How to Screenshot on Chromebook?

How to Screenshot on Chromebook?

Who said screenshots were just limited to your mobile phones and iPads, now learn how to screen capture on Chromebook through quick and easy steps. Do you have a troubleshooting problem or a snap you want to take on your laptop screens to send to your co-worker or post a picture of an Excel shoot on your presentations? The most convenient way to do that is by learning how to take a screenshot on a Chromebook. So before you get confused, go through the steps we have provided. They are quick and will quickly help you get the job done!

How to Take Screenshots on a Chromebook

To take a screenshot on your Chromebook, you have to follow a few steps. One of them is very quick and easy and requires a few keys while the other can be done through quick settings. 

Screen Capture on Chromebook Through Keyboard

Screen Capture on Chromebook Through Keyboard

Launching the screen-capturing toolbar on your Chromebook is quite easy. All you have to do is click on three shortcut keys simultaneously. 

  1. Press Shift+Ctrl+Show Windows, for those who are confused the Show Windows key is in the top row of your keyboard with an icon quite similar to the Windows. 
  2. Press these three keys together and a toolbar will appear at the bottom of your Chromebook screens. 
  3. You can then a take screenshot through it!

If you just want to take a quick screenshot, then follow the steps below:

  1. For instant screenshots, press the Ctrl+Show Windows key. 
  2. This will then take a screenshot and save to your photos. You can use it later for whatever purpose. 

These methods work on all the models however, some Chromebook keyboards have the screen capturing keys on the top row. These keys are rectangular with a circle in the center. If you press on it then it will automatically launch the tool needed to screen capture. 

Screenshots Through Quick Settings 

The shortcut key on your Chromebook keyboard allows you to access the Quick Settings on your laptop. You can also open the Chrome shelf and then click on the time. This will then open the Quick Settings menu on your screen. Click on the Screen Capture and the toolbar will be launched automatically. 

Screen Capture and Screen Record Using Your Toolbar

Using the Screen Capture Toolbar you can take screen recordings and screenshots very conveniently. Here’s how you can do that:

  1. Turn the toggle on which will allow you to shift from still captures to videos. The toggle is on the left side of the screen capture toolbar. 
  2. On the right side of the toolbar, you have multiple options such as taking full screenshots, screenshotting specific areas, and a specific window. 
  3. These options work for both videos and pictures. 
  4. You can also turn on and turn off the mic through the settings cog available in the toolbar. This helps you capture the sound behind the video as well. 

Bottom Line

Now you know how to screenshot on a Chromebook in three simple ways! Capture your screens, record different videos, and use them for a variety of purposes such as personal and work-related. Make sure to follow all the steps we have listed, they are easy and quickly screenshot on Chromebook, and work on all models. 

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