BMF Season 3 - Everything We Know About The Series So Far

BMF Season 3 – Everything We Know About The Series So Far

It’s a bittersweet month for BMF fans; with the end of season 2, fans really are curious. Will there be a BMF season 3, especially after the cliffhanger? When will it come out? You’ll find all sorts of questions floating around the internet. But we are here to make it easier; here’s all you need to know about the BMF Season 3 and the ongoing story of the Flenory brothers. 

Now that it’s established Black Mafia Family season 3 is definitely in the works, it’s time we discuss what we are expecting. The new season will continue the lives of Terry and Meech Flenory along with their crime saga. The first two seasons have been inspired by the titular drag trafficking and thug capitalism on the streets of Detroit and how it rises to become the biggest crime syndicate in the United States. 

BMF Season 3 Release Date Expectation

We can’t say when the show is coming out, but after the cliffhanger at the end of the season 2, fans know it’s in the works. Now discussing the previous two seasons, there was a 16-month gap between seasons 1 and 2, so we know we can BMF to come out sometime in 2024. 

The programming President, Kathryn Busby, also made a recent statement about how with such a fantastic debut with season two, the team is thrilled to expand on the storyline of the Flenory brothers as they become the game changers. 

Expected Plot for BMF Season 3

Expected Plot for BMF Season 3

Unlike the Power franchise, BMF indeed has a real-life story to tell, especially with 50 Cent being on the production seat. The gang members’ chronicles weren’t entirely covered in the previous season. Before it came to an end, the Flenory brothers have just reached the 1980s, which is barely anything, and there sure is a lot to cover. We can expect to see the accomplished exploits of Terry and Meech in season 3. 

Now that Detective Bryant has left the task force, both of them might get some time away from the continuous involvement of the law enforcement forces. Both the brothers have worked together to make Black Mafia Family a very reputable criminal syndicate in all of season 2. With expansion, we can all expect to see new faces in the BMF season 3. 

BMF Season 3 Cast

Since the Flenory brothers are essential to BMF’s narrative, they will be part of the show. Kash Doll won’t make it to season 3 because of Monique’s tragic death in season 2. Lamar is seen passing out after the intake of crack cocaine, so we don’t know what the future holds for him. The cast will include the Flenory brother’s adulterous father, Charles, and Luxille,, their headstrong mother. 

With Bryant taking the fall for his son’s actions, the badge has been taken away from him. Meanwhile, Steve Harris might be making a comeback with a set of different motivations for his character. We can expect the same from Hu, but Bryant and Jin’s relationship needs much work. 

Season 3 has a lot of guest appearances in store, with Chainz and Ne-Yo expected to make their cameo. These two have yet to come among so many rappers, and we can expect more rappers, mainly because 50 Cent has included Eminem in season 1 as the FBI informant White Boy Rick and the famous drug trafficker. Then there’s Snoop Dogg, who played Pastor Swift. 50 Cent sure is keeping things interesting. But the cameos aren’t limited to musical personalities. The previous seasons have also featured sports analyst Jalen Rose and comedian Mo’Nique, so there might be more non-musical people hitting the cast in the upcoming season 3. 

Black Mafia Family Season 2 Recap

Black Mafia Family Season 2 Recap

Now that you know all the details, here’s a little recap on what happened in BMF Season 2. The Flenory brothers decided to go separate ways, we all knew this would happen and eventually it did. The storyline became very interesting when things got better Lamar, Mickie, and Detective Bryant. 

From the trailer, when we saw Meech put a gun to his head we all knew this will play out but through a different course of action. The man got hooked to the rock and now his life is over. He was strung out on the street and is no longer a threat, it seems as if he won’t come out as crazy in season 3. We saw Mickie who was known as a Snitch, and we really want to see how his character plays out in Season 3. 

The whole time Detective Veronica wanted him to flip but that didn’t work in her favour. Sterling went bback to Meech and told about all the events that unfolded, to which Meech justs walk off, declaring he doesn’t want to see him again and how he’s dead to him. Mickie stated how when Meech went away to Atlanta for good, he never got a chance to see him again. We might not get a chance to see Mickie again but that’s still not sure. 


  1. Who is the third OG of BMF?

Bryan B-Mickie is another main character on the Starz crime drama BMF. Myles Truitt plays him and is the third OG in Terry and Mechee’s Boyz crew. 

  1. Is there going to be a season 3 of BMF?

Yes! Earlier this year, Starz did announce season 3 coming out, but they haven’t officially announced the date for the show. 

  1. What was the ending of BMF?

The Flenory Brothers have finally settled their beef with Lamar, B-Mickie, and Detective Bryant, helping them clear their path to run BMF smoothly and without any hindrance. So season 3 looks pretty eventful and smooth right now, but we don’t know what 50 Cents holds for us. 


Since the dates aren’t officially out yet, we have provided you with the dates we predict for BMF Season 3. It’s not coming out anytime soon but it sure will in the initial months of 2024. Watch the Flenory brothers as they become the biggest crime syndicate and the various events that unfold. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for all of them!

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