Omegle Error Connecting to Server

How To Fix Omegle Error Connecting to Server

Today’s world is under the greatest influence of technology. This is not enough surprising that this technology has shortened the distances by introducing numerous VOIP applications & websites to the users.

You can find many audio & video chats enabled websites on the internet; Omegle is also one of those websites that allow its users to establish a video-based connection to any part of the globe. You can easily connect to a vast number of random strangers & anonymous users across the world by the Omegle video chat feature.

Omegle not working?

Though Omegle has been working actively for a long time, some users still encounter an error connecting to server Omegle. The users may come across an error stating “error connecting to server. Please try again.” on their Omegle interface that simply means they won’t be able to communicate with anyone due to a poor server connection.

This Omegle error connecting to server is quite common; it can occur anytime, even in the middle of a chatting session.

What causes an Omegle error connecting to a server?

Such Omegle Error Joining to Server can be due to a variety of factors. Let’s learn about the most frequent ones, and they are shared below:

  • Omegle has banned or prohibited your IP address, preventing you from connecting to the service.
  • Omegle is having a server-side problem over that you have no influence.
  • Your system or ISP has disabled the Omegle connection.
  • A configuration setting on your computer or browser has become obsolete.
  • Another possibility is that your PC has accumulated surfing data, typically created by flash plugins or webpages.

Best fixes to the “error connecting to server Omegle.”

The solutions to this error are pretty limited, yet we have put forward a few highly effective tactics in the discussion that will for sure fix the problem quite quickly. If you encounter “Error connecting to server. please try again,” and the aforementioned quick tactic hasn’t worked in your case, then there is no need to worry over it as you are going in the right direction. 

Restart or refresh the network

Sometimes a broken internet connection or even a minor problem in the internet service might prove to be a major troublesome resulting in disabling the Omegle working. So, to overcome this sort of glitch, you may need to restart your internet connection source.

For this 

  • Unplug your internet modem or router from the socket.
  • Then plug it again in the socket after an interval of about 60 seconds and wait until its indicating lights return to normal state.
  • Relaunch your Omegle website.

Note: You can also check the status of your internet connection by accessing the Omegle website by using any other link just for confirmation.

Clear browsing cache 

Cache & cookies files are actually the browsing data that get accumulated on your computer device automatically to improve the web surfing experience. But sometimes, some corrupt cookies may get stored on your device unknowingly that can cause the problems like “Omegle not working.”

The deletion of this browsing data can sort out many problems pertaining to the internet or browser, so you need to clear this out from the specific browser you are using. To rehabilitate the Omegle server connection, you may need to follow the below-stated cache clearing approaches for your respective browser.

To clear cache & cookies in Google Chrome:

  • Launch the Chrome browser on your computer system.
  • Click on the dotted icon located in the top right corner.
  • Select the bowser’s “settings” option to access privacy and security settings.
  • Click on the option “Clear browsing data.
Clear browsing data.
  • Checkmark all three options and select the time range “all time.”
  • Proceed on by clicking the option “clear data.”

Browser menu> settings> privacy and security> clear browsing data(all time)> clear data

To clear cache & cookies in Mozilla Firefox:

  • Launch the Firefox browser.
  • Access the browser’s menu by clicking on the menu icon located in the top right corner.
  • Click on the “options.”
  • In the “options” menu, select the “Privacy & Security” tab.
  • Click on the “clear data” option available next to the “Cookies and site data “tab.

Browser menu> Options> privacy & security> cookies and site data> clear data

After clearing the cache data, relaunch the Omegle website.

Flush DNS & reset the IP 

Like browsing cache, the computer devices also store IP & DNS information as cache files with the elapsing of time to improve the system performance. But in contradictory situations, this can result adversely because the IP & DNS may be outdated over time.

You may encounter an error in successfully establishing a connection to the Omegle server in such a state. So, to get over this problem, you would need to flush the DNS and renew your IP address.

To flush the DNS:

  • Click on the windows icon either from the keyboard or the home screen directly.
  • Navigate to the command prompt app.
  • Right-click on the command prompt and select the option “run as administrator,” proceed by clicking on “yes.”
  • In the command prompt, type the command ipconfig /flushdns and press enter to continue.

Command prompt> run as administrator> ipconfig /flushdns> enter

To reset the IP address:

  • Relaunch the command prompt app in administrator mode.
  • In the command prompt’s opened windows, type the command ipconfig /release and press enter.
  • Then type the command ipconfig /renew and press enter to continue.
  • Relaunch the Omegle website to refresh the connection.

Command prompt> run as administrator> ipconfig /release> enter> ipconfig / renew> enter

Clear out the flash browsing data

As Omegle widely uses Flash, so the flash browsing data get saved on the computer storage automatically; it can also be the cause of the problem “Omegle not working.” Hence in such a state, it will be crucial to delete this flash browsing data.

  • Access the “website storage settings panel” by clicking on this link.
  • In the opened window, check for the automatically loaded Flash. Otherwise, you can click on the “Get Adobe Flash” option if it doesn’t load automatically.
  • Then click on Allow button in the appeared dialog box.
  • Click on the option “delete all sites” under the “website storage settings” tab and confirm the selection.
  • Restart the browser to check if the connection error still persists or not.

Website storage settings panel> Get Adobe Flash> Allow> confirm> delete all sites> restart browser.

Repair corrupted files

It might be possible that any vital system file has got corrupted, interrupting in establishing the connection to the Omegle server. To settle this kind of situation, you can either download any repairing tool or use the built-in repairing tool of your system to get things fixed more quickly. To do so:

  • Open your windows settings.
  • Click on the “Update & security” settings option.
  • Select “Virus & threat protection” in the “windows security” tab.
  • Click on the “quick scan” option. (It will automatically detect the corrupted files)
  • Click on the “repair” option (if any corrupted file is found there).

Settings> update & security> windows security> virus & threat protection> quick scan> repair 

Use a VPN service 

A virtual private network (VPN) is always an efficient choice to overcome any network restriction. Though it can be prohibited in many states to use a VPN, so firstly, make sure whether the VPN usage is allowed or not in your particular area; then you can surely go for this option.

Actually, few users have shared their experience that they successfully got over the “Omegle not working” problem by using a VPN; that’s why we consider it vital to suggest VPN usage in this situation. Another point to be noted that Omegle may not be compatible with many VPN services and can consequently you may get blocked from the website permanently, so make sure to use a reliable & compatible VPN version.

Website in maintenance state

There is a possibility that the issue may be on the website server-side. Because often, the websites get downed or inaccessible during the maintenance period. If this is the case, then you just have to wait until this maintenance state gets over automatically.

You can make a prior check to confirm whether the problem is actually on the website side or something else is creating a disturbance. For this, you may need to access the Omegle website on another device; it doesn’t work on other devices, too, then surely it will be under maintenance state. You can also visit online Omegle forums to check its status update.

Violation of agreement 

Like many other online chatting & communicating platforms, The Omegle requires its users to agree to specific terms & conditions when they get started with Omegle services. So, in the long run, if users violate any of the Omegle terms they initially agreed upon, in such case Omegle website can block or ban the users’ access permanently.

Therefore, make sure this is not the case in your situation, and you haven’t violated the agreement in any way.


Are you encountering an “error connecting to server, please try again.” on the Omegle interface? Then you are not alone in the boat as this issue is quite common in Omegle users’ community. This “Omegle error connecting to server” might occur due to variant fundamental to complex reasons, such as accumulated browsing or IP cache, unstable or faulty internet connection, website in a maintenance state, etc.

Before attempting any technical fix, make sure you have a strong internet connection, and you haven’t violated Omegle’s agreement terms in any way. Afterward, you may need to flush the DNS or clear out the IP & browsing cache to get over the problem readily. However, you would have to follow the sequential order of the fixes stated in the relative discussion.

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