DotA 2 Ranking Table

DotA 2 Ranking Table

In esports Dota 2, there are several basic formats and game modes. Some of them are used in ordinary games, whether it be Dota 2 matches or regular duels, and others are used in the professional Dota 2 pro matches scene: large tournaments and local tournaments.

Ranks in Dota 2

Esports Dota 2 allows you to clearly define your place in the global hierarchy. Players’ strength is expressed in a universal indicator. A common reflection of a player’s abilities in Dota 2 games today is the MMR value. This is your rating, which can go up or down based on the results of ranked Dota 2 ti matches. 

For convenience, all players are divided into eight categories, depending on their Dota 2 esports rating.

There are a total of 8 ranks in esports Dota 2:

  • Herald – rank range from 1 to 616 rating points;
  • Guardian – rank range from 770 to 1386 rating points;
  • Crusader – from 1540 to 2156 rating points;
  • Archon – 2,310 to 2,926 rating points;
  • Legend – 3080 to 3696 rating points;
  • Ancient – 3,850 to 4,466 rating points;
  • Divine – 4,620 to 5,420 rating points.

All of these ranks contain 5 stars, each of which represents about 150 MMR. They are an intermediate reflection of the player’s level within each rank in Dota 2 ongoing matches. Separately there is a special rank – Immortal. This includes all players who have passed the Divine rank. Depending on the position taken in the regional table of the best players, only the number of ranks on the badge changes.

It’s worth noting that in Dota 2 today’s games there is a system of seasons. One important piece of news – in the 4th season, the developers from Valve decided to pay special attention to the process of resetting the rating in Dota 2 pro games. Previously it was mandatory, but now the opportunity to change your MMR is introduced gradually for different players to not create too many unpredictable situations in Dota 2 ti matches. According to Dota 2, this will get rid of most of the disadvantages of resetting the rating and give a more stable environment.

To track your progress after Dota 2 matches, all ranks except Titan have five subgroups: they are displayed as 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 stars above the icon. The more stars, the closer you are to promotion.

MMR in Dota 2

MMR in Dota 2

Games Dota 2 today assumes the presence of MMR. MMR is a reflection of the player’s skill in ranked matches. The more victories gained, the higher the MMR. Visually, the rating thresholds are displayed in medals. The process of climbing to the top league is complex and involves a lot of nuances. Also, Valve is actively modifying the methods of ranking players.

The ranking appears for a player who:

  • Has played 100 games per account on Dota 2 esports teams;
  • Has played 10 games in MM mode. 

Player ranking in Dota 2 games today directly affects the selection of other players in Dota 2 pro matches, as well as shows the level of skill.

Then everything goes according to the following algorithm: 

You play 10 games in Dota 2 recent matches and receive the appropriate rank for your level of play. This is maintained for the duration of the esports Dota 2 game season. 

Once you’ve played a season, your rank will automatically reset. You will have to play 10 games again to get the rank. The old icon will be displayed next to the new one. 

To reach the rank of Ancient or higher, you will have to win single-ranked games. Steam and group Dota 2 MMs do not count.

Many who follow the Dota 2 matches schedule know that to start playing ranked on a new account, you will have to play 100 simple Dota 2 matches. This is done to remove from the game booster and those who are constantly raising new accounts and selling them. 

After you have played 100 games, you’ll have to link your phone number to your Steam account and then win 10 games. The result will be available after the 10th game. Follow Dota 2 matches online, and develop a good eye for the game.

Dota 2 table updated

The game has implemented a table of ranks, with which you can find out your status after Dota 2 pro matches. This is needed to understand the real level of this or that gamer. Players often compete with each other, showing a higher rank or current MMR rating. Many people watch Dota 2 live matches and cheer for their favorite players. 

The most important parameter to get a player into the table is the universal MMR. It always stays floating and corrects depending on the statistics of played matches. Only the ranked matches are taken into account. 

With each new esports Dota 2 season, the current player rating is updated. A player in Dota 2 pro matches needs to go through a series of matches to get a fresh status. If his level of play has remained the same or deteriorated, this will be reflected in his current rank. The Dota 2 live score reflects a team’s ability and the impact of each player.

For Dota 2 matches today the system is very convenient because gamers are constantly looking for opportunities to improve their rank before the start of the new season. Table updated always appears as the completion of all-time events – Dota 2 pro matches and Dota 2 ti matches

Not to be overlooked is the fact that the table is not only divided into 10 ranks. The first 9 of them have additional statuses in the form of stars. And for the last and highest rank, the developers have come up with a system with a numerical designation. The number on the icon will mean the place in the ranking on the selected server. So if you find a player with the number 1 next to his Titan badge, prepare for a challenge!

Keep an eye on the Dota 2 placement matches and you’ll always be in the loop on what’s happening in the game world.

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