Silent Hill Townfall

Secret Message Uncovered in the Silent Hill Townfall Trailer

The trailer for Silent Hill Townfall was released by Konami during their showcase on October 19. During this showcase, various other projects were also released that were aimed at reviving the dormant franchise. Fans of Silent Hill have a lot to look forward to, including a film and two brand-new games. 

The Silent Hill Townfall announcement was brief and did not reveal much about the game. All the fans know is that the game will be released by Annapurna Interactive and developed by No Code. The fans found the trailer a little too mysterious. The Creative Director of No Code, Director Jon McKellen, stepped up to inform the fans that they may want to watch the trailer again in case they missed something. 

Many fans started going through the trailer again and employing various methods to uncover a few secret messages. The trailer focuses on a CRTV pocket television with a voiceover that speaks to the viewers. The voiceover has static and dramatic music laced throughout it.

A Reddit user called MilkManEX downloaded the Silent Hill Townfall trailer and extracted its audio to an MP3. They then plugged it into Audacity. Here they discovered that there is text hidden in its spectrograph. This text reads, “Whatever heart this town has had has now stopped.

Other fans played the trailer’s audio backward and found a message hidden in it too. This message references Alessa, one of the primary characters featured in the first Silent Hill game. She also appeared in subsequent games in the series. 

The introduction of an old character alongside the overall retro aesthetic of the game led some fans to hypothesize that Silent Hill Townfall may take the players back to the origin story of how the game’s universe came about. 

Some fans also analyzed the flickering of the images on the retro CRTV screen featured in the trailer. They noticed that there was a text that said, “Thy Flesh is weak,” and had three dots, three dashes, and then three more dots. This pattern is morse code for S.O.S.

Furthermore, on October 21, Annapurna and No Code tweeted a picture of a staticky house that were ever so slightly different from each other. When subtracted from each other, Twitter user yAptho found a morse code message reading, “I don’t know how to leave.”

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