Gang Beasts Controls Guide for PC, PS4, & Xbox One

Gang Beasts Controls Guide for PC, PS4, & Xbox One

Gang Beasts is a fun and adventurous game you can enjoy with friends! But we are here to deliver if you want to excel in the game and discover the right control keys to get the best actions. Take a closer look at the basic and more complicated keys to improvise your gameplay. So before you start playing, go through the Gang Beasts Controls so you can learn how to climb in Gang Beasts and perform more actions. 

Let’s dive in!

Gang Beasts Control: PS5

The controls on this are different than the Xbox ones. Here they are:

Actions Control Keys 
Crawl Hold onto the Circle Key
JumpPress X 
Running Press X and hold onto it while pressing a direction
Sitting Press X when you’re standing in one place 
Kicking Square 
HeadbuttCircle Key 
LiftTriangle Key 
TauntTriangle Key
Right punch/ grabbing R1
Left punch/ grabbing L1

Gang Beasts Controls: PS4  

Apart from a few buttons, the controls on Xbox and PlayStation are quite similar. If you’re a beginner, you should begin with basic moves and then move on to complicated movements. This will strengthen your gameplay and give you an advantage over your enemies. Here is a list of actions and controls for PS4 players:

Actions Control Buttons 
Climbing L1+R1, then Press on the X key
Crawling Hold onto the Circle button 
Changing camera angles  D-Pad  
Ducking Press the Circle key
Backflips Press X, and then Hold onto the Square key
Body Slams Search for a ledge, and then press X+O
Charged Headbutts Press the X, and then the O button, and then hold onto the O key
JumpX Key
Headbutt Circle Key
Kicking Square key
Flip Kicks Square key, then continuously tap on the X key
Flying drop kicks Hold the X button while you’re moving, tap on the X button, and hold onto the square key. 
Super Dop KickPress X key and hold onto it, keep moving, then press X, and hold onto the Square key, and then press O 
Right punching/grabbing R1
Left punching/ grabbing L1
Throwing away enemies L1+R1, then press the Triangle key, start moving, and then let go of the L1 and R1 keys 
Super PunchPress O, then instantly press the R1 or L1 key
Taunting Holding the Triangle key 
Running Hold X when you’re moving 
Sitting Hold X when you’re standing in one place 
Slide tackling Press X, and start moving, then hold on to the square key 
Power slide  Hold Square, then Hold onto the Circle key while you’re moving 
Switching focus while viewing R1

Gang Beasts Controls: Xbox

Gang Beasts Controls: Xbox

If you plan to improve your gameplay, we have created a list to help you discover the right moves and buttons you need to press to win from your enemies. 

Action Control Buttons
Backflip Press A, then hold onto the  X key
Change the angles of the camera Press D-Pad 
Slamming BodySearch for a ledge, then A + B
Headbutt A, then B, then hold onto the B button
Climbing LB+RB, then press A
Ducking B
Crawling Hold onto B
Headbutting B
Kicking X
Flip Kicking X, then tap on the A constantly 
Super  PunchPress B, then quickly press the RB or LB button
Taunt Hold onto the Y button
Running Hold onto the A button while moving 
Lie Down Hold onto the X button 
Sitting Hold A while you’re standing still
Throwing enemies LB+RB, then Press Y, and move, and release the RB+LB
Grabbing/ Right-hand punchRB
Grab/ Left-hand punchLB
Lean-up and climbHold RB+LB, then double-tap on the A button 
Lie downHold the X button 
Standing drop kicks Press A, then hold onto the X button 
Super drop kicks Hold the A button while you’re moving, then hold onto the X and B buttons
Zombie Waddles Hold onto B+X, then start moving 

Gang Beast Controls: PC

Users who plan to play this game on their PC remember it’ll be impossible without the right gaming equipment. Starting, you will need a mechanical keyboard, which will result in you being unable to perform well and eventually losing. Your PCs come with additional key bindings that work perfectly in favor of all single-players and customized games. 

Actions Control Keys 
Headbutt Ctrl
Jump Space 
Handstand Hold the Ctrl button, then using the Left mouse button + the right mouse button, press Space
Flip Kicks Press M, then tap on the Space bar continuously 
Flying drop kicks Hold the space bar while you’re moving, and  then tap on Space, and then hold onto the M key 
Duck Ctrl 
CrawlHold Ctrl
Climbing Press the left mouse button +  the right mouse button, and then click on space 
Body slamSearch for a ledge nearby, and then press Space + Ctrl
Backflips Space, and then hold onto the M key
Lie down or lean backward Hold onto the M key 
Grab/Left punches , / the Left mouse button 
Menu Esc key 
Shifting Camera Angles Right arrow key 
Movement WASD 
Running Hold the Space bar while you’re moving 
Move back to the standard speed o
Scoreboard Hold the Tab 
Spawn Opponents Shift/Ctrl + 1-8
Spawn Props Tap any key from 3-7
Speeding up the game Tap on +
Standing Drop KickSpace and then Hold onto the M key
Super Drop KickHold the space bar while you’re moving, and then tap space, and then Hold M and press Ctrl 
Spawn Pulling Force or Pushing Force 1 or 2 
Super PunchCtrl, instantly tap on the Right or Left mouse key 
Switching focus < or > 

Bottom Line

If you’re a beginner, an expert, or haven’t played Gang Beasts in a long time. It’s time you go through a list of all the Gang Beast controls for different devices such as PC, Xbox, PS4, and PS5. This will give you an edge and help you play the game well. Stop delaying; fire up your devices and begin the fun!

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