What Happened to Gabriel Macht After Suits Ended?

What Happened to Gabriel Macht After Suits Ended?

Suits has been a fan-favorite for a decade and is still one of the most popular shows after it ended in 2019. While every character had a place of their own, Harvey Specter tops them all. His connections with all of Mike, Donna, and Jessica have been appreciated and the change seen in him from season 1 to the last season was truly amicable. The USA network’s legal drama debuted in 2011, as we saw the journey of the best closer in the city who hires a college drop-out, Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams). Macht’s performance was praised throughout the seasons!

Across the 9 seasons, Harvey and Mike, known as the dynamic duo, are joined in suits by profit-driven partners, lawyers, and paralegals. While Mike exits the show in season 7, Specter continues until the end of season 9. Suits experienced a rise in popularity once it was streamed entirely and had a fresh audience. 

This means a lot of people are wondering what happened to Gabriel Macht after Suits ended. Keep scrolling to find out what he has been up to!

Gabriel Macht’s Last Project Was Suits

Harvey Specter, played by Gabriel Macht, our favorite lawyer, played his role in Suits in 2019 and hasn’t appeared in any show or movie afterward. This is quite surprising, mainly because his performance was stellar, and he was truly a heartthrob in the show and had prior experience working on multiple projects. He honed his abilities through films like The Recruit, Bad Company, Behind Enemy Lines, and The Good Shepherd, and he even played a nominal role in The Spirit, directed by Frank Miller. 

On the small screen, he has played in popular shows like Sex and the City, though he was afflicted in different unaired pilots and shows that didn’t last long. In 2011, Suits truly changed his trajectory. The series was co-lead, and he was finally able to shine for about nine seasons. Landing his role as Harvey Specter put a stop to his roles in movies and then the actor also picked up the production duties in Suits. 

In the spin-off series Pearson, he appeared as Harvey as Gina Torres played a powerhouse lawyer. While fans are aware of the new spin-off on the way, we are still unsure if he will be part of it. However, Gabriel does seem content without the screen time. 

What Has Gabriel Macht Been Up To?

What Has Gabriel Macht Been Up To?

After a hit series, Macht has enjoyed spending time with his family. He had plans to travel with Jacinda Barrett, his wife, and children for a year or so. He claimed that Suits has genuinely been a great experience, and he has invested so much of his time and lives in it. He’s enjoying his freedom and plans to put his creative heart and focus into his family time. For now, he seems to be taking his well-deserved break and hasn’t formally announced a new project. 

Gabriel Macht: Personal Life & Movies

Gabriel Macht, born on January 22, 1972, in The Bronx, NYC, is a versatile actor famous for his captivating role across TV and films. He became quite prominent after performing as a sharp-witted Harvey Specter in the acclaimed drama series Suits (2011-2019), where he developed a global fan base. 

Beyond his on-screen success, Gabriel’s personal life adds depth to his narrative. He is happily married to Jacinda Berrett, an Australian model and actress. The couple tied the knot in 2004 and have two children: a son named Luca and a daughter named Satine. Macht and Barrett’s relationship is often celebrated for the time they have been together and how they are committed to each other amidst the challenges of Hollywood. 

Additionally, Macht also made significant contributions to the films. He gained attention in his first role in the The Sum of All Fears, a 2001 romantic comedy sharing the screen with stars like Morgan Freeman and Ben Affleck. In 2003, he delivered another spectacular performance in The Good Shepherd, directed by Rober De Nico. His portrayal of John Russell Jr, a pivotal character in the early days of the CIA, further solidified his acting position. 

He then explored diverse roles and appeared in the action thriller movie Whiteout which was an adaption made from the graphic novel. He also was part of a romantic comedy, Because I Said So, in 2007 and worked alongside Mandy Moore and Diane Keaton. 

He then delved into the independent film Middle Men (2009), where he acted as a businessman, Jack Harris, navigating through the online world of pornography. As his career evolves, his dedication and acting have captivated audiences worldwide. He remains a prominent figure in the movie industry. 

Bottom Line

Now you know where Macht has been all this time. As fans, we hope to see him appear in the spinoff as the best closer or in other shows in the time to come. Gabriel has solidified a place in the hearts of the fans with his fantastic acting skills and on-screen capability. We’re hoping he makes it to the Suits: LA spin-off so we can see more of him. 

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