The Menu Ending Explained (In Detail)

The Menu Ending Explained (In Detail)

The Menu was far from any average movie; with thought-provoking scenes, audiences will get captivated and confused. The film has been discussed since it was released, and fans have wondered what happened the minute the credits rolled down. There are complexities, confusions, and the movie will leave you hanging by a thin thread. 

So explore with us as we dissect Menu’s ending and shed light on all the theories we have regarding the end of the movie. While the Menu ending is explained, there sure are a lot of spoilers, so here’s a little warning for you! 

The Menu

The Menu revolves around a couple, Margot and Tyler, who love a good meal and decide to visit an exclusive restaurant by Chef Julian Slowik, built on a private island. When the guests gather at the restaurant to feast, Julian decides to provide them with a completely different menu.

He serves unsettling dishes which expose the weirdest truths about every guest. But what changes the story and brings a twist is when the sous-chef commits suicide, and the guests quickly realize they are now trapped on the island. 

Julian Slowik uncovers how he had invited them to play a role in eradicating his love for cooking. The game begins, and Margot escapes, leaving the restaurant in a bad position. 

Why Did John Want to Kill Everybody?

Why Did John Want to Kill Everybody?

As the evening unfolds, the sinister plans quickly unfold when Slowik serves the guests with unsettling courses. However, whatever starts happening is all because of a motive and the hate John feels towards the guests, and he holds them responsible for changing the fine dining industry and making it a very elite one.

The wealth of the rich has made the fine dining experience very costly, and not everyone can afford a good meal if they do not have the means to pay for it, increasing its exclusivity. So to show them their true position, he takes his hate out on a bunch of people who have gathered at the private island at his restaurant. He organizes a series of events to humiliate each of them before he ends up killing them. 

Slowik is a sadist, and his actions are a result of a lot of hatred that he has felt for years. It all stemmed from his love for cooking but how he’s not able to feed except only a specific group of people who can afford him. The movie’s narrative highlights a common problem and targets the elite. 

Tyler Dies: But Why?

Towards the end of the movie, you will see how Tyler admires the chef, and it is because he wants to seek validation. Throughout the evening, Tyler does everything he can through his culinary techniques to impress Slowik, but eventually, the chef knows Tyler’s motive and sees him exactly for who he is. He takes Tyler to the kitchen and wants him to cook for the guests, but because of Tyler’s lack of experience, he humiliates himself by making a lump of uncooked lamb meat. 

But what triggers Tyler is the whispers of Slowik that are the only source of communication between him and Julian, after which he hangs himself and dies. Even the words they exchanged are a vast mystery, but they are why we see him hanging with his necktie. 

Another thing that makes the movie even more interesting is how Tyler is aware of Slowik’s plan. Yet, he still brought his partner along, knowing how it would end for everyone, including her. 

How Did Margot End Up Leaving?

Initially, Julian is bemused by Margot’s presence and personality; he sees how she doesn’t fit the criteria he holds of pretension and wealthy people. As the film unfolds, it’s clear what Slowik’s motive is, and all he wants to do is punish the rich who have contributed to the change brought to the fine dining industry. However, Margot appreciates the smaller things in life and loves a meal that tastes good. 

When Margot requests a hamburger, that changes Slowik and shows how she enjoys a simple meal reminding him of where he came from. Unlike all the other people he’s hosting, Margot is mindful and modest and understands the value of a yummy meal rather than it being fancy and extravagant. 

Towards the end, Chef Slowik lets Margot leave unharmed and recognizes how she isn’t the contributor to making the industry pretentious; instead, she’s someone like him who appreciates a decent meal. 

What Does The Hamburger Mean?

As the movie progresses, the guests quickly discover what really is happening, and that’s when Margot attempts to escape. She speaks to Chef Slowik and tells him how she isn’t satisfied with the meals he has cooked and asks for a basic cheeseburger and fries. Slowik takes a reasonable amount of time and puts in effort to prepare her meal, and when she asks him to make it on the go, he lets her leave through the ferry. 

The cheeseburger is symbolized and shows how, like Margot, Slowik comes from a humble home. But eventually, with time, things change, and he loses interest in his craft. But at the movie’s end, you can see Margot enjoying her cheeseburger while Hawthorn burns in the background. 

Bottom Line

The Menu is an exciting creation, pointing toward the fine dining industry. We have the menu plot, and the menu ending explained so you know what really happened. If you still haven’t seen the movie, we recommend you watch this thrilling piece of art which will confuse and leave you wanting more. 

Even though it targets an important topic, it has a different change of events, letting the poor and humble get out free. 

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