How to Cancel/Downgrade Planet Fitness Membership in 2023?

How to Cancel/Downgrade Planet Fitness Membership in 2023?

Every year, most of us sign up for the gym with the thought of achieving our fitness goals. But with time and year-end approaching with so many holidays, keeping track of the fitness journey is hard. Planet Fitness is another famous chain of fitness centres well-equipped with all the possible machines you might need to achieve your goals. But they have a downside: as good as the facility is, their cancellation policies require a lot of work. 

Let us break down all the steps that you will have to take in cancelling Planet Fitness membership for yourself or someone else!

How to Cancel Planet Fitness Membership? In 5 Steps!

There are numerous reasons why one would want to cancel their membership with Planet Fitness. These are the steps that you can follow:

1. Understand the Terms and Conditions of Your Contract

Most of the time, you might have signed up for a gym membership due to an excellent discount, only to find out later that it was just for a limited period of time. So the discount might be for the first three months and for the rest of the year you must pay the total price. In such cases, some people go for the cancellation process to avoid paying a higher rate than their local gyms. 

So, before you get into the membership specifics, it’s essential to get familiar with what you initially signed up for. If you still have a few months left, you can continue further, and if the time is getting over pretty soon, it’s best if you move towards terminating your membership. 

2. Choosing the Termination Method:

Most Planet Fitness Centers do not allow members to cancel their membership through email or phone. So if you have to make a visit to the nearest centre, and submit a letter. 

  • In-Person:

For cancelling in person, you’ll tell the team member you want to go through the cancellation process. They will then provide you with a cancellation form that you need to fill out. After you have signed it, just take a quick picture of it to keep it on record. Now, hand it to the team member and tell them to email you when they have proceeded with the process. 

  • Through a Letter:

Another method is to send a letter to the Planet Fitness location you go to. The letter should specify how you want to cancel your membership and mention the specific date. But with the latter, provide the following information:

  • Planet Fitness Membership number
  • Name 
  • Date of Birth
  • Address
  • Phone number 
  • Email Address
  • The last four digits of your credit number (For those who have a payment set up)

Sign the letter and email it; the company will reach out to you once they get the information you have sent. 

3. Check If Your Membership has been Cancelled

Some people have gone through this issue, so verify you’re not one of them. To do that, just call before the 17th of the month because that’s when you get billed on your credit card. Keep in mind that it takes seven business days to proceed with the cancellation process; after that, call the branch to confirm if it’s done. If you’re close to your date, you will then be charged an extra month of fees before the cancellation is proceeded. 

Cancellation for a Departed Family Member or Friend

Cancellation for a Departed Family Member or Friend

If your loved one recently passed away, it’s essential you cancel their memberships so extra money is not charged to their credit cards. Even if you have proceeded to cancel your credit cards, it’s essential to terminate the gym membership. To do that, you must follow the steps below:

1. Get Proof of Death

Planet Fitness allows people to cancel a deceased person’s account easily. To do that, having a death certificate is very important. 

2. Cancellation Letter Through Mail

If the branch is not close by, the best way to terminate the Planet Fitness Membership is to send an official letter to the branch. Notify them of the death of the person and how they should close the account. Make sure to mention all of the following information in the letter:

  • The name of the deceased person
  • The membership number 
  • The deceased’s birth date
  • Address of the dead 
  • Copy of the death certificate 
  • The contact information, such as the email and mobile number of the sender

Downgrading Planet Fitness Membership

Planet Fitness offers the following types of memberships at their gym:

  1. Classic Membership
  2. PF Black Card Membership

The PF Black Card Membership allows members to use any PF gyms, bring guests along, and even get tanning services and massages. 

If you wish to downgrade your Planet Fitness membership, you need to speak to a member of our staff. If you’re not able to fully use the services we offer, it’s better to just go for the  Class Membership. To downgrade, you need to speak to the staff in person. 

For people with an active membership, there will be a $99 for downgrading; this fee varies according to your location. The following month will then be marked as the beginning of your new membership fee. 


  1. How do I transfer my membership to a different Plant Fitness Club?

Transferring your membership can be done online in just a few clicks, but make sure you follow the criteria mentioned below: 

  • You’re not a minor
  • You have been a member of Planet Fitness since 90 days
  • You haven’t transferred your membership in the last three months
  • There are no dues that need to be cleared with your current location
  • You have a monthly payment system and haven’t been billed to one place for a year. 
  1. How do I log in to my Planet Fitness account?

To log in to your Planet Fitness account, you just need to go to the website and then click on My Account in the top left corner beside the language and search option. Use your details and log in to your account!

  1. How old do I have to be to get a membership?

To become a member of Planet Fitness, you need to be at least 13 and have permission from your parents or legal guardian. They must be present with you during sign-up or when you visit the gym to work out. Members in the age bracket of 15-17 can get a waiver from their parents. 

Bottom Line

Now that you know how to cancel Planet Fitness Membership in 2023, quickly do it before the 17th of this month, or you will be charged again. There are multiple reasons to cancel a membership, so follow up with our guide here and cancel your membership using the proper steps. 

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