Email Design - The Ultimate Guide

Email Design – The Ultimate Guide

Emails since their inception back in the 70s could be an ancestral form of online interactions, but that hasn’t stopped them from becoming increasingly significant within the realm of marketing. The average person receives tens of emails daily, therefore it’s important that yours shines via innovative design.

User-friendliness is of the utmost importance in email design since this guarantees the message resonates with the intended recipients. An email marketing designer holds expertise in this regard and provides customers with personalized email templates. 

You can make use of these professionals to unlock an email marketing design that can propel the brand’s awareness forward through its engaging layout. The tools provided by MailChimp are ideal for this purpose. The Academy serves as a learning center for companies and freelancers alike. Mailchimp learning allows marketing specialists to learn how to use in-built analytics and design highly-effective templates.

To find out how to create an efficient email design for marketing campaigns, we have compiled a detailed article with all aspects below.

Implement Mobile-Responsive Layout

Emails with adaptive layouts generate 2 versions, one for each possible dimension of the display, using media query from CSS. By utilizing such media queries in the email, the design, material, and font dimensions would adapt seamlessly to fit the customer’s mobile display. Although additional work is necessary up front, once you have a strong design in place, you may reuse it for quite some time.

Maintain just a single-section structure for this very reason. Minimal scrolling and page turning means a simpler experience for the readers. Do not use links that are hypertext-based, and particularly do not cluster a bunch of them simultaneously.

Maintain An Organized Design

Several professionals on the web use the spatial balancing tool to perfect the presentation of the layout’s most important parts (pictures, email text, CTA, and more). There should be no distorted proportions or untidy organization in the design as a whole and you can take example from mailchimp email inspiration.

Use an orderly crafted template, for which you can check out Techshout. They suggest the most top-notch app recommendations that have pre-designed html email templates for an interactive user experience to improve a business’s email marketing campaign.

Large chunks of text should be avoided. Reduce them into more manageable sections.

Clarify your content using appropriate headers. Make sure your headers are consistently centered on the page. Aligning text from left to right improves comprehension. Text, particularly blocks of written content, shouldn’t be overstyled.

Engaging Pre-Header

Engaging Pre-Header

Without an engaging opener, the attention of your readers may wonder. More context is provided in the topic area owing to the preheader. Email subject lines should be compelling as those offered by mailchimp email design. This will help readers to click through to the body of the message.

There should be at least 30 words and no more than 70 words in total. Put your own spin on it rather than simply repeating the first statement, and it will show that you paid attention to it.

Subject Line

The format of the subject line is equally important for an effectively composed email. In a properly scaled and ordered layout, the subject line should be big and conspicuous and positioned at eye level. It has to be succinct while yet conveying the purpose of the email content.

Appropriate Font

When sending an email, choose fonts that can be read by recipients using a variety of devices. Standard fonts are preferred, however, web fonts may be used if a standard font is also present.

They need to be understandable, consistent with the company’s image, and not written in cursive script. Use no more than two different fonts throughout the whole message.

Implement Interactive Elements

Implement Interactive Elements

When it comes to design, dynamic emails are somewhat of a novelty. The incorporation of interactivity in emails is now trending prominently. It makes use of the actual JavaScript functionality. It’s impressive as well as is capable of winning over an audience with relative ease.

As still there is somewhat unavailability of such functions, you can use CSS-driven animations and GIFs to provide the impression of interaction.

Proportioned Images

It’s not unreasonable to assume that using visuals will help your emails get noticed. Over half of the email, readers are interested in visual content. Photos larger than 1MB should be avoided whenever possible.

Don’t choose a picture with too much detail if you want to superimpose text over the image. Always provide alternative text in the event a recipient’s email program fails to show photos. Implement small-sized, scalable pictures such as around twofold for retina displays.

Appealing Call to Action

Marketing emails and websites may tremendously benefit from the addition of call-to-action buttons.  The inclusion of even a single call to action on a company’s website may have a significant impact on the number of hits the site receives.

As long as they convey the intended message, CTAs may have whatever design selected. Avoid using more than two calls to action per email. It has to stand out, both in terms of size and color.

When designing your email’s call-to-action buttons, be consistent with the message’s overall tone. The text around a CTA should be brief, yet still, provide enough information and interest to encourage the reader to take action. Place emphasis on getting people to take action.


In the rapidly expanding digital landscape of the present day, campaigns for email marketing are constantly competing for the focus of customers. The design of an email directly impacts its comprehension and usefulness.

We hope you found this article to be informative and that you’ll gain insight by implementing some of the recommended techniques for designing effective emails that we’ve outlined.

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