Naruto Every Tailed Beast & Jinchuriki In The Series

Naruto: Every Tailed Beast & Jinchuriki In The Series

Embark with the adventures of Naruto, full of a combination of tailed beasts and jinchuriki. All of them possess incredible amounts of chakra and are pretty powerful. These beasts have a history of their own and wreak havoc all over. Even though they all have a lot of power, most lack strength and are weak, and some are the opposite. Not all of them are on the same wavelength when it comes to power; you’ll find as you move ahead with the article we have mentioned the strength each Jinchuriki and Tailed beasts possess. Their chakra will give away how capable they are. 

Dive in to find out all there is to know about each Tailed beast and Jinchuriki in the series, but before we begin, you must know their history and what distinguishes both creatures. 

The History of the Tailed Beasts 

The Sage of Six Paths saved the planet long before the creation of the secret settlements by encasing the Ten-Tails in his body and becoming its jinchriki. Afterward, the Sage was motivated by his youngest child, Asura, to split the chakra of the Ten-Tails into nine living things, which would later become the tailed beasts. The Sage identified the nine and told them they had a connection even if they were apart. He also predicted that they would reunite one day, though not in the same form as before, and that someone would appear then to demonstrate the actual nature of power to them.

The tailed animals began to drift apart when the Sage passed away, maybe due to Kurama’s conviction that the number of tails on a creature was a sign of its power. The tailed monsters’ original purpose wasn’t simply to stop the Ten-Tails from rising again but also to uphold and balance peace. The first person to use them as intended was Hashirama Senju, who had used his Wood Release to capture a number of the tailed animals and then distributed them around the new settlements to stabilize the power dynamics amongst them.

But so far, Hashirama’s tactics with the tailed animals were aggressive rather than motivating them to cooperate voluntarily. His technique would be realized in Naruto Uzumaki, Hashirama’s successor, and Asura’s reincarnation.

The tailed beasts were not recognized by humanity throughout the ages as intelligent creatures but rather as monsters, demons, or thoughtless beasts that should be feared and despised. The tailed monsters were hunted by humans to be used as weapons in times of conflict because of their great strength. 

The beasts became enraged by this treatment and developed a hatred for people, at times willingly turning into the monsters that people perceived them to be. The villages transformed the monsters into humans, producing their jinchriki to channel their power. After the Third Shinobi World War, decades later, the Akatsuki organization begins kidnapping the jinchriki of the villages in order to capture their tailed animals and put them inside the Demonic Statue of the Outer Way in order to revive the Ten-Tails.

Akatsuki captured the first seven-tailed beasts during the Fourth Shinobi World War. Tobi locks the monsters back into their reborn jinchriki and has them battle the Eight-Tails’ and Nine-Tails’ jinchriki, namely Killer B and Naruto Uzumaki, to capture the final two, the Eight-Tails and Nine-Tails. The tailed monsters determine that Naruto is the one the Sage of Six Paths prophesied of based on his desire to learn their names and his drive to liberate them from Tobi. They part ways with some of their chakra, allowing him to free them from Tobi’s hold.

With the help of the chakra remains from the Eight-Tails and Nine-Tails, Tobi can recover the liberated-tailed creatures and bring the Ten-Tails back to life quickly. Tobi then turns into the Ten-Tails’ jinchriki, but the Allied Shinobi Forces beat him and remove the tailed animals from his body. The eight and nine-tailed animals fight Madara Uchiha, Tobi’s accomplice. Still, he easily overpowers them all, seals them inside the Demonic Statue, and then reforms the ten-tailed beasts again.

Madara adopts the jinchriki role of the Ten-Tails and tries to use Infinite Tsukuyomi on everyone. When attempting to defeat him, Naruto uses earlier chakra gifts from the tailed beasts but is unsuccessful. After that, Kaguya tsutsuki, who tries to remove what little of the tailed monsters’ chakra Naruto still has, is accidentally revived using Madara. The fight ends when Naruto and Sasuke Uchiha shut Kaguya away in one of her dimensions and remove the tailed beasts from her body. 

Sasuke, however, seeing that the battle for the tailed creatures was what initially sparked the war, captures them with Chibaku Tensei and plans to kill them so that the world will no longer fight over them. The tailed creatures are unleashed completely after Naruto persuades them not to. The tailed monsters are free to live as they like as they are dispersed worldwide; however, Gyoki and Kurama choose to go back and stay with B and Naruto. The chakra pieces from the tailed beasts are still inside Naruto, allowing his body to serve as their “meeting ground” even though they are separated.

The Tailed Beasts In Order of Their Tales 

The following are all tailed beasts in order of the tales that they all have. 

  • Shukaku
  • Matatabi
  • Isobu
  • Son Goku
  • Koku0
  • Saiken
  • Chomei
  • Gyuki
  • Kurama
  • Ten-Tails

Ten Tails 

Knowing the names of the Ten tails doesn’t do justice to them; it’s crucial you know the power each of the beasts holds. From the one-tailed beast to the ten-tailed beast, here’s all you need to know about them. 

1. Shukaku – One-Tailed Beast


One of the first-tailed creatures viewers encounter in the anime, aside from Naruto, of course, is this sandy creature known as the One-Tail. When still in the womb, Shukaku, who is from the Hidden Sand Village, is sealed within Gaara, the Fifth Kazekage. Shukaku’s hatred of people severely impacts Gaara’s upbringing because he frequently breaks free of his seal and mass murders through the community.

The young jinchuriki passes his formative years struggling with a severe bout of sleeplessness because of his capacity for threats to escape whenever Gaara sleeps. Gaara later learns to better manage his tailed beast after becoming friends with Naruto, strengthening their bond. The Japanese tanuki yokai, a shape-shifting raccoon dog with a tendency to trick people, served as inspiration for Shukaku’s design. Shukaku, unlike tanuki, appears to be made of sand, although his dark ears, dark bags under his eyes, and bushy tail are reminiscent of tankuki. 

Despite being proud, irritable, and stubborn, Shukaku suffers from inferiority syndrome because he is the lowest-ranked-tailed beast. Shukaku, while having only one tail, has stronger defensive skills than many other tailed monsters, such as the Ultimate Defense ability, which constantly defends Gaara.

2. Matatabi: 2-Tailed Beast


The Hidden Cloud Village, with which the Two-Tails are associated, is not closely related to the Hidden Leaf Village. As a result, Matatabi doesn’t make his anime debut until episode 72 of “Naruto Shippuden.” As Yugito Nii, Matatabi’s jinchuriki, is killed by the Akatsuki shortly after making her debut, little is revealed about her. Even in her Two-Tail form, Yugito is defeated by the evil group of shinobi, who then take Matatabi from her in a way even jinchuriki cannot endure.

The nekomata, a kind of bakeneko or monster cat yokai that frequently stand on their hind legs and consume humans, served as an inspiration for Matatabi’s appearance. A nekomata can be identified by its split tail, or more specifically, by its two tails, each of which is frequently tipped with a blue flame. In the case of Matatabi, the blue flame he uses as his main weapon either consumes his entire body or is made of it.

Matatabi appears to be a more peaceful and courteous creature than many other-tailed monsters. While referring to himself, he utilizes the appropriate Japanese personal pronoun watashi, and when speaking to people, he has even been observed using honorific terms. Matatabi uses Fire Release to launch enormous fireballs during combat because of his passion for fire. Despite his immense size, his cat shape gives him greater speed and agility.

3. Isobu: 3-Tailed Beast


Another tailed animal that makes a late debut is The Three-Tails. He initially appears in episode 92 of “Naruto Shippuden,” where he is living in a lake without a jinchuriki just before being abducted and imprisoned by the Akatsuki. Isobu was once a member of the Hidden Fog Village, where he was imprisoned inside the body of Yagura Karatachi, the Fourth Mizukage.

However, throughout his rule, Yagura is coerced into numerous brutal and terrible crimes by the influence of Obito Uchiha, ultimately destroying his image and legacy. Although Yagura eventually escapes from Obito’s influence, his cause of death is unknown. It is believed that Isobu is reborn somewhere else in the world after passing away, possibly in the lake where Naruto and the others discovered him.

The sea turtle is the most noticeable sea creature in Isobu’s appearance. He has fleshy pink portions inside of a tough, spiky shell. His right eye is always closed, and his hands and arms are spiky and heavily armored. His three tails are strong and resemble shrimp. Although Isobu doesn’t share a physical resemblance with any yokai, he does have a similar name. The sea monster yokai isonade and Isobu use the same Chinese letters to spell out their names: beach and stroke. Isobu mostly uses water in his attacks, so it should be no surprise that he frequently utilizes Water Release to produce shockwaves and a hallucinogenic mist that preys on the fears of those it infects.

4. Son Goku: 4-Tailed Beast

One of Son Goku’s many names is Seiten Taisei Son Goku, which translates to Great Sage Equalling Heaven, King of the Sage Monkeys, or even Handsome Monkey King. Son Goku is also known as the Four-Tails. On the other hand, the Four-Tails is a name you shouldn’t use on him since it upsets his proud character and is something humans have forced on him.

Overall, all of the tailed monsters need to be addressed by their actual names since it serves as a reminder of the intelligence and distinctiveness that humans took from them. In “Naruto Shippuden” episode 329, during the Fourth Great Shinobi War, Naruto learns that the tailed beasts have their names.

Son Goku is a member of the Hidden Stone Village and is currently imprisoned inside Roshi, one of its shinobi. Sadly, the Akatsuki slaughtered and kidnapped this jinchuriki as part of their effort to destroy all of the tailed creatures. Unsurprisingly, The Handsome Monkey King looks like a giant ape.

He has green skin, red fur, and even bigger horns than his teeth. Son Goku is influenced by Dragonball Z, one of Kishimoto’s favorite anime, rather than yokai. He not only has the same name as the main character from “Dragonball,” but the Saiyan Great Ape transition is also the source of inspiration for his look. And to top it all off, his jinchuriki is named after Roshi, the master, and teacher of Son Goku from Dragonball.

5. Kokuo: 5-Tailed Beast

The Five-Tails is a member of the Hidden Stone Village, just like Son Goku. Han, Kokuo’s jinchuriki, also succumbs to the Akatsuki, losing his life and tailed beast. He was renowned for his skill in steam ninjutsu before his death and during the Third Great Shinobi War, and he wore a big red steam suit that covered his entire body, including the lower half of his face.

Kuokuo has red marks under his eyes and resembles a white horse with a dolphin’s head. In Japan, this type of red-eye makeup is frequently used to depict deities and geisha since it is thought to represent strength and dignity. Yet, it is claimed to have started with male kabuki actors who utilized it to denote power. Kokuo’s atmosphere of nobility extends to his name, which is written with the Chinese character for modest and dignified, which also signifies respect and beauty. 

6. Saiken: 6-Tailed Beast

The Six-Tails, a member of the Hidden Fog Village, makes its television debut in “Naruto Shippuden” episode 151. His jinchuriki, Utakata, is a loss from the Hidden Fog Village, which denotes that he has disregarded his obligations and earned a death sentence. Utakata has a relatively good relationship with his tailed beast since he can draw power from it without coercion and stay conscious even when taking complete control of the animal’s shape.

He always carries a special bubble-blowing pipe with him, alongside a flask of soap solution hidden inside his oversized, baggy kimono, to generate his particular soap bubble ninjutsu. He is killed by the Akatsuki before Naruto has the opportunity to meet him, which is the case with many of the jinchuriki.

Saiken assumes the shape of a massive slug and is completely covered in a film of constantly dripping slime. Although he resembles a slug, he does have legs and limbs, although very short ones. 

His mouth appears to be partially sealed with slime, and each of his six long tails are equally slimy.  Saiken’s primary affinity is Water Release, yet he can also use Utakata’s soap bubble ninjutsu. His slimy slug body also appears to have incredible resilience; the Nine-Tails have even thrown him around without harm. 

7. Chomei: 7-Tailed Beast


The Seven-Tails is the only tailed creature not a member of one of the Five Great Shinobi Countries and has previously existed in a different form. The rhinoceros beetle, or kabutomushi, is a common insect in Japan, and Chomei’s appearance is similar. Each of his seven tails is real, while the others are featured as insect wings. Every young bug catcher covets the kabutomushi because it is so beloved that sports teams have chosen it as their mascot.

They are frequently pitted against one another in beetle wars when maintained as pets; this habit is portrayed in numerous Japanese anime and other media. Chomei seems to have had a larval stage since he was young, during the Sage of Six Paths era, based on his bug-like look.

The jinchuriki of the Seven-Tails, Fu, hails again from Hidden Waterfall Village, which is a shinobi community in an unknown country. She is a young shinobi with green hair and tan skin with a troublemaking and tomboyish personality. She also speaks in a typically male manner. Her ninjutsu is insect-inspired; for instance, it includes weaving webs to heal her teammates and cocoons to impede chakra absorption methods. She is able to partially transform into a tailed beast to give herself Chomei’s wings so she can fly using this ninjutsu, which she shares with Chomei. But unfortunately, before the Fourth Great Shinobi War, the Akatsuki kills her.

8. Gyuki: 8-Tailed Beast

Gyuki: 8-Tailed Beast

The Eight-Tails is a Hidden Cloud Village resident imprisoned in Killer B, the brother of the Fourth Raikage. Killer B is one of only three jinchuriki who escapes the Akatsuki, along with Naruto and Gaara. But when they confront him, he manages to flee by pretending to be one of Gyuki’s severed tails and tricking the Akatsuki into thinking they have captured him. The fact that he decides to take an untimely trip rather than return after the battle leads his village to believe that he has been abducted.

Gyuki is almost entirely under B’s control as he effortlessly transitions in and out of a full-tailed beast form. Gyuki, on the other hand, frequently attempts to boss B around due to his assertiveness and maturity. After the Fourth Great Shinobi War, Gyuki wishes to return to B and be resealed within him because the two have such a strong bond.

Gyuki manifests as an ushi-oni yokai, a particular variety of ox demons. The Chinese characters for “ox” and “devil,” which spell both Gyuki and ushi-oni, have different meanings when read. The ushi-oni are vicious yokai that devour humans. They are frequently portrayed as having an ox-like head and an octopus- or spider-like body. 

Gyuki has an ox-like head, a large, muscular torso, and eight tentacles that resemble those of an octopus on his lower half. Gyuki uses his lightning-fast tentacles and immense strength to hold Kurama in battle, and he can use them to make tornadoes or arm himself with them.

9. Kurama: 9-Tailed Beast


The jinchurikis of the Nine-Tails are members of the Hidden Leaf Village’s Uzumaki clan, and their final member is Naruto. Kurama, despite the fact that he is an intelligent person, he spends hundreds of years being treated like a mindless, ravaging beast and grows to detest people. He has a distant, cynical, and sarcastic personality and frequently uses harsh language. He resists establishing a genuine connection with Naruto for a long time, instead waiting in silence until he recognizes an opportunity to release his seal.

Kuruma was sealed somewhere inside Naruto the night he was born, but Naruto didn’t learn his real name until episode 329, along with the names of all the other tailed beasts. Kuruma escapes from his seal inside Naruto’s mother the night before Naruto is born, nearly destroying the Hidden Leaf Village. Naruto’s mother and father are compelled to sacrifice themselves after a bloody fight to seal Kuruma inside their newborn son and preserve the town.

The kitsune yokai, a clever and cunning shape-shifting fox demon, inspired the Nine-Tails’ appearance. Like Kurama, kitsune are fire users that develop numerous tails as they age. They established their ninth and last tale at the age of 1,000 and became a class of god known as a kami. The original nine-tailed creatures were all stronger than Kurama, who has nine tails. The Tailed Beast Ball, a collective ability possessed by all-tailed beasts, can be enhanced by Kurama and outperform a ball powered by the combined might of five other tailed monsters.

10. Ten-Tails: 10-Tailed Beast

Ten-Tails: 10-Tailed Beast

Even though it gave birth to the nine-tailed monsters, the Ten-Tails is not considered a sentient being. It was once a human, known as Kaguya Otsutsuki, the first chakra user, but it has no personality or motivation. After she consumes the fruit of the God Tree, she has the ability to manipulate the chakra, but eventually, she becomes so overpowered that she merges with the tree to become the Ten-Tails.

The Ten-Tails, also known as Daidarabotchi, are thought to have shaped the modern ninja world’s geography. This term is given to a particular class of Japanese yokai. This yokai has the appearance of a vast humanoid priest, complete with a balding head, flapping tongue, and black skin. Their actions are thought to change the landscape because they are so big; their hands and feet leave behind mountains and lakes, respectively.

There are various versions of the Ten-Tails, all of which are enormous and only have one eye. Its forms are hideous and unfinished, with limbs missing or only partially developed, and a ferocious nature that cannot be argued with.

The Ten-Tails is a powerful being unlike any other in the Naruto universe; eventually, you will find out all about his powers and the strength he holds. 

Distinguish Between Boruto’s Jinchuri and Naruto’s Tailed Beasts 

Since Boruto, the Tailed Beasts of Naruto have changed significantly. While Killer Bee and Gaara keep Shukaku and Gyuki, respectively, the others are released while sharing a chakra bond with Naruto Uzumaki. The Two-Tails, Five-Tails, and Seven-Tails all retreated from civilization out of fear of being captured by humans, according to the Boruto anime-only Urashiki arc. Naturally, Kurama stayed inside Naruto before giving his life so that his Jinchuriki could activate Baryon Mode.

In addition to the fact that the vast majority of Tailed Creatures no longer possess a Jinchuriki, they are no longer separated among the many countries. While this may further upset the power dynamics, it also gives beasts without Jinchurikis the freedom to live their lives independently of human conflict.

The fact that the creatures’ chakra binds with Naruto and enables them to use him for telepathic communication is another significant difference between Naruto and the Boruto-Tailed Beast. This means that in the future, Naruto and the Tailed Beasts will be able to help one another or react to more significant threats more efficiently. Importantly, Kurama is no longer a part of Naruto. Jinchuriki can live even when separated from any Tailed Beast in Boruto, just like the illustrious Hokage or Kage of Konohagakure.

Insight into different Jinchuriki’s 

Few creatures in Naruto are as terrifying as tailed beasts and their jinchuriki. While several clans are highly respected and have exceptional skills, Naruto’s jinchuriki are on another level. After all, they are linked to creatures from the past. Despite the fact that Naruto is a jinchuriki himself, the animals’ existence and motivations for a long time remained a mystery to the audience. Now that you know what distinguishes Jinchuriki and Tailed Beasts, get an insight into each and find out how each is linked to the tailed beast. We have listed them from the strongest jinchuriki to the weakest from the lot. 

1. Naruto Uzumaki

Naruto Uzumaki

Naruto might be the most powerful ninja of all time when Kurama is by his side. It’s a heated matter between him and Sasuke, but it’s unavoidable to acknowledge that he is by far the strongest jinchuriki. Naruto has discovered a way to cooperate and connect with Kurama that benefits both.

Naruto can handle any challenge because of the fire in his soul and his nine-tailed beast. The fact that Kurama is inside him amplifies his natural Uzumaki/Namikaze strength. Combined, the two are almost impossible to stop. Naruto is a force to be reckoned with thanks to his accomplishments in destroying Madara, going head-to-head with Sasuke, and all his other missions to save the world. Of all the jinchuriki, he does the finest job of embracing and defining the part.

2. Black Zetsu

Black Zetsu

Despite their greatest attempts, Hagoromo and Hamura could not completely enclose their mother. She outlived her imprisonment and spent years imposing herself on people worldwide as The Black Zetsu, a dark extension of her will. The Black Zetsu impacted Obito, Yagura, Indra, and numerous others. He even joined forces with White Zetsu to infiltrate the Akatsuki.

Black Zetsu merged with Obito when he turned into the ten-tailed jinchuriki to take over his body. Black Zetsu was now more concerned with Madara and Kaguya’s goals than the unstable Obito, making him an even greater menace. Black Zetsu is a jinchuriki that is feared by many. He is ruthless and powerful, and he has the ability to corrupt and entrap bodies.

3. Hagoromo Otsutsuki

Hagoromo Otsutsuki

Hagoromo never anticipated that his role as the first jinchuriki would develop into a repeated procedure. He summoned the ten-tailed beast from within himself at the time to put an end to his mother’s rampage through the world. It would be more difficult for her to repeat that action because it divided her into nine different monsters. But he knew the creatures might unite once more to form the ten-tails.

Hagoromo is a special jinchuriki because he has the deepest personal bond with his beast. He is undoubtedly one of the strongest ninjas to have ever lived and is one of Kaguya’s two kids. He is a man with great power and excellent self-control combined. Of course, jichuriki or not, he would’ve been legendary.

4. Obito Uchiha 

Obito Uchiha

Obito launches a full-scale assault on the Konoha population during the Fourth Shinobi World War. He not only makes every jinchuriki imaginable, but he also turns into one. He summons the ten-tailed beast and grows even more potent as a ninja.

The creature with ten tails is a little more complicated than the others. This beast was produced by the interaction of Kaguya and the God Tree. Given that it was developed to take chakra from Hagoromo and Hamura, two of Kaguya’s children, the ten-tails is essentially self-centered. Even without the ten-tailed beast, Obito is a ridiculously twisted, strong being. Even so, Sasuke and Naruto manage to overcome him and remove all the stolen-tailed monsters from his body despite the power of the ten-tails.

5. Gaara


The second time Jinchuriki enthusiasts meet is in Gaara. He appears as a terrifying antagonist with a thirst for blood during the second Naruto arc. He is undoubtedly Naruto’s opposite in the show. Gaara was taught brutality and ruthlessness by the Kazekage, unlike Naruto, whose Konoha, toward purpose and protection, led. They are both young jinchuriki, distant orphans, and profoundly tormented by their isolation.

The one-tailed spirit Shukaku inhabits Gaara, but their link is only harmful when Gaara is unsteady. Shukaku protected Gaara in a moment of need when the young sand specialist was revived. Gaara’s life ended, and the two were separated.

6. Killer B

Killer B

Killer B, the latest eight-tailed jinchuriki from Kumogakure, has best bonded with Gyuki. Killer B was able to establish a connection and gain control over the beast where his predecessors had failed. The eight-tailed beast became one with its host as a result, rather than battling him.

Killer B, a ninja and rapper, will never allow anyone to make him feel less than happy about who he is. This includes his jinchuriki status. Killer B wasn’t introduced to fans until Naruto: Shippuden, but his distinct personality and self-assurance have made him a loved character.

7. Mito Uzumaki

Mito Uzumaki

Mito Uzumaki, the first jinchuriki of Kurama and the first Hokage’s bride, is a striking woman. She took it upon herself to lock the dangerous nine-tailed beast within her when her people were in danger. Because of the excellent chakra capacity of Naruto’s ancestors, Mito was able to fend off Kurama’s danger for the rest of her life. Mito reassured Kushina, who was scared about caring for Kurama, and informed her that she could handle it if she used to love to counteract Kurama’s wrath.

8. Han 


One of the most enigmatic jinchuriki is Han, who is from Iwagakure. Fans first encountered him when Kabuto brought him back to life during the Fourth Shinobi World War, but they were struck by how memorable he was. Han is a cool-headed ninja and the host of the five-tailed beast Kokuo. His town regarded him as the famous steam ninjutsu expert by his town after his death. 

Since it’s not their relationship that keeps Kukuo calm, Han and Kukuo are the friendliest and calmest of all the tailed-beast pairs. This creature is one of the few that prefers to be peaceful, only engaging in combat when necessary. Han is one of the strongest people because he is a legendary warrior. 

9. Blue B

Blue B

To put it lightly, Blue B had a long and difficult life. He found it challenging to control the tentacle puppy in his position as the jinchuriki of Gyuki, the eight-tailed beast. Blue B has a reputation for having problems falling asleep for the duration of his life due to loneliness and darkness. He began to realize that, especially for those like himself who were incompatible with their beast, it might be a component of the jinchuriki experience.

Blue B lost control of Gyuki just before he passed away, and while utilizing B’s body, he killed eight Kuma ninjas. When he regained consciousness, he deeply regretted doing this and wished the following jinchuriki luck. He was confident that Killer B, who would succeed him, could exert greater control on Gyuki.

10. Utakata


Although very little is known about Utakata’s journey to becoming a jinchuriki, the fact that he comes from Kirigakure’s Bloody Mist era says it all. His youth must have been hellish between the six-tailed beast inside him and the violent customs of his home village. Saiken, one of Utakata’s creatures, has one of the most unusual tails. Saiken is a soapy slug, unlike the other monsters, which are primarily terrifying mammals. Utakata became a master of bubbles thanks to his skills and native water powers, utilizing them for protection, trapping, and other purposes.

11. Yugito Nii

Yugito Nii

Despite the fact that jinchuriki fans are commonly faced as children, many of them live into their adult or even senior years. One example is the strong jonin Yugito Nii, jinchuriki of the two-tailed beast Matatabi. She was bound to Matatabi when she was just two years old, and her parents subjected her to years of excruciatingly tricky training.

Yugito is skilled in fire jutsu, but her long, blade-like nails make her stand out. Yugito is a formidable opponent when her fearsome beast’s strength is added. She ranks so low more as a testament to the incredible strength of all the jinchuriki. Yugito and Matatabi work well together.

12. Rin Nohara 

Rin Nohara

Being a jinchuriki, even briefly, can occasionally alter the course of many lives. Everything in Kakashi and Obito’s lives changed once Rin Nohara, a young chunin and devoted team member, accepted the role of the three-tailed beast’s host. Isobu wasn’t intended to remain in Rin, after all. Opponents caught her to use her as a human ticking bomb, waiting to slaughter her and set the beast loose once it reached Konoha.

The decision to end Kakashi’s life even though was quite saddening, but Ron didn’t want to risk Konoha. The action had an adverse effect, resulting in Obito’s heart getting broken, toughening Kakashi, and taking away Konoha’s brave warrior. Ron may have been Isobu’s jinchuriki shortly, but she had been a selfless and courageous Konoha protector. 

13. Fu


Fu was raised under the village chief’s protection, unlike many other young jinchuriki. Shibuki tried his best to guarantee that Fu was protected and cared for, while many others were ostracised, scorned, or made fun of. Unfortunately, Fu’s upbringing contributed to his failure. She registered for the Chunin Exams despite Shibuki’s advice because, just as any other wide-eyed young teen, she was eager to find out what was beyond her isolated lifestyle. She was a social butterfly who was constantly wanting to see new things. Sadly, the Akatsuki found her and killed her by taking her seven-tailed beast, Chomei, under the pretense of friendship. Although she was probably the happiest of all jinchuriki, it didn’t protect her from the world’s wickedness.

14. Kushina Uzumaki

Kushina Uzumaki

Kushina, the Fourth Hokage’s wife and the nine-tailed beast’s second jinchuriki is hardly a weak soul and carries Kurama’s burden with dignity. Despite her apprehension about becoming a jinchuriki, Kushina acknowledged its necessity and her responsibility for defending Konoha.

Kushina has high chakra levels and the potential to become a master ninja because she is an Uzumaki. But, as time passed, she was more pulled to becoming a friend and wife than the life of a shinobi. She would have been a fantastic mother if it weren’t for the nine-tails catastrophe. The sacrifice she made alongside her husband’s death combines and causes the saddest death in the entire Naruto franchise. 

15. Bunpuku


Bunpuku was turned into a jinchuriki in Naruto before he could pronounce the word himself. His one-tailed beast, Shukaku, was imprisoned inside him by his village. This fearsome monster was initially imprisoned alongside Bunpuku before being carelessly confined inside the emotionally unstable Gaara. Young Bunpuku and Shakaku were imprisoned for their entire existence together because the townsfolk were afraid of them.

Bunpuku, however, was a compassionate pacifist in contrast to the village’s brutality and prejudice. He and the one-tailed beast got to talking because he had no one else to talk to. Despite being one of the more intelligent jinchuriki, his years of captivity and lack of power make him unquestionably one of the weakest ninjas. But that doesn’t take away from his unbreakable spirit.

Bottom Line

If you have seen some episodes or the entire series, you probably know most of them or the entire lot. Using the information we provided, you now know about each of the Jinchuriki and Tailed beasts. These hold a lot of power, and together, they make the show even more adventurous, some proving evil while others play a silent role without any wickedness. 

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