find most of the office users having Microsoft Windows as their OS, and they will be using Microsoft Office as their productivity application for word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, and mailing tasks. If you go to an educational institution, you will see the kind of setup there. In short, most of the office environments around you. It will be the same from an academic user to an enterprise boss. Microsoft is the most favorite OS and productivity platform among corporate users.

It is keeping in view this wide user spectrum, Microsoft has designed a distinctive certification that covers both Microsoft Windows 10 and Microsoft productivity suite from an administrator’s point of view.

Microsoft 365 Certified: Modern Desktop Administrator Associate

Microsoft’s certification collection is well-known in the sector. Microsoft certifications are very valuable to IT experts. These certifications are internationally recognized as a current recognition of applicable technical skills.

Microsoft 365 Certified: Modern Desktop Administrator Associate is an entry-level qualification that validates an administrator’s expertise in a business environment. An administrator’s responsibilities in an enterprise include, but are not limited to, system and client program implementation, setup, protection, management, and monitoring. Candidates must be acquainted with Microsoft 365 workloads and must be capable of installing, configuring, and managing Windows 10 and non-Windows applications and technologies. 

The certification is extremely valuable to an applicant seeking to begin a career in IT in an organization setting. It provides the applicant with the expertise needed to work as an IT assistant or administrator in a corporate setting.

It can protect Windows as well as Microsoft Office goods. There are two sections of the qualification. The first is about Microsoft Windows 10, while the second is about advanced level deployment and policy for installing and deploying various software and office suites in the business environment.

The certification consists of two exams. 

The following skills are measured in the two exams included in this certification

  • Deploy Windows
  • Manage devices and data
  • Configure storage and connectivity
  • Maintain Windows
  • Deploy and upgrade operating systems
  • Manage policies and profiles
  • Manage and protect devices
  • Manage apps and data

Passing The Exam: MD-100

Taking a certification exam can be a very versatile experience. For those who are not having relevant experience and background, the certification exam can be an uphill task, whereas those who are working with the relevant tools and environment will take it as a piece of cake. This is only partially true as taking the certification exam is a little bit tricky.

Mostly the questions in certification exams are designed in a way to access the actual depth of knowledge of the candidate and not just superficial knowledge, so it can be tricky even for those who are working in a relevant field. There can be unseen scenarios and hypothetical situations which one may not have experienced ever in their workplace. So you have to cover all the aspects while preparing for the exam.

Windows 10 is a part of daily life for most of us, but this exam is something more than that in everyday use. It focuses on the administrator role in an enterprise deployment. The wider scope of the content requires specialized, professionally compiled study material. Marks4Sure offers comprehensive training material that covers all aspects of the exam: MD-100. A money-back guarantee is offered on the Marks4Sure PDF + Testing Engine package. It is also known for its innovative braindumps that are prepared by experienced professionals of the industry. Carefully compiled practice tests can lead you to sure success in the exam: MD-100. The right training material is a must for any certification exam.


Enterprise IT has seen tremendous growth after the introduction of the cloud computing platform. Microsoft is a market leader in OS, Office Productivity Applications, and The Cloud. It provides comprehensive solutions for all kinds of enterprises. This big product portfolio brings a whole lot of opportunities for professionals.

Microsoft 365 Certified: Modern Desktop Administrator Associate certification is your gateway to a promising career in the fastest growing productivity platform. With Microsoft’s global presence, this prestigious certification can give you a great start anywhere in the world.

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