Dragon Ball FighterZ - A Huge Update Likely to Come in April 

Dragon Ball FighterZ – A Huge Update Likely to Come in April 

The developers of Dragon Ball FighterZ have said that a big update is in the works to address issues that have developed since the game’s new rollback netcode was implemented. Nearly all Dragon Ball FighterZ platforms received an update at the end of February, except for the Switch version, which saw the introduction of the rollback netcode. Dragon Ball FighterZ for the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S was also released at the same time as this update. Although the update was supposed to improve Dragon Ball FighterZ’s online experience, players have found that it has instead produced problems, making the game unplayable for some.

Soon after Dragon Ball FighterZ’s update was released, streamers and fans shared videos of game-breaking bugs on social media. Characters would T-pose while the movie animations went on, and strange issues would cause characters to clone one another while a match was in progress. A mix of excitement and annoyance was expressed by the community regarding the various bugs introduced by the rewind netcode. FighterZ’s developers are aware of these problems and want to provide a patch the following month.

The team acknowledges the problems resulting from the rollback update in Dragon Ball FighterZ, according to the official Dragon Ball Games Twitter account. They promise that an official patch release date will be announced as soon as it is verified, and they reassure supporters that the team is actively working to remedy these issues by the end of April. The team also thanks fans for their patience while the developers strive to resolve these difficulties and apologize to anyone who is having trouble with the rollback update.

A potential explanation for the game’s broken rewind netcode is a rumored split between Dragon Ball FighterZ publisher Bandai Namco and developer Arc System Works. The rollback update and new versions may have been handled by a Bandai Namco team internally or by a third party as a result of this purported separation, possibly without Arc System Works’ involvement. This, however, remains unverified. 

The competitive Dragon Ball fighting game’s ongoing problems are being eagerly anticipated by fans to be fixed in the upcoming update. They also hope that when Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero is released, rollback netcode would be included from the beginning. The general wish among fans of Dragon Ball is that the next game won’t have the same online difficulties that Dragon Ball FighterZ did.

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