What Does NGL Stand For

What Does NGL Stand For?

Have you ever come across certain words that confuse you because you don’t know what they mean? With internet language becoming so vast with increased users, all of us have had that feeling at least once in our life. If you have wondered what does ngl means, read ahead.

Many abbreviations have, over the years, become more and more popular. NGL is one of them. Standing for ‘Not Gonna Lie, this abbreviation is used all over social media sites and in text messages. It is considered an internet slang that is used when you need to say something honestly without any lies.

NGL is essentially an acronym that you can use when you are about to say something honest. Other abbreviations have also been used for the same purpose, but as time passes, different words gain popularity, and others fade out. For now, NGL is extremely popular and is used in informal conversations.



What Is NGL? NGL stands for “not gonna lie,” or I’m not gonna lie,” and it has been in use for the past century. Most people use it to imply that whatever they are saying is honest. It may also hint at vulnerability. However, these days it is not used as seriously and often gets thrown about. Therefore, if someone uses it, it does not necessarily mean that they are about to say something deep and meaningful.

Not gonna lie, transformed into its abbreviation NGL somewhere around 2009 to 2010. It was then that NGL was also added to the Urban Dictionary. It also started to gain traction and picked up on Google Trends. It is now at its peak on Google Trends, which means that people are using this word more and more and are even searching it online. 

NGL is extremely popular on Twitter and Reddit because of various memes that use the format “they had us in the first half, not gonna lie.”

How to use it

If you want to define ngl, it simply means “not gonna lie.” This definition is the one you will find in most online dictionaries. 

Since NGL is an abbreviation of a real-life phrase, you can essentially use it in place of this phrase and not have the meaning change. If you use not gonna lie in your real life, you can easily substitute it with NGL. There are no grammar rules that you have to follow when using it. This abbreviation is straightforward to use. So you can use it without changing your sentence structure or grammar. 

If you are trying to admit something, then this phrase is a great one to use. 

Is upper case used for NGL or lower case?

When using internet slang, using upper or lower case usually does not matter. This is probably the charm of the internet jargon. You can use it however you want, and people will still get it. The meaning does not change with the change of upper or lower case. So you are free to use whatever you like. Some people do not enjoy writing in upper case because they feel like they are yelling. Others find writing completely in lowercase unnatural. Thus, if you are either of these people, NGL, ngl, and Ngl all mean the same thing, and you can use whichever you like, and it will same mean the same thing.

The best thing to do is to go with the flow. Whatever feels right to you is the one you should use. 

The appropriate use of NGL on social media and text messages

If you have ever wondered what is ngl’s meaning in text, you would be glad to know that NGL means the same thing across texts, social media, and in real-time speech. If you use not gonna lie online, then NGL is a pretty easy word to fit into your vocabulary. You may want to comment on something under a post of your friend. Maybe you want to make a joke or say something that may be mean but in good fun. You can add an ngl before it as it is appropriate here. 

NGL is slang, often used as a joke on social media and in text messages. When you want to be jokingly mean, you can add an ngl, which acts as a bit of a buffer so that the other person knows that you don’t mean it too seriously and are joking. 

Examples of NGL

Many examples are using different contexts to understand how one can use this abbreviation correctly. 

Example 1

Sometimes it is used when a person knows what they are about to say, which will sound unpleasant. This is not to say that it masks the intent but shows truthfulness.

After coming back from a party, Sam texts Eric about it. They seemed to not enjoy their evening. 

Sam: I can’t believe we went to that awful party.

Eric: It wasn’t that bad. Was it?

Sam: Ngl, it was a crappy party. I’ve seen better days.

Eric: lol don’t worry, we won’t be going back next time.

Example 2

Under an Instagram Post about Climate change, you see someone making valid points. You can agree with their argument by replying with: “Ngl, that do be making sense to me.”

In another instance, If you see someone making wrong points and want to call them out on it, you can simply say this. “Ngl, you seem to be very ill-informed on the topic. I couldn’t disagree more” which makes it sound much more interesting than simply saying you are wrong. 

Example 3

Sometimes it can be used to convey very unpopular controversial opinions. This is not to say that it will save you from criticism later.

Sam: So, I went to the new Cinema this weekend. 

Eric: The newly opened one? How was it?

Sam: ngl, it is overhyped. Can’t believe I went there. The line was long and the food was terrible.

Eric: I’m sorry you had such a bad time.

Other Meanings of NGL

There are myriad other meanings of the term NGL. However, they are sparingly used. If you intend to use them based on context alone, you would be able to tell what they are. 

  • In a scientific context, NGL means Natural Gas Liquids. These are components of natural gases including Ethane, butane, isobutane, etc. 
  • Next Generation Leaders
  • Network Global Logistics
  • Natural Ground Level
  • National Geographic Learning
  • Next Generation Learning
  • No Greater Love
  • National Grid For Learning
  • National Golf League
  • Nordic Green Leaf


  1. What is ngl meaning?

NGL stands for “not gonna lie,” and it is an internet slang that has seeped its way into our everyday life. Thus, it is used in text messages, various apps, and sometimes in real-life conversations as well. 

  1. What does ngl mean in text?

NGL can also be used in text, and it still means not gonna lie.

  1. What does ngl mean on Snapchat?

If you see NGL being used on Snapchat, it means “not gonna lie” or “I’m not going to lie,” and it is usually said before you are about to reveal something. 

  1. What does ngl mean in texting?

When you are texting, NGL means that you are about to reveal an unpopular option or something that you anticipated that the other person is going to object to. Its full form stands for “not gonna lie.”

5. What Does NGL Stand For On TikTok?

NGL is commonly defined as “Not Gonna Lie” on Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. NGL. Definition: I’m not going to lie.

Other Popular Social Media Abbreviations

What is the meaning of MHM?

Mhm is a variant of mm-hmm, an expression used to convey agreement or acknowledgment, among other things. Mhm is particularly common in casual internet writing and texting.

What does BGL stand for?

A BGL checks the level of blood glucose that is present at the moment of the test. The only way to determine the exact dose of insulin to administer is to perform blood glucose levels, write them in a record book, and review them on a regular basis.

What is the meaning of YK?

YK is another abbreviation for “You’re Kidding!” that is commonly used online and in text messaging to express strong feelings (e.g., joy, disgust, surprise, joy, disbelief). YK is frequently used in response to a shocking statement.

What does MK stand for?

MK on Snapchat stands for “Mm, OK.” This slang commonly indicates yes, confirms a statement, or agrees with someone. People also use MK to prevent receiving texts from someone and to end a conversation before it begins.

What does yl stand for in texting?

On Snapchat, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok, “Young Lady” is the most commonly used meaning for YL.

What is the meaning of FBS in texting?

Feel better as soon as possible. FBS. FBS stands for Fatboy Small.

What does MBGL mean?

The location indicated in meters below ground level (m b.g.l.).

What is the meaning of mm in chat?

MM is an abbreviation for “make me” in chat and text discussions. If someone requests you do a thing you have no desire to do, you could tell them off with MM. If the person asks you to perform a task they could do themselves, encourage them to DIY.

What is the meaning of SMH?

SMH is an abbreviation for “shaking my head.”


NGL is a widely used abbreviation that is often used in social media and in texting. It has become so widely known that some people even use it in their normal day-to-day conversations. Therefore, knowing what it means is important as you don’t want to be confused during a conversation. In this day and age, when the internet is so widely used, knowing this internet slang is extremely important. The article above has all the information you need to know about the abbreviation NGL. 

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