How To Hire a React Developer in 6 Easy Steps

How To Hire a React Developer in 6 Easy Steps

JavaScript is growing fast, and so is the need to hire React Js developers. If you want to hire a React Developer, you will find yourself competing for the top talent with some of the biggest and wealthiest tech companies in the world. You can’t outspend these companies, and you can’t offer the best in the best the same perks, but you can adopt a smart strategy to hire dedicated react native developer you need. 

How to Hire a React Developer – Quickly and Easily

1. Create a Hiring Process Funnel

Create a Hiring Process Funnel

If you are going to hire the developers yourself, you should have a hiring funnel in place. Before you can hire a dedicated React JS developer, you have to know how to approach the process. A simple hiring funnel can resemble:

  • A screening process 
  • Sending them a small task to do to test their skills
  • A technical test (quiz)
  • Giving feedback
  • Doing an in-person interview to see how they’d fit in 
  • Hiring
  • Onboarding

That way, you can constantly find and vet candidates, following a set process.

2. Pick Using the Right Talent Pool

Pick Using the Right Talent Pool

Balance highly skilled senior developers with more junior teammates that will learn fast and stay dedicated. The whole team will become stronger because of it. Make sure that the team leaders have the right experience and skills working on projects in your industry and of the same size as your project. Everyone will benefit from their guidance and learning, so hire React developers whose portfolio matches your current project.

3. Define What You Need

Define What You Need

You need specific technical skills when you hire React programmer, but you should also not forget their cultural and EQ skills. If a team isn’t in sync culturally, it can disrupt your whole business. Make sure that whoever you hire shares your company values, work ethic, and communication skills. You should also determine which time zones and languages will work best for everyone. You could, for example, hire an affordable team in India, but if your other developers are based in New York, the teams will rarely be awake at the same time. This will make collaboration very difficult. Look for positive, passionate people. The bottom-right square is those guys you need to look for on the market. We call them ‘Pure Talents.’ They have really similar skills, and at some point, you feel/see a potential talent who learns damn fast, is engaged, and is becoming a high-performing individual. They will learn at least twice as fast as regular employees.

4. Decide Whether You Want Your Own Team or External Team


Each option has advantages and disadvantages. It’s nice working with an in-house team that is loyal and can grow with the business, but it is prohibitively expensive for most small businesses and start-ups. You will be responsible for paying their salaries, paying for equipment, software licenses, benefits, insurance, bonuses, office space, and more. As Silicon Valley is snapping up top talent left, right, and center, you may find yourself investing in a team that leaves after you’ve trained them up.

Offshore agencies will find dedicated, highly skilled staff for you. There is no need to pay rent, buy equipment, or even handle their payroll. The agency will replace any staff that leaves during the project immediately.

5. Don’t Rule Out Global Hires

 Don’t Rule Out Global Hires

Offshore agencies can help you find affordable React developers across the world. You can access more talent at a reduced price, which gives you access to senior developers and saves you money in the long run. Whereas a US developer might cost $100-$120 per hour, a developer in Ukraine, India or South America will cost a third of the price, but have the same experience.

6. Vet Agencies Carefully

Vet Agencies Carefully

If you do go offshore, make sure you use the right agency for the job. Be careful of agencies that overpromise and underdeliver. You need to make sure that they have a portfolio of proven work in your industry. Ask for testimonials and follow-up wherever possible. You should also ask questions about how they vet candidates, how they handle conflicts, what happens if they fail to meet a deadline, and who the code belongs to when the work is completed. You don’t want to finish a project and find out the source code isn’t accessible when you need it. Make sure your agency prepares a detailed scope of work that you can scrutinize and that you will have legal recourse if anything goes wrong.


When you hire a React developer, you have to make sure that you find someone who is competent, culturally compliant, readily available, and affordable for your business. It’s easier said than done, but if you use the right hiring strategies from the start, you can find the best team for the job. 

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