17 Best ROM Sites in 2023 – 100% Safe and Working

17 Best ROM Sites in 2023 – 100% Safe and Working

Remembering childhood days is easier now, all thanks to ROMs. Even though they have gained popularity with time, the safety of these sites isn’t very promising. Safe ROM sites solve your issues, especially when you cannot find the console for your PC games; you can get access through ROM sites. 

The internet is filled with different Safe ROM site options that offer the quickest way to download the games of your choice. But there are also misleading websites that can infect your PCs, and you might need help getting what you want. That’s when we come into the picture; we have curated a list of some of the best ROM sites. So without any delay, let’s get on the list so you never have to miss out on an opportunity to play your favorite games

The 17 Best ROM Sites on the Internet!

Dive in and find some of the best and safe ROM sites to download and access ROMgames on your PCs! 

1. Rom Hustler

Rom Hustler

One of the top ROM-related websites in 2023 is Rom Hustler. It offers outstanding usability; you must type the console’s name or closely related terms to find it.It is well known for being among the first ROM websites. Rom Hustler can effectively meet your needs while protecting you from harmful software and computer threats.  Furthermore, this website has a lot of positive client feedback, so you don’t have to worry about its functionality or reliability.

2. Gamulator


It is one of the websites best suited for new-generation ROMs and has a long selection of regularly updated games. Gamulator might have every game that has ever been released.  This modern website is very efficient and simple to use, and you may quickly locate your games in its vast database using simple navigation tools.

Gamulator is a secure website that protects you from unwanted advertisements and pop-up notifications. So your device is in excellent and safe hands!

3. ROMSmania


Another fantastic yet safe ROM download site is ROMsmania. It’s renowned for having a massive directory with thousands of emulators and ROMs available for download. Its search box can be used to look for a certain ROM.  This helpful and secure ROM site won’t clutter your screen with misleading banners and ads.

4. Cool ROM

Cool ROM

Cool ROM is another user-friendly and secure website where you can get emulators and ROM. The necessary file is quickly and easily found. We are confident that this website won’t let you down, which is why it has earned a permanent spot on our list of the safest and best ROM sites. 

As its name implies, it provides an exceptionally smooth operating mechanism and enables you to download ROMs from various genres, including action, shooting, adventure, etc. Furthermore, it offers multiple screenshots for each game, so you can check them before downloading. Additionally, it doesn’t put deceiving adverts on your screen.

5. FreeROMS


Although some of the ROM files in this article are limited to a few consoles, FreeRoms has a fantastic selection of various ROM files. All of the ROM files on this website are virus-free and secure to use without endangering the user’s computer system.

A free website called FreeRoms contains more than 3000 ROM files. The ROM files are available for users to download at their discretion. Additionally, users can download some of the top emulators for their PC to play graphically intensive games.

Users may experience some minor difficulties using this website because it contains advertisements. The user is constantly being interrupted by ads appearing on the screen. Besides, users won’t face any issues during the download and usage.

6. NES Files

NES Files

NES Files is one of the greatest platforms you should check out if you want to experiment with different ROMs. The NES files is a website that provides access to hundreds of NES games, NES ROMs, NES Cartridges, the NES Instructions in PDF format, and original NES game box images. Additionally, when you browse the website, you will see features like game screenshots, user ratings, and user reviews. This website becomes worthwhile to try when it has a wide variety of deals.

7. Old Computer ROMs

Old Computer ROMs

One of the oldest ROM sites, Old Computer ROMs provides users with services through a simple, user-friendly design. You may use it to locate multiple games and play backups available for your computer and mobile device. In addition, this website allows you to download ROMs with ease and has an extensive library of ROMs at your disposal. All you have to do is easy navigation; type the keyword into the search field. You can try this one if your search for the greatest ROMs still needs to be completed.

8. Classic GamesROM

Classic GamesROM

Classic GamesROM has earned a permanent place on the list of top ROM websites thanks to its uncluttered and uncluttered style. Its numerous game ROMs are for Atari, Sony Consoles, SEGA, and Nintendo.

Its simple, clear design makes navigating simple and provides amazing functionality that is more than enough to satisfy its consumers. One of the safest Rom Sites in 2023, Classic GameROMs lets you play many renditions of renowned and classic games like Pokemon and Mario.

9. Emuparadise 


With Emuparadise, you can install various games, tutorials, ISOs, and video game music in addition to downloading emulators and ROMs. It offers a selection of ROMs and emulators that are simple to use and download. These games can also be played directly from the website.

Emuparadise is a safe and legitimate website, unlike other websites that distribute viruses and corrupt computers. It is also regarded as the best substitute for the most well-liked Vimm’s Lair. 

10. Emulator Zone 

Emulator Zone

Emulator Zone is a well-known platform which gives you access to a huge list of information, such as download links, emulator scams, ROMs, emulators, multiple updates, emulator ratings, and many more. It includes a variety of Saga, Xbox, Playstation, Mame, and other emulators. If you’re looking for a secure ROM download site, consider Emulator Zone your best option!

11. Vimm’s Lair 

Vimm’s Lair

Are you trying to find a website that offers retro ROMs and emulators? Then Vimm’s Lair is your only suitable option. Despite being slightly older than its rivals, the website is still powerful. You should visit Vimm’s Lair if you want to relive your youth. The website is well-known in the ROM download site category and has a massive selection of renowned emulators and vintage gaming consoles. Its list is simple: scroll through, alphabetise, and search for your favourite choice.

12. CDRomance 


It is an excellent site to use if you’re looking for games with original art. Additionally, it shows screenshots you can look at before downloading. It is more concentrated on games that can be played on DVD and CD, as the name already makes clear. Additional information about the game is also included, such as the genre, region, and release date.

13. Hexrom


Download your preferred ROMS from Hexrom, one of the top ROM websites for all current and vintage consoles. For more than 100 video game consoles, including the PS2, Sega Genesis, Wii, and others, they have more than 200 emulators.  A new link is generated within a few seconds of clicking the download button. The average download speeds could be affected by your Internet connection.

More than 95,000 video game ROMS from various systems are available on the Hexrom platform. The website is free of advertisements, which is unusual in this market and is definitely among the top ROM download sites for console games

14. ClassicGames 


We now have a webpage with all the classic console games. Direct gameplay is possible within the browser. Google’s improved search has been implemented by ClassicGames, enabling simple ROMS search on the website.

Games are available for nine different consoles. It contains MS-DOS, FLASH, GBA, SEGA, NES, SNES, and GBA.  By selecting the categories, you can easily filter the games. Use a web browser that enables Flash because the website depends on Adobe Flash. 

15. Romspedia 


Romspedia is another trusted ROM website. It has a dedicated search box which can be  used to find any of the ROM files, which are all sorted by console. On the website, you can download every emulator. Two download options are available on the ROMs website: quick and slow. The slower one’s average download speed is 10 MB/second; thus, there is a significant difference between them. 

With the fast choice, the download doubles, so make your decision based on what your connection can provide. It will be simpler to determine whether the files are worth downloading because many game ROMS include ratings. The top games for each console are included in ROM packs, which often contain three dozen games. How cool is that!



On WOWRoms, find the most recent ROMS for the USA, Japan, and Germany areas. When you miss your original BIOS while dumping the game, they also have an extensive collection of BIOS that you may use on the emulators.

Each ROM listing includes instructions on how to use it using various emulators. This is helpful for people who are new to emulation. The time it takes for their search tool to display results can vary. Thousands of games are available on WOWRoms for older computers like the Amiga, Apple 1 and 2, Windows 3. x, and others in addition to consoles.

17. Romsuniverse


You’ll get ROMS for 103 different consoles and more than 60 emulators to play any game on your device. They have a vast selection of Xbox and PlayStation 2 games.

Utilise the homepage’s search box to look up ROMS. In addition to the console they are functional with, it displays results based on reviews and download counts. Since the ROMS are all in ZIP format, extracting the file shouldn’t be a problem. The choice to play the game online is available on every ROM listing. You are directed to a website with old video games


  1. Where can I download safe ROMs?

Some of the safest ROM platforms to download from are the following:

  • Romhustler 
  • Romsuniverse
  • Romspedia
  • Gamulator 
  • HexRom
  • ClassicGames
  1. What sites are like CDROMance?

Sites similar to CDROMance include the following:

  • The ROM Depot
  • KillerRoms. 
  • The Old Computer. 
  • RomsEmulator. 
  • RomUlation.
  • ROMNation. 
  • Emulroms. 
  1. Where to get NES ROM?

Romshub, Roms-download, EmuParadise, and Emulator Zone are some reputable ROM download sites. Retro shooters like Duck Hunt and Wild Gunman, as well as adventure titles like DuckTales and Super Mario Bros, are now available for download. All the most well-known NES games are available in one location for you! 

  1. Is it illegal to play ROMs?

ROMs are neither free nor legal, but emulators are. Even though one can go through the difficult process of moving game data from a disc or cartridge to a computer, most people who own ROMs likely download them on the internet. 

Bottom Line

So what are you waiting for? Choose from our extensive collection of the safest and best ROM sites. The details will help you make the right choice and download a ROM for your device. Now experience old and forgotten games and get a chance to relive your childhood!

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