Benefits of Using Two-factor Authentication to Protect Your Data Online

Benefits of Using Two-factor Authentication to Protect Your Data Online

One of the biggest fears of internet users is a data privacy breach, and password theft is usually the weakest link for intruders to penetrate. Choosing a strong password that combines letters, numbers, and symbols is one way to ensure security, but more is needed to block out high-tech hackers from invading your privacy or breaching your online data.

Multi-factor authentication is a better solution, and two-factor authentication, also known as 2FA, is the most common type. Here we discuss the benefits of using two-factor authentication to protect your data online.

Saves Time Spent on Changing Passwords

A common approach many people take to prevent their data from being hacked is to change their passwords regularly. While this can help, it can be very time-wasting,not to mention tedious.

An ExpressVPN password survey study showed that, in the US, about 21% of participants reset their passwords at least once a week, while about 14% reset their passwords daily. As a result, many Americans spend a large portion of their time resetting passwords weekly, which may reduce their productivity at work or take some time off their leisure.

However, using 2FA can help you maximize your time because no one can access your account using just your password.

Stronger Security

Stronger Security

Sometimes, a strong password may fail to protect your data as you intended. Hackers with advanced technology can crack your strong password or trick you into unconsciously providing them on fake and unsecured pages.

According to Wric’s phishing scams warning, new scams seem to pop up in the US every day, and they do not only look to steal personal information but your money too. Fraudsters now pose as trusted or legitimate officials to steal sensitive information via emails, text messages, or phone calls.

However, 2FA ensures strong security that is more difficult to bypass. It will shield your data from third-party access even if they have your password.

It will also help you to monitor attempted access to your accounts in real-time – you will receive an alert when someone tries to access your account with or without your permission. 

User Convenience and Trust

Two-factor authentication gives users convenient access to their accounts without the need to remember passwords. It may be difficult for people with accounts on several platforms to recall the unique passwords for each account, especially when using new devices. However, they will not need to do this if they use two-factor authentication.

Users tend to trust platforms that enable two-factor authentication with their details because the feature gives them control over their account, and they can restrict access under certain conditions using 2FA settings.

Help Net Security encourages password-less security to relieve help desks of their sometimes overwhelming tasks. It recorded that password reset is one of the most frequent employee requests from a helpdesk team, and it can indirectly affect the efficiency and effectiveness of a company’s help desk.

Therefore, using two-factor authentication becomes a better way to ensure security without passwords or password resets and keep the unnecessary workload off the help desk.

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