The Pros and Cons of Starting Your Own Company

Starting your own company takes hard work and consistency. There is no denying it: you will have to work tirelessly to achieve your desired success. However, if you want to make something happen for yourself, you can do it. Here are the good and the bad of building your own company.

Con: It’s All On You

Every potential liability at work will be entirely on you. With all that responsibility on your shoulders, you’re bound to get stressed sometimes, which can be a big deal if you’re not cut out for that much pressure. 

Here are some examples of stressors you’ll face as the boss: 

  • You might blame yourself for business mistakes that are bound to happen along the way, which can be a big hit to your self-esteem. 
  • You also have to be the one to set up all the organizational systems and cloud solutions that make things work efficiently. 

Be sure you’re ready to take on a leadership role. 

Pro: You’re The Boss

One of the greatest perks of starting a company is that you’re the boss and don’t have to answer to anyone but yourself. Being your own boss can be very appealing for those who are natural leaders or don’t like dealing with others that much (introverts unite!). 

You also get to plan your schedule and time off and make all the decisions directly affecting you and your company. If your personality suits this role, being the boss is a major pro of starting your own company

Pro: You Can Hire People You Like 

Pro: You Can Hire People You Like

One of the best aspects of running a company is having the privilege of hiring people you genuinely enjoy being around. Rather than tolerating colleagues and “work friends” that you forget exist after you clock out for the day, you can create a team that fosters social connection and supports your business goals

If you plan a remote company, you can boost your remote work environment by including a friendly chat section for workplace banter and social discussions. 

You might look forward to coming to work to see everyone because you selected them yourself. Hiring qualified people also takes a lot of stress off your back because you know those you’ve hired will work to get the job done. You no longer have to compensate for a coworker’s poor work ethic! 

Con: You Might Get Talked About 

It would be best if you considered your options before diving head-first into becoming a company founder. It’s accepted that employees talk not so nicely about their bosses behind their backs. 

If you find yourself in this position, it comes with the territory. Let it roll off your shoulders, that is if you can. It might keep you up at night and suggest you’re more the type to stand in the crowd, not in the spotlight.

Pro: You can absolutely reduce being the center of workplace trash talk by hiring the right people. Getting along with those you hire will set you up with a greater likelihood of getting along with your workers, and we mean that genuinely- not in the smile-to-their-face-but-secretly-loathe-each-other kind of way.  

Do What’s Best For You

Ultimately, starting your own company comes with perks and setbacks, and there may be better decisions for you. You can only reflect on your values, personality, and what you want and go from there. 

Consider the pros and cons before starting your own company. You don’t want to rush a decision like this, so give yourself time to process and reflect. 

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